Amazing DEAL on Sigma NEX Lenses – $199 for 19 and 30mm 2.8!


Amazing DEAL on Sigma NEX Lenses – $199 for BOTH the 19 and 30mm 2.8 together, $99 each!

The most amazing deal is still going in at B&H Photo and they have these IN STOCK. Both excellent Sigma lenses for the NEX Sony E Mount system – the 19 2.8 and the 30 2.8 (which you can see my review of HERE)  – both of them for $199 total, for both together! This is a STEAL. At $199 the 30 2.8 was already a deal. At $199 for BOTH it is a VERY crazy deal. These are good lenses and even come with cases. To be clear, you get BOTH lenses with cases for $199. Amazon has each lens for $149 which comes out to $100 more, so this is a great buy everyone!

Don’t miss out. If you want to take advantage of this deal, B&H Has them listed HERE. Last time they did this they sold out quick.




  1. I ordered the same bundle but for micro 4/3 system. Did I make a right decision? I only have 12-50mm kit as of now for my OMD. Most reviews on the internet are positive and of course I understand that these Sigma lenses are not comparable to primes like Oly 17, Oly 45 and Panasonic 25.
    Thank you

  2. Both lenses are superb, and just essential for the NEX user ;-)! The 30 is also available for the OM-D owner!

  3. I shoot with the 30 on my NEX-6, and it is much sharper than the mini kit lens. The AF speed is similar the the speed you would get from the old (non-phase) lens on the 5N. (Fast enough for most work, including most shots of kids.) Here is a sample of the 30mm auto-focus on kids on a moving ride at Lego-Land:

    The ride is predictable, so you can focus and shoot while it is changing directions, but still, this would have been a challenge for my D70, because of the older lenses I use.

    • There are same Sigma lenses for m4/3 mount. They were also on sale yesterday for several hours. Now the status is “discontinued”. But keep looking.

  4. I own both lenses (bought them when they came out at full price 🙁 ) and absolutely love them! They are reliable, light, and have great optics! The only issue I noticed is that the camera (Olympus OM-D) does not wake up sometimes from power save mode when the 19mm is on it. But that is solvable by just switching the camera on and off.

  5. has both of these for 109$ each . Free shipping in us as well. 18$ more for both, but if you just wanted the 30 it would save you money

    • Wrong 🙂 B&H is selling BOTH lenses together – the 30 and the 19 for $199. Amazon is selling the 30 for $149 and the 19 for $149, $300 or $100 MORE than B&H Photo. So B&H has the steal, Amazon loses out on this one.

  6. An unbelievable deal. The 30mm is one of the sharpest lenses there is, irrespective of price. Tack sharp, corner to corner, no barrell distortion. At this price, this is a no brainer.

  7. I am London-based, and completely accidentally got recommended to visit B&H at Heathrow airport, when flying to New York for the first time last month… I LOVE THAT PLACE! I felt like a little girl in a toy store! Or like a little girl in electronic toy store! And spent way too much money… But by the time I realised I wanted that 30mm lens, the shop had already been closed…

  8. I saw them several weeks ago on their website. Thought it was a mistake at first. I went ahead and ordered them. Got both complete with cases and warranty. Definitely a great deal.

    I had been looking at those lenses for a long time. Couldn’t decide on which one to get. They solved that problem for me. Both for the price of one!!

    • Well, do you want f/1.8 or f/2.8? Do you want sharper (Sigma) or more shallow DOF (Sony)? Do you want faster AF (Sony) or slower (but more accurate) AF? The Sigma 30 are sharper than the Sony. But the Sony is very nice as well. All depends on your needs but the Sigma is slow to AF and f/2.8 so not as many opps in lower light.

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