Zeiss Touit Loaner Program at PopFlash.com!


TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Zeiss Touit Lenses for Fuji X or Sony E Mount!

PopFlash.com has informed me that they are offering a very cool program for the Zeiss Touit line of lenses where you can actually try them out before you buy. In other words, give the lenses a try. If you like them, great! if you do not like them, send them back! This is a great way to see if you like the lenses before committing to buy 100%.

Here are the details from the PopFlash.com website:

“Here is your opportunity to have a hands on experience with the ZEISS TOUIT LENSES for Fuji X Mount or Sony E Mount. You will be billed for security purposes, then shipped the tryout lenses of your choice. Upon return, you will be refunded minus the shipping cost. All you pay for is shipping to your destination plus the **shipping cost to return the camera and lenses. If you like the “TRYOUT SET” and decide to purchase any of the lenses, just return the tryout equipment and we can bill and ship brand new Zeiss Touit Lenses of your choice at our current sale price.”

To check it out and read more visit the page at PopFlash.com HERE. You can read my thoughts on the Zeiss lenses for Fuji HERE. That 12mm is a superb lens!



  1. Umm. considering you can’t RENT the lens, unlike other established vendors, I might avoid this.

    • Let me clarify my last post.I use lensrental exclusively for my odd lens needs. Odd being above a 400mm 2.8. I also use them to test different cameras. I have rented a few fuji x’s for fun and enlightenment.While I suppose it’s symantics, as effectively a refundable “security deposit” is the same as a rental. the language gives me pause. My two cents only.

      • Not correct, a refundable deposit is just that. If you decide to NOT buy, you get your money back, all of it. When renting you get nothing back, but you pay dearly for the rental for a few days.

    • You cant rent this lens from ANY dealer who sells these lenses. Lenrentals is a rental house, PopFlash is a dealer of cameras and lenses, NOT a rental store. B&H will not rent you a lens, neither will amazon. The fact they Tony allows this loaner program is pretty damn nice. You can try them, and if you do not like them you don’t buy them. You use them for free. If you like them, you get sent new ones in the box.

  2. Problem is I just haven’t seen enough difference between the Zeiss Touit lenses and the Fuji lenses to make the Touits worth going after even on a loaner/try-out basis. I am currently selling all my DSLR gear and shifting to Fuji (I want/need lighter weight and want to simplify with a focus on prime lenses) as I enter retirement. Looking forward to adding to my X100S with an X-E1 and a couple of lenses. I know some people have the the Fuji X-System the “new Leica” but I prefer to call the X-Syxtem a “poor man’s Leica”!

  3. Hi Steve, I have hired the Sony E mount 12mm and am getting a funny focusing issue, the lens keeps refocusing on it’s own. I have the lens in single shot af mode with auto focus on, can you tell me if you have had this problem. I am using a Nex 6.

  4. Mmm, what happens if the tryout lens is better than the new copy which is sent afterwards?

    Nevertheless, it is a useful plan. Returning gear just because you don’t fancy it is virtually unheard of here (and virtually impossible) in Australia.
    What happens with the rejects?

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