Daily Inspiration #253 by Dmitry Orlov

Hi Steve!

My name is Dmitry Orlov. I’m from Russan, sity Ryazan. I ask to forgive for mine not good English! 🙁 Transfer has been executed by means of a site http://www.translate.ru/ I read your site some months constantly. Here it — http://www.stevehuffphotos.com/Steve_Huff_Photos/OLYMPUS_EP-1_REVIEW.html the first article that I have read. Having read it I almost at once has got such camera (EP-1 + 17/2.8) 🙂

On your site, I most of all like a heading “Daily inspiration”. Because I like to look photos of different authors. This summer I have casually got on the action “For life! Against abortions!”. The organizer of the action – a local diocese. Therefore I managed to photograph some clerics 🙂 I have enclosed some cards in the letter. I hope they are pleasant for you. Two shots it has been made by the camera olympus e-p1 + m.Zuiko 17/2.8 And one more (5292909.jpg) with the help lens helios-77 (50/1.8)

Thanks for your consideration! 🙂

Regards, Dmitry Orlov.


  1. The photos are really nice. Number 2 my favorite. The photo simply breathes life. Well done and well captured.The beauty of photography there are no language barriers! There may be culture differences. The more I live, the more i see, in life and on internet, the more we as humans are much the same.

    Dmitry, your pictures turned out great. But I have to comment that it is YOU & the wonderful cause of this group you are active with that is today’s Daily Inspiration.

    The language barrier did not hinder you from wanting to submit your work, which should inspire more people not fluent in English to let other people see their shots. Inspiring indeed.

    –> the following is above text translated into Russian using Google translate (just following on Dmitry’s steps)

    Дмитрий, ваши фотографии оказались велики. Но я должен комментировать, что это ты и прекрасная причина этой группе Вы активны с этим Ежедневно Вдохновение сегодня.

    Языковой барьер не мешает вам от желания представить вашу работу, которая должна вдохновлять все больше людей не владеет английским языком, чтобы другие люди видят их выстрелами. Вдохновляющие действительно.

  3. .
    Wonderfully atmospheric and evocative pictures ..and look at the difference that just a bit of distance makes: the top one shot at f3.5, the second one shot (..with the same lens..) at f3.2 ..but from further away: so everything’s in sharp focus in that, but only the woman in the first one.

    It takes a proper photographer to get the best from their equipment, and you’ve certainly done that, Dmitry!

    (..Judging by these, who needs a full-frame 35mm f1.4, when your 17mm (x2 = 34mm on micro-four-thirds) f2.8 lens gives such a wonderful, involving, superb quality picture as that first one?)

  4. I love them Dimitri! There’s something about each and every one of these images. The first one has a very special quality.


  5. Very nice, I especialy like the second shot, the standing man and child on the left..
    (As for your cause, leave the women to make up their own minds on the matter.)

  6. Super pics. What an expression on the first image. Keep on this way wit your excellent looking auround taking pics!!!

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