COMING SOON: Leica M 240 review, Fuji X100s Review and more!


COMING SOON: Leica M 240 review, Fuji X100s Review and more!


The new is coming

Hello to all! Happy Wednesday! I know many of you come here every day for something new so I just wanted to give you an update as to what is coming in the next 7-14 days as well as let you know of some cool rare items available for purchase.

The Leica M 240 has been in my hands since the moment it arrived. I have been shooting with it non stop, taking video, testing ISO, comparing it against the M9 and RX1 and having a good time in the process, It is always fun to shoot with a new Leica, even if it is a controversial new model! I have been shooting with a 35, 50 and 75 and each lens has delivered without issues. I have been testing the EVF (BTW, the Olympus VF-2 works exactly as the Leica EVF as they are the same but it says OLYMPUS instead of LEICA..yes, I have an Olympus and have shot it on the M without any issue) and even the add-on Microphone.

Each day after shooting I sit down for 2-3 hours and write down my thoughts which will then turn into my full real world review. Warning: It will be long. There will be many samples and full size downloads. There will be comparisons and of course all of  my ramblings and thoughts on the new M and wether it is an improvement or downgrade from the M9/M9-P/M-E. Stay tuned!

One thing is for certain, I am adoring the 50 Lux on the camera. That lens never seems to disappoint.


Fuji X100s!


I have a Fuji X100s on the way from Robert Jagitsch. He is a Fuji dealer and also sells Leica as well. He informed me he has a Monochrom in stock. I do not know of anyone else who has one right now so if you are looking for one, Robert is a great guy and you can message him here. He set me up with my original Fuji X100 and now the X100s. Thanks Robert!

The X100s should arrive to me in the next couple of days so when it arrives look for my 1st look video and snaps and then a full review will follow but it will come after the M 240 review. Shortly after. Then I will probably offer the X100s for sale as I already have an RX1 and new M so I really do not need the new Fuji..unless it gives me some super-duper magic that the others do not give me 🙂 We shall see. At the price point of $1299 the X100s offers quite a bit. I am excited to see how much better it is over the X100s in operation and speed and even IQ.


Leica glass…Black Paint 35 Summicron anyone?


Dale Photo has a black paint 35 Summicron for sale in silver box and it looks brand new. My guess is a collector owned it at one time and never used it. I used to own this lens and I am an idiot for selling it. Was gorgeous and the best 35 cron I have owned. Black Paint lenses are now pretty rare to find and seem to fetch a pretty penny. You can see the one dale has HERE.


ALL Leica glass..

Ken Hansen (email: told me he has just about every and any Leica lens in stock. 90 Summicron, 50 Lux ASPH, Noctilux, you name it, he should have it RIGHT NOW. You can e-mail him at  – get your desired lens before the new M mania hits 🙂 Remember what the M9 did for Leica glass? I do.

The Pro Shop also has just about every lens in stock. You can call them at 561-253-2606. They are also now a Pro Nikon dealer. D4 in the house. has some crazy deals going on including a basically untouched Noctilux 0.95 for under $10k. A 75 Cron for $3397 and even a 35 Lux ASPH FLE for $4497. They also still have a few RED Artisan & Artist easy slider straps available. They sold out their 1st two shipments of the black one but still have some red HERE. The red is striking on an RX1, Fuji X100s and black M. 🙂


WIN a Moncochrom by entering the I-SHOT-It premium contest

Wow, I checked on the B&W photo contest over at I-SHOT-IT today and so far the cash prize is up to $5,230 and they are also giving an $8000 Leica monochrom to the winner. The contest has under 30 days to go and I bet the cash prize gets up to $6-$7k by the time it is over. Imagine winning a Monochrom and all of that cash just by entering a killer B&W photo. I love what they are doing over there. You can check them out here or see who has entered what in the B&W contest HERE.



  1. Hi Steve.
    Great reviews as usual! I am very much torn between selling my Pentax K-5 and getting a Pentax K-5IIs for my Pentax lenses, as I’m a sharpness fanatic, OR selling my entire Pentax kit and getting either the Fuji X100S or the Olympus OM-D for a travel photo shoot in the Caribbean. I lovethe portability, ergonomics, and image quality of the Fuji X100S, but not sure if I can live with a fixed 35mm (eq) lens, as I like wide angle landscape/architecture images. The OM-D would obviously afford some like wide-angle glass, i.e., the Oly 12mm or Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8. I like the latter because of its water-resistance. Very much in a quandary here.

  2. Hello Steve,
    Thanks for the preview.
    If possible, can you make a comparison between X2 & X100s in terms of image quality.
    To my eyes so far, the X100s is only fast but the image quality is not the same as the original X100.
    The X100 is richer with a touch of Leica; whereas the X100s is sharper but a little flat. Do you agree?

    • No, I can not do the X2 vs X100s because i do not own or have an X2. I can tell you right now though that I would take an X100s over an X2 as the X2 is maybe 4X slower in operation than an X100s. High ISO on the X100s is MUCH better than the X2. X2 looks nicer but X100s would be the smarter buy.

      • Thank you Steve! BTW, as you have referred, I have bought the last M9-P from Ken Hensen in Jan 2013. I think he still remembers me. And I am now looking for a back up camera; choosing between X2 or this X100s. X100s looks competent. However, so far, I have not yet seen good images that resembled the original X100. The color is not rich & is a little flat. It does not pop too much. The resolution of the dark area (black) is without much details. The image so far from the Flickr is just like a common APSC camera. I am eager waiting for your full review.
        Thanks again!

  3. Maybe you should divide your review in few parts, and upadate the article accordingly.
    We would, for example, gladly read a part 1 tomorrow 😉

      • Looking forward to it 🙂 what do you think about the new Nikon Coolpix A? These cameras come and go so fast, they do almost have as short lifecycle as cellphones nowadays.

        • It looks like yet another large sensor compact that as you said, will be upgraded within a year. Id take an X100s over a Coolpix A. But I have yet to try one so can not say. I know I hated the EOS M which was ridiculously slow to AF and not fun to use at all.

  4. cant wait your thoughts on x100s, somehow i like to hear opinions from people that actually know photography and not those math/charts reviews.

    Can you pleas try some portrait with x100s?
    While i wait for my body i would love to see what can be done with that camera if you want to shoot vertical portraits because i love to go close up on people and shoot vertical shots.

    happy times are near.


  5. Hello Steve, I’m really looking forward to your full review of the Leica M 240. Could you please also say something about cable release or soft release buttons on the M? I’ve heard that the thread for cable release was changed. It could really be annoying when I couldn’t use the same cable release anymore. Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi Steve,
    You mentioned that you’ve tested a 35 on the new M, was it the new summilux FLE?
    I’m really looking forward how this lense performs on the new Sensor :).


  7. HI Steve!
    What about the Monochrome vs the new Leica M??? PLease do it!!!
    That is going to create a really expectation!!!

  8. Steve, I have a 50 lux in hand for leica m 240, and a zeiss 24mm 2.0 for sony body. If I am going to get another leica lens, which do you recommend? I mostly take street photography and landscape. I thought about 21mm 1.4, but it needs a viewfinder, don’t like it. I would like your suggestion. Thanks a lot.

  9. Hi Steve, is the EVF you are using for M the Olympus VF-2 Electronic Viewfinder? I just checked, it says it’s ” For Olympus E-P2, E-PL1, and E-PM1 Digital Cameras”. Would like to confirm with you. If it is the exact one you are using, I will get one for my pre-ordered M. Thanks! PS: could not wait for your review!

    • Yes, the EVF-2 from Olympus at $249 is the EVF I am using. ONLY because it is half the cost of the Leica and the same exact EVF besides the name on the outside and the shape of the shell. Both are made by Epson for Olympus and Leica. Same EVF.

  10. Steve! Thanks for always reviewing fabulous cameras and lenses! It has always been a pleasure visiting your site and I do it every day. About selling your x100s, just a thought, you should have a Steve tested and approved camera section, in which you can sell cameras and lenses tested and approved by you. I’m planning to buy an x100s ^^, Cheers!

  11. Even though I can’t afford a Leica, I still enjoy reading about their cameras, and the interesting debates that ensue! ( the closest I’ve got is the Leica lens in my LX3 and my Zorki 4 with Jupiter lenses!)
    I too come on here daily, and it’s quite informative discovering “old glass” the recent Super Takamur 50/1.4 post has added another lens to my want list! My latest manual glass lens was a mint Mamiya Sekor 135/2.8 ( on my Canon 600D 200mm equiv) which I’ve just used at sunset shooting into the sun wide open while own holiday in Mauritius, while its a bit soft wide open on infinity, it gave me really good images, the subjects stood out well, and colours were quite saturated. I didn’t think much of it on first tests, but it’s proved a great £25 bargain, and with a slide out lens hood and all metal build, would double as a fine cudgel if needed!

  12. Yeah! be quick! can’t wait to read your review! It’s still not available on this side of the big blue globe!

  13. hi Steve, check everyday here and look forward your pro review on Leica M. I pre-ordered one from B&H, still waiting.

  14. Hi Steve
    Have you tested the VF-2 from Olympus by yourself on the M. I have ordered one and it doesn’t fit. The shoe is about two to three millimeters too long, so it can’t get can’t reach the electric contact … or am I wrong.
    By the way – I love the M.

    • You are incorrect. It works perfect and is on my M now. been using it for two days. Let me be clear. They are the same exact EVF. No difference besides the LEICA name and a slightly different shape to the dome. Made in the same factory side by side. They both fit the M and X2 and is personal pref as to which you want. You must not have connected it correctly. It slides in super easy.

      • Unless you bought a different EVF. Only the VF-2 will work. It is $249 vs $500 of the Leica. The Leica will look better but they are the same EVF and both work. Now who knows what will happen down the road. Could Leica implement a FW update to where the VF-2 will not function? Doubtful but you never know. In any case, the VF-2 does indeed fit and works.

        • Does this mean the lower spec Olympus VF3 that had a lock does not work? Earlier Pen’s and the xz1 needed a firmware update to function with the VF3

        • Last January, I almost bought an Olympus VF-2 in a clearance sale for next to nothing, thinking, one day, maybe, I’ll have an M…

          Still tempted as I have a 28 Summicron, a 50 Planar and a 90 Elmarit-M that only see very occasional use on my CL.

          Trouble is, I love my old M8 with its trio of “cheap” and small Voigtlander and Zeiss lenses (21/4, 35 2.8 and 75 2.5) which I can bring almost everywhere.

          I would for sure be a lot more concerned about banging around 10k€ worth of equipment…

    • The one at B&H is the standard black summicron that is widely available. The one at Dale is a rare BLACK PAINT edition. The common 35 cron is NOT black paint. Being that it is rare, it is priced higher.

  15. Hi Steve. Would be very interested to hear how you evaluate the new Fuji 14mm x mount lens. Does XPRO1/ XE1 + Fuji 14mm + 35mm + 60mm lenses now = Leica at half the price or less?

    • No, there is no Fuji that will equal any Leica M, M9 or new M. The Fuji files have the APS-C look, and are much flatter to my eye. I have not been a fan of the X-Trans sensor, but that is just me. Many love it. I’ve shot with all Fuji’s extensively and my fave is still the original X100 for IQ. I have not yet shot the 100s but if it is like the X100 I will love it.

      • Buy a Metabones Speed Booster adapter to use with your full frame SLR lenses. Then you can get close to FF pictures(wider, sharper and faster). It won’t drain your bank account that fast as Leica M’s.

          • Leica won’t make adapters for Fuji or Sony cameras. If you opt for the Leica stuff then don’t complain about the price they charge.

            Nowaday mix and match become a common practice for mirrorless cameras owners. It’s not a gimmick. It works very well and a lot of fun.

        • I agree with Steve. I’ve owned 3 NEX cameras and 1 Fuji X, and, while the mirrorless cameras are good little cameras, it’s not comparison to using a real rangefinder with Leica lenses. I also agree that the X-trans sensor, while good at high ISO, leaves something to be desired at low ISO, and the original X100 had my favorite output from Fuji.

  16. Looking forward to your X100S review as I have one on pre-order!! Finally time to look at liquidating some of my DSLR bodies & lenses as I shift into retirement mode…..might even look at getting the X20 as well!

  17. Hi Steve, can’t wait for your long review, I’ll take the time to read and re read. So no matter how long it is, I’ll be reading.
    Have fun doin’ your review.

  18. Hi Steve! Looking forward to your review! Please include pics of your cat and tree in your yard, because we certainly know how other cameras render those objects! 🙂

  19. Wow, It must be like living in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory at your place. Really interested to see how the X100s performs.
    And you’re correct Steve. Many of us drop in daily for our Huffmeister fix. Thanks.

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