Daily Inspiration #380 by Andrew Gemmell

Hi Steve

Just sold my X100 and bought the OMD. This was its first outing, to the circus. Was very happy how this little camera performed in the low light. Thought some of these might be worth sharing.

This circus has been running in Australia for over 36 years and in 1992 was voted as one in the Top Ten Circus in the world. The performers come in from overseas. Prior to the show they work on the stalls selling food and on ticketing…..and then 15 minutes later are doing some amazing things with hoola hoops, juggling, on the high rings. The finale….3 people on motor bikes buzzing inside that little cage!

Thanks for all your efforts in bringing us reviews and great photos.










  1. I couldn’t sell my X100, I love it to much.its restricted by the fixed lenses but now that I know it inside out is a perfect for me.
    But I do sometimes which I could change lenses 🙂

  2. Interesting images Andrew, you have a great eye for light, contrast, composition and juxtaposition. Btw, “interesting” is all good images need to be, and yours are. One keeps looking at them.

    On a more general note,while I know that this is, among other things, a slightly gear oriented blog, I keep noticing all the “had that, sold it, got that” etc etc intros (that GAS post is a real gas) to often boring and sometimes, as in your case, interesting images. So much so that if an innocent contributor mentions he doesn’t want to mention the camera used, he gets flagellated by some.

    Why not just use the camera you have (which you thought, and maybe posted here, when you bought it, the best thing since sliced bread) and keep making the great images it’s capable of?

    Just a thought… 🙂

    • Thanks Michiel. Yep agree with you.

      Emils’ post was very amusing and well written. I think its just a sign of the times. Technology is moving so quickly and there is so much
      more choice people are struggling to choose and

      Steves site would have struggled to get momentum 10 years ago but now given how things are moving it is a great success. Obviously that’s apart from how he also approaches it but more a general comment.

      For me, after reflecting on Emils article and my own experience I now genuinely just want to stay with this camera and take photos!

  3. Terrific shots! Did you do the B&W shots in the camera or post? If post what program did you use?
    Did you shoot jpg or raw?

    I have an OMD which I really love!!! Like you I find the Leica 25mm my default lens. I recently got the 75mm Olympus lens, It’s blowing me away!
    Thanks for the flicker link, Hope you keep posting your work. Very inspirational. You’ve got a great eye!

    • Thanks Jim. Just in LR. I don’t know how to use anything else! Going to look into some of the plugs in mentioned on here in the NY.

      I know my wife has bought me the 45mm for Christmas so looking forward to that. Yeah the 75mm looks like a winner. Just not sure Id use it enough though.

  4. Nice pixs. I love my Fuji Pro 1. The point is, cameras are tools. You found the right one for you. It helps you to creat these fine shoots. If you were living in the 1960’s, you would have had a Nikon F or a Nikkormat with a Pentax spot meter. As I did shooting stage shows at collage. A photographer should choice his/her camea. Not have someone do it for them… it’s personal.

    • Thanks Simon. Yeah to me it seems very responsive and I think each of us look for that in different ways. Given I can get the 50mm FL and longer I am confident I’ll be keeping this for some time. Just seems to be an fun camera with good output.

  5. Firstly, thanks Steve for posting. Was a great night.

    More importantly thank you for all your effort and enthusiasm with hosting this site. A really good variety of gear, photos, opinions and everything else photography!

    Have a very happy and safe christmas to you and your family. On that note to everyone else as well, Happy Christmas.

  6. Beautiful Pics… You got the Skills and Style Andrew…1 question though… is OMD stands for Oh My Digital (God) Camera … 🙂 😀 😉 😛 (just kidding… :P)

    • Thanks Danny. I have been following Steves site for about 5-6 months and you are one funny man.

      Have a happy christmas.

      PS I would put a smiley face in I knew how to do it!!

  7. According to exifdata.com I was able to view the exif info and he used the 25mm and shot at 1.4 wide on all the photos

  8. I also sold my x100 and bought an olympus OM-D. I have a 12mm f2, 25mm PL f1.4, 45mm f1.8 and my newest lens, 75mm 1.8. I’m so happy with my new setup that I never touch my DSLR with the big lenses.

  9. Andrew, those are some great shots!

    From the film era, I know from experience just how difficult a circus can be to shoot because of the spotlights and darkness and so on. Would you care to comment on your exposure strategy?

    Thanks for sharing you images.

    • Thanks Richard

      I will qualify firstly I am NOT a very technical person. I know the basics! But as for exposure it was setting the aperture at 1.4, ISO at 2500 and just adjusting EV as the light changed (which was a lot!) predominantly to the left. Didn’t have the histogram on, so just by eye through VF.

  10. Interesting and well done work. Thanks for sharing. You didnt tell us why you switched from one of the favorite cameras to another. The Fuji is loved and except for the fixed lens limitations, what interested you to go to Olympus. I am shopping and would appreciate knowing why??? Thanks.

    • Thanks Steve

      I got back into taking photos about 4-5 months ago after losing my enthusiasm. DSLR, big L lenses, bag, etc, etc. Sold it all. I didn’t do much research at all and went straight for the x100. It wasn’t until after a while I realised how far all of these smaller cameras had come!

      It is a great camera and I enjoyed it but the reason I moved was 1. the lack of manual focus capability (well very limited and not ergonomically practical) and 2. realised that I am not drawn to 35mm FL and prefer 50mm.

      As mentioned above I have not had this for long, but I personally find the OMD more versatile and more importantly a lot of fun. The tilting LCD does allow for a different perspective, the fast AF in low light, the selection of lenses, etc.

      But the x100 (I can see why a lot of people love it) and most of these other cameras and systems are all great and have there own special qualities.

    • Thanks Peter. It was a lot of fun playing with the exposure and experimenting.

      I’m looking forward to the 2013 images of “Lifes Little Moments”!

    • I am interested in what lens/exposures you used because i have the 75mm – and considering trading it in towards the 35-100mm, if I can get away with the it in the lower light of exactly the type of environment you were in. would much appreciate your thoughts!

      • Thanks Richard.

        As mentioned below it was a 25mm PL 1.4f. Aperture was set at 1.4 for the show, given the light and ISO at 2500. The exp. comp was the only thing that was geting attention, with the light changing all the time. Shooting to the left, anywhere between 0 and -2.0 and changing all the time, as was very easy to blow out highlights with the light changing, otherwise.

        • very impressive! And thanks for the details. I love the 25mm it is what I end up using for most low light social occasions. Looking at yours it does remind me that fast glass makes a huge difference. I think I will hold on to my 75mm and save for the 35-100mm for wildlife photos.

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