Daily Inspiration #426 by Theodore Hubert

Hi Steve!

Thanks to your website I have received tones of inspiration and also thorough reviews of photography gears (which I equally love compared to the photography itself).

I started taking pictures on the bus, at shopping malls, or everywhere I go ever since I bought my Leica M3, which was 2 years ago. All the pictures in this email were taken with M3 (except the one on the escalator, that was with X100s) and were taken in Singapore since I went to high school there.

I particularly like to take pictures on the bus in the afternoon; the bus windows make the light penetrating becomes softer, adding more drama to the scene. I always try to use this amazing natural light to direct the attention to the subjects of my photographs. If that light is unavailable, I use the dominant lines in the picture to create the same effect.

Here, I have links to my Flickr and Instagram if you would like to see more of my pictures.

Thank you very much for your time! Anyways, I’m going to US for university and I really hope maybe I can meet you one day to talk about photography or shoot pictures together.

Best regards,

Hubert TJ

1st picture: Leica M3, voigtander 15mm

2nd, 3rd picture: Leica M3, 50mm summicron rigid

4th picture: Fujifilm X100s, f/2, 1/250s, ISO4000

All edited with LR4






  1. Super work. But do you encounter problems taking photographs on buses? I recall a very angry reaction from a lady on a bus in Spain who thought I had taken her photograph when I’d been only chimping.

    • thx! nvr encountered problems on the bus luckily. however i got dragged to the police station in Japan once by a lady cos i took a picture of her. but so far i hvn’t encountered any other problem. besides that i would take the risk any day bcos u can get amazing shots on the street!

  2. Great story, mine also started with a Leica M3 with its cron 50 rigid.

    I particularly like 1st and the 3rd photographs.

    Keep up the good work.


    • although it’s the least technologically advanced camera that I have, ironically the pictures came out from M3 are better than my other cameras!

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