1. why would you spend 900 bucks on this lens when the camera is only $200? what if Nikon discontinues the 1 series in couple of years due to lackluster sales, OR, upgrade the series with bigger sensors? this lens would have no value since the image circle is designed for such a small sensor.

    • I would and did spend nearly $900 on this lens, and am glad I did. It is well worth the cost and gives me the performance of a $1500 lens. Beautiful optic. In any case, why would anyone spend $600 on a Fuji X lens or a Micro 4/3 lens? Because we want versatility. The Nikon 1 system is going nowhere and has been gaining steam since they released the 18.5. There are TONS of 1 series shooters out there, and I would guess there are more 1 series bodies sold than Fuji X bodies. V3 is on the way soon with what should be pretty nice improvements in the sensor department, which will make this lens that much better in low light situations. The V1 was $249 body only on clear out prices, the V2 is $800 and the V3 will be $800. Price of the body does not mean it is a bad camera, quite the opposite. The V1 at $249 is the camera deal of the year. I have big dollar systems but my fave daily shooter is the V1 with 18 and 32.

  2. You know, this is kind of like the inkjet dilemma. It makes sense. Bottom out the price of the camera body in hopes of selling more lenses at a premium. I just wish Steve could find us some deals on the lenses for the V1 now that so many of us have gone out and bought it 🙂

  3. I ordered mine from our local camera store a little while ago. I hope it arrives soon… but not too soon (as I don’t have the cash quite yet) 🙂

    • APS-H is pretty rare these days, Canon used to use it on some of their 1 series cameras like the 1D mkII, mkIII etc. Seems now the market has stratified into full frame or APS-C (1.5/1.6x crop)

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