Daily Inspiration #23 by Tim McKusker

You gotta love film. As soon as I saw this pop up in my inbox I knew it had to be shot on film. Funny how you can tell huh? Tim McKusker sent me this amazing image and he sent along the following stats:

Mamiya RZ67

110mm f/2.8

B+W ND110 (10 stop) filter

Estimated exposure data 20 sec f/22

Fujichrome Astia

B&W via Nik Silver Efex Pro

Thanks for the submission Tim! Once again, I am inspired!


  1. Great photo! I agree, some reviews of film/film cameras would be welcome. There you go, more on your plate of “to do’s”!

  2. This is indeed a fantastic shot… Just wondering if you love film, why not review some film cameras and films? I read a little of Ken Rockwell’s site because he covers film, but his writing style and attitude sometimes turns me off. You write very well and your photos back it up, but would love to see you cover film gear.

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