USER REPORT: Shooting with the Sony RX1 by Caesar Lima

Shooting with Sony RX-1

by Caesar Lima

“In my recent trip to Spain I’ve tested the Sony RX-1, Spain is an amazing place for photography, there’s always something going on the streets.

The RX1 is a very interesting small size wide-angle fixed lens camera, actually the total opposite of a what a studio photographer uses, I’m so used to big heavy cameras and having a choice of a wide choice of lenses.

For me was very cool been able to carry a full frame camera everywhere, I was “loaded” all the time and working with only one lens only was fun and challenging, I was forced to work with a much wider angle and include more of the surroundings, actually the human form (what is my main subject in my beauty and fashion work) became secondary but not less important because you always need it to tell the story.

I was really impressed with how easy and fast I was able to shoot, “real” under/over exposure button next to your thumb and aperture ring that you can change your f/stop without going through 3-4 menus was very refreshing, battery life was pretty good, the only wish I had was a little more grip, I even purchased the thumb grip accessory which helps but it comes out of the body very often, you need to be careful otherwise you’ll loose it.

The 2.0 Zeiss lens is amazing I love the shallow depth of field and the macro mode come very handy too. The picture effects are great, many different looks – warm toy and high contrast black + white are my favorites, overall I really enjoyed the RX-1 the best portable camera I ever used and for sure will be always in my back-pack.”

Caesar Lima










  1. Excellent work. My wife is Spanish, and we have visited the country many times. You have really captured the flavor of the places you visited. I have not yet had an opportunity to use my RX1 there, but I am looking forward to it.

  2. these images look great, I love street photos with some context for where they are taken. Also, great to see this set of images from a camera I badly want, in a place I’ve shot before. SOLD!!!!

  3. Re: small grip on the RX1, i also had this problem with my RX1, the solution is a “flipbac” adhesive grip for compact cameras, it sticks on strong without slip, it does not add any weight/size due to being a small adhesive tab, and it gives a MUCH better grip for only $10 from adorama/bh photo with free shipping compared to really right stuff grips at $200

  4. Great photographs, light and composition.
    love that 35mm field of view
    I do not love that digital contrasty b&w personaly, I would rather like a grainy alien skin exposure or vsco preset on those

    regards sorry my english

  5. Lovely shots – I know, I know, it’s the photographer that makes the image, not the camera, but wow, it’s great to see what this little beast is capable of in the right hands! Great detail and tonality, in-camera effects normally leave me a little cold but these look great. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you James, yes it’s an amazing camera, not only for the quality but also all the controls are there near your hand + and – f stop ring plus 2 programmable buttons, I love it

  6. Great picts, number is really, really nice, it seems to pop out of the monitor. Cant wait to get my RX1, recently bought one, but still hasn’t arrived to were i live.

  7. The handling and useability of the RX1 is greatly improved when the Really Right Stuff grip and plate are attached to the camera and it doesn’t add much weight or bulk.

  8. I love my RX1 too. It’s easy to carry around, discreet, almost completely silent in operation, and produces amazing image quality. As for the lack of grip, I have the Really Right Stuff quick release tripod bracket with a grip on it that improves it.

      • I bought the “Really Right Stuff” grip for my OM-D camera. Believe me: it is an amazingly well built product, it feels just perfect in the hand.
        So if they make a grip for the RX1, definitely check it out ! Highly recommended !

  9. Thank you guys, yes I love my RX1 I been taking it everywhere I go. I use it also for my behind the scenes of my beauty + fashion shoots the art directors love the look.

  10. Very sharp and very digital I love this. I hate old photography where soft and shi1y

    I like this so much I want digital to completely take over get rid of all old photos.

  11. beautiful. I wish I could get one right now without hurting the pocket book. I had a chance to play with one at CES and was amazed by how small it is.

    • If you are willing to go to APS-C size sensor, try a Fuji X100 or X100S for a lot less costs with an excellent Fuji f2.0 lens. I have had mine for about 2 months and love it. In fact, since I am entering retirement, it will probably get me to sell all my DSLR gear.

  12. Deep, rich, images with a 3-D quality. Very nice work. You inspire me to try some B&W with my RX1 which is becoming my go-to camera. It is exciting to head out with the RX1 because you know that it is capable of creating something special if you are.

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