Deal of Deals, while it lasts! Nikon V1 and 10mm 2.8, $269


Even though I have no affiliation with DigitalRev, I love and have been a huge fan of their youtube videos for a long while now. Last week I made a purchase from their website for a Nikon V1 with 10mm 2.8 for $269 with FREE Fed Ex express shipping. I ordered and had the camera two days later at my door for a grand total of $269. This my friends is a deal of all deals. For $269 you get the rock solid V1, with its solid heft, large Nikon battery, built-in EVF, dead silent shutter or mechanical shutter, 1/16,000s capability, and small 10Mp files with a nice film like rendering right out of the camera. You get the 10mm 2.8 lens thrown in as well, and this lens is one of the good ones. In fact, my set is the 10, the 18.5 and the 32 1.2. Three quality primes equaling 28mm, 50mm and 85mm. Yep, The new 32 1.2 has taken it up a notch.

I added a grip from Amazon and picked up TIHS ONE because it allows access to the battery and SD card door. It’s also much cheaper than the plastic Nikon version – HIGHLY recommended.

I also have a black V1, yes I own TWO. My son owns one in black and his stepbrother owns a black one as well. It seems like we have our own little V1 club around here. The reality is that I have loved this camera since its release and have rarely been without one in my house. With the recent lens additions of the 18.5 1.8 and 32 1.2 this little guy is a steal of a deal, and IMO, better than the V2 because the V2 is $700-$1000 and does not improve on the IQ at all. The V2 also looks like a teeny DSLR. The V1 is classic in design and there will never be another like it. For $269, it is a true bargain.


I make ZERO money if you click over to Digital Rev and buy this but I could not sit by and NOT tell you guys about this as it may be the last chance for new V1’s being available. They also sell the black V1 with the 10-30 and 30-110 for $479 shipped. These will ship from Hong Kong but as I said, they ship them via Fed Ex Express for FREE so it arrives in 1-2 days from the time they ship it (they ship within 24 hours or so).

You can buy the white V1 and 10mm lens for $269 here, of the black with two lens kit for $479 HERE. Again, I make zero money from this, just passing along the word on a great deal for a camera I really love shooting. I bought my white one there and the experience was great. It is hard to find a new in box V1 these days as most of the big box stores are sold out and at Amazon they are selling the black with 10-30 for over $600. So if you have been getting the itch, I do not think these deals will last very long.

BTW, the strap is my leather braided strap from barton1972.comΒ 

NOTE: Someone pointed out that buying from Digital Rev and shipping to the USA may void the Nikon warranty. It may be fine, but the only way to find out is to ask Digital Rev. If there were any in stock at a reputable USA store I’d go there 1st, but I think most are gone. I am not worried about warranty on a $269 camera, which is why I own two. πŸ™‚ Would I buy a $2500 camera from Digital Rev and ship to the USA? No. But a $269 deal like this? YES, I did. Twice πŸ™‚


To see V1 samples with all of the lenses, click HERE to see my Nikon 1 Gallery page. This camera is not a toy, but a veryΒ capable tool with a unique way of rendering an image.Β 


  1. ordered 5 days ago. order acknolwedged. thought all was good but – got an email saying sold out and no idea when more would be available. booooo

  2. Steve, thank you. I ordered mine on Thursday and it arrived on Monday, extremely well packaged. I am quite impressed by both the IQ of the V1, its handling, AF speed (!), and build quality. Only nit is the selector dial on the back is too easy to accidentally move off the “camera” setting. It is a bit over simplified, lacking a histogram feature and no way to adjust how long the picture preview displays, yet the LCD and EVF are astounding, and that coming from an X100! Awesome.

  3. Ordered Saturday, arrived today, in MA with no hassles whatsoever. Can’t believe it arrived that quick from Hong Kong.

    • Yea, that free Fed Ex express shipping was great. I know from experience that it costs about $100-$120 to ship to HK from the states in this way. They may et discounts but still, pretty impressive to have that level of shipping thrown in for free.

  4. Found one from an ebay shop in black incl. 10mm f2.8 for 299€ (incl. Shipping, new).
    They sell the black V1 body only for 199€ and the v1 & 10mm for 299€.
    Check if interested.

  5. Does anybody know a similarily priced alternative (shipping to Germany), preferrably with the 18.5mm.
    I dont really need that camera as I’m into m43, but GAS-lust is huge given that price….

  6. Dear paulpnewman, thank you for your reply, i was asking Don where he bought in the UK for “about the same money”. I am well aware of DigitalRev, (i even quoted their current price) and the fact that they are Hong Kong based, many thanks to Steve

    • Hi, yes, sorry don’t know what I did then, thought i was replying to a question on my post – never did like these posts and comments structure πŸ™‚ Well the cheapest I could find the same package in the UK was over Β£300 so below that and its a good price I guess although a few on eBay mint unused for around Β£200 , apologies again, regards Paul

  7. Had to order twice. Then Fed Ex sent customs form BS. Don’t do me any more favors. Told them to send it back. Plus messages to sender rejected.?

    • Wow, the anger. Chill out dude. The forms are standard. It is one form they email to you. You fill in the PDF and email it back. Takes 2 minutes. I did it twice for both of mine. Soon as you email it back it is released. Total process was 5 minutes. They even give you their phone number (Fed Ex) if you need help. Not sure why you had difficulties with it but both of mine arrived within 48 hours of placing the order.

      • Mine was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow when I checked this morning. Checked the tracking again a few minutes ago and there wa a customs hold on it and a big red notice on the tracking site saying “A complete telecommunications form is required!” and suggesting that either the shipper or the recipient should provide it. Alas, there was no button to press to find out exactly what they needed and to whom to send it πŸ™

        I called the regular Fedex number 1-800-463-3339 but that was incorrect. I should have called the international number 1-800-247-4747 That gentleman confirmed that they were looking for evidence of FCC compliance and gave me the email address of the person who needed to receive it. (I’m hesitant to include it here since it may be against the rules and this person may not be the one who handles all such responses.)

        After some further discussion with the international helpline guy and my offering he indicated they would accept a PDF of page xiv of the V1 users manual, That was not an original idea, it came from a poster somewhere up-thread from here. So, it does pay to take the time to read the comments here πŸ™‚

        • Sorry about the reply to my own post.

          My order arrived today after spending a few days in Customs limbo because they (US Customs) couldn’t find the FCC interference form that DigitalRev had inserted in the easy open, see-through with a purple border import documents pouch attached to the outside of the packaging!

          Now waiting for the battery to charge, then an SD card format in camera, then the software updates, and then off to take some photos…. :)))

  8. Call me another victim. πŸ™‚ Hopefully on it’s way to me soon, can’t wait! Now out to buy the 32…

  9. Glad some of you got in on the deal. While the V1 is no Leica M or Sony RX1 or even an OM-D it is fantastic for what it is and the look it gives. $269 is a deal any way you look at it for a solid nicely designed fast focusing camera πŸ™‚ Let me know how you guys like them, always like hearing feedback from others.

  10. Hi Steve, thanks, just grabbed one for Β£188, free delivery , customs paid – what a bargain! Always liked the spec of the V1 but never the price or looks to be honest but at this price πŸ™‚ Won’t nearly compete with the IQ from my DP1 but will be sure easier and quicker to use for those instant quick fire pics πŸ™‚ Thanks for the heads up, Paul

    • I have the Fotodix grip for the V1 and really like it. Battery and card access while the grip is on is a big lis for me.

      I have a Franiec grip on my Sony RX100 and my Sigma DP1–excellent in both cases.

      JD-Adelaide Australia

    • I don’t know what’s up with Amazon, but they wouldn’t ship the grip to Norway either, so I found the manufacturers website and found I could order directly from them. I checked Amazon again now, and now they will ship the grip to Norway. So yeah, don’t know what’s up with them, but it might be worth it to try again a little later apparently.

      Just for future reference, in case anyone should find this thread. πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks for the heads up Steve,; I ordered one 10 minutes ago. I’ve wanted one of these since they were first announced but never could afford it until now and this price is cheaper than buying a walk-about lens for my Oly PL-1. Now, I’m off to Amazon to look at the grip you suggested.

    Love your site and the passion you bring to it…


  12. The deals are not quite so good in the UK (substitute $ for Β£ in most situations!) but I recently bought my second V1 with 28 lens for about the same money. I looked at it as buying the lens and getting a spare body for very little extra money!

    Thanks for the link to that aftermarket grip. I bought the (expensive) Nikon version but found it extremely uncomfortable – I have quite big hands. Luckily Amazon’s no quibble returns policy meant I could send it back. This Fotodiox one looks like a better shape and is much cheaper. Something for V1 owners to consider.

  13. What the heck! Grabbed one too and thanks for sharing this awesome deal. Better than getting point and shoot for my kids.

  14. I ordered this at digitalrev a couple of weeks ago. Within a couple of days it was in Belgium. I was then contacted by Belgian customs by telephone. The required an invoice in order to calculate import taxes. These taxes were billed to digitalrev, and two days later, the camera was delivered to my doorstep. So for me, the indicated price really was the net price. Thought I wanted to share.

  15. Damn this isn’t fair – too much on the shopping list already – Panny 12-35 and 35-100 f/2.8 M4/3 lenses; Sony RX100II and now this! Β£190 in the UK is just crazy for walkabout camera of that quality – I just wish the zoom lenses were faster then I might cross the Sony of the list and just go for it… Any thoughts anyone?

    • I wonder too – would this be a better choice for a walk around camera than the RX100II? I think this is bigger.

      • Roger-I have a V1 and an RX100. The V1 is indeed heaver and larger and really not a pocketable camera. However the V1 is a decidedly different shooting experience. I enjoy both, but grab the RX100 when I am just running out and want a non-phone camera along. My V1 photo walks are far more intentional, planned gear packing, often with a tripod to take multiple exposures for stacking to essentially eliminate noise (see the sans mirror site for one description of how to to that-I use Lightroom Enfuse a donation-ware plugin to do the same thing. Imagine V1 color with absolutely no noise-but only with non-moving subjects). So if you want a grab it and run camera I’d say the ($$$) RX100 Mk2 is your choice. If you are on a budget, don’t need pocketable, don’t mind a little extra bulk, really value an eye level viewfinder—and are will to tape down the mode selector to still mode–the V1 is your camera.

  16. Just bought one too – you convinced me with those sample images you posted with the 32/1.2. Considering the 10mm kit lens alone at B&H is $246.95, you’re right – this is the deal of the year.

    • Bloody Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I want a real wide angle even if a bit slow, and the 10mm is the same cost as buying a second body.

      Checked $439 NZ (which is not the same… NZ dollar is roughly 80 cents US).

      Is this why they are so cheap. Kai has fanbois… and he is being a twit.

      • A 10mm CX lens is about 27-28mm equivalent, given the crop factor, It’s not really in the range of REAL wide angle for most shooters. Real wide angle these days is 21-24mm and wider. So the 6.7 -13 is equivalent to about a 17- 33 and will get you there-the 10mm, not so much.

        (troll note: all numbers are rounded approximations for the purpose of illustrating the difference between the 10mm and the 6.7-13mm, so be calm).

      • Looked at the page. Free shipping. Lens and camera cheaper than lens alone. Lens one of the three primes. Will probably get there faster than the one ordered on Monday from the USA. Since all goods get hit with a 15% GST on entry to the country and they will pay that, bit the bullet and got one. It does mean I will have a spare body stored somewhere πŸ™‚

        GAS has bit me hard.

  17. Steve,

    Earlier, you wrote a post that included your V1 shooting tips. Since you are one of the few champions of the V1 out there (I own one myself and love it), I think it would be great if you wrote an updated “tips for maximum V1 enjoyment” or something like that. Not like you don’t have enough to do, but I’d like to read more of your specific thoughts on using the V1–the kinds of shots you look for, your jpeg settings or raw processing suggestions, adapting to the 85mm focal length, do you find yourself looking for “deeper” depth of field shots, etc. And thanks for sharing those great shots in the gallery.


    • Hey Christopher,

      The V1 is so different from cameras like the E-M5, NEX, or full frame cameras. It is this reason why I love to shoot it. It gives an all new look to the images I take. Now, I really no longer shoot as a pro because all of my time is spent working on this website, which I enjoy much more anyway. For everyday shooting and family, the V1 is PLENTY of camera. I shoot only RAW and shoot differently depending on the lens I use. I love the 10, 18 and 32. I just acquired the 6.7-13 because of the raves it has been getting. As for RAW processing, it is quick and easy. I just open the file, and if needed, I adjust contrast or the highlight and shadow sliders. The color is usually left alone. Sometimes I will use Alien Skin or now VSCO film filters, but those I use sparingly.

      With the 18.5 I like to shoot up close as this will enhance the shallow DOF and Bokeh, and the sharpness of the lens mixed with the Bokeh will give you serious POP. (see the peanut shot which was done as an example to show Bokeh from the 18.5).

      The 32 is a stellar lens – sharp, contrasty, silent, great color, superb build and has some reach so you do not need to be as close but the cool thing is, you can get really close with this lens as well.

      In camera I turn off all sounds, now shoot with the electronic shutter as it is 100% silent and allows me to shoot at 1.2 in full AZ sun if I wanted to. I use center point for focus and 90% of the time use the EVF to frame and shoot. I have been shooting Leica for so long I always look for shots that would look nice with shallow DOF, so when the 32 is on, this is what I like to do.

      • Hi Steve,

        Are there any benefits to using the mechanical shutter over the electronic shutter in the V1? I just bought the V1 and 10mm f2.8 after you mentioned it on your Facebook page. Thanks


        • Jon, the mechanical shutter gives you a little more “responsiveness” in the sense that you feel a slight vibration and I sort of like that. The electronic shutter is absolutely silent and comes in handy.

          Steve, why center point? I find the auto-area focus has an uncanny intuitiveness. It finds what I want it to find nearly all of the time. I use center point on all other cameras but on the V1 I think it may be faster to use auto-area. Have you tried it?

          • Mechanical shutter gives you a 1/250th flash synch speed if you need it. Electronic maxs out synch at 1/60. As the V1 doesn’t have a built in flash and the Nikon 1 flashes are pricey/underpowered for most of us in most situations the V1 is an available light camera-so the electronic shutter is the option most of us set for all of it’s benefits.

      • Steve,

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. That 18.5 is my favorite right now–I just really like the pictures it makes. I look forward to seeing what you have to say about the 6.7-13. The 10mm is so cheap now (refurb on some sites) that it I might have to grab that one. I’m enjoying black and white shooting/processing on the V1 (the noise and grain look good there). More than anything, I like the way that hardly anyone ever notices that you’re holding a camera if you’ve got the V1.


    • From this year, Nikon decided not to support warranties coming from other countries like Canon has used to be. I read it somewhere on the web.

    • Jason–maybe if it’s a USA serial number. Sometimes when there is a closeout the importer resells a huge job lot and it finds it’s way back overseas for resale. However it’s most likely these will have an Asian region serial number. I have gotten Asian, EU and USA serial number cameras from Hong Kong. Still, consider it grey market, but at this price it’s essentially disposable and don’t fuss. If you are really concerned Digital Rev has a mail back warranty, DOA protection and you could always buy a MACK Camera International warranty.

  18. Thanks for posting this super bargain Steve, mine showed in 2 days as well, really having fun with the V1.

      • Yeah, that beats the one I got second hand from adorama with the two kit zooms. Heck, it almost is cheaper than the duty I had to pay ($160 US or so) on the adorama order.

      • I just received my V1 from DigitalRev today and it came here in 5 days for $269, as promised, and the company completed the customs form for me. It’s in perfect condition and the first thing I did — after taking some test shots — was upgrade the firmware since the cameras comes with the original firmware. I had some problems getting my Mac Prof to upload the new firmware and I called Nikon USA customer service. They couldn’t have been nicer, and they told me that they are now honoring the 1-year warranty providing you have the original proof-of-purchase. I was so happy with this info, that I immediately ordered the 28mm from B&H, so Nikon USA is dong just fine!

        To round out the system, would you first go for the 30-110 zoom, and then the 18.5 mm, or the other way around? If the optical quality of the zoom is good (I make most prints 13″x19″), I’m tempted to go for the zoom since it I’m hoping that that can replace my Lumix FZ-200 that I carry on cruises; or do you suspect that I won’t be happy with the blow-ups from the zoom and I’d be better off filling in the gap between the 10mm and the 28mm?

    • I figured out… if you are not in the USA where you are using internet, it will show different price which is likely including shipping cost on their side. i.e. Canadian price is $316.40, but when I went to “check out” and changed the country to United States, the price changed to $269.00. So Steve’s right, but you were right, too. You won’t get such a good deal. Though, I wonder if shipping to USA is that much cheaper than shipping to Canada.

      • Parker–close, but no cigar. It’s not the shipping cost per se, it’s the customs duty. DigitalRev pays it and it’s different in each country so the price is different in each country. Hong Kong shipping costs to Canada and the USA don’t vary by much–if at all.

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