Congrats to Neil Buchan-Grant for winning the AOP “Best in Show”

Congrats to Neil Buchan-Grant for winning the AOP “Best in Show”


A while ago Neil posted an article about his love for Micro 4/3 and the OM-D camera. He posted a photo (above) that got quite the response and as soon as I saw it I knew it was special. Neil showed that yes, the little OM-D E-M5 could indeed take photos that not only excelled in quality but were able to be pushed and used by someone who really knew how to work a camera. His photo has now officially won the Best in Show AOP open award for 2013!

So let us give a big Congrats to Neil!


Over the years I have defended Micro 4/3 (ever since the GF1 and E-P1) while many bashed it and predicted its doom because it had a smaller sensor than APS-C or Full Frame. Today less and less are trash talking Micro 4/3 and I even know of quite a few who dumped their slower APS-C cameras for an E-M5 and they never looked back. With the E-M1 it goes up another notch and I will state right here and now that Micro 4/3 is going nowhere anytime soon because it offers the perfect mix of IQ, performance, speed, build, and lenses. The lens Neil used for this image was the Panasonic/Leica 25 1.4. One of the best overall lenses for this system.


In any case, Neil has shown what this system can do in capable hands. Make sure you see his latest post here as well as his own blog.  I also want to thank him for his continuing contributions here where he shares his love and passion for photography with all of us here.

Thanks Neil!


  1. First off Neil, stunning!

    I had the recent good fortune to see the Steve McCurry exhibition in Siena. Also stunning images. He also has a trained eye, artistry and knack of capturing unforgettable pictures.

    This is therefore an interesting article. Im left wondering wether it is about defending the fact that micro4/3 is capable of capturing a great image or is the balance on the artistic quality. Truth is it is less about the machine and more about the subject and artistry in capturing it. The bokeh, or closeness of the subject, does help but then again any “full frame” $10 disposable camera shot close up could achieve this technical distinction. A full frame camera therefore does help. A digital full frame is convenient. A full frame digital Leica, for example, would be even better for image quality and personal satisfaction. Yes Leica haters it would! To be honest, please don’t comment until you try one. Its an absolute pleasure! No it doesn’t really make you any better and the images may not be $$$ better but it is a joy to use.

    So back to this image. It is haunting, beautiful and makes me come back. Doesn’t matter to me what you shot it with, wouldn’t even matter if it was slightly off focus or a lot less quality. The subject is fascinating. Period.

    Your camera doesn’t really matter. People, don’t get upset because someone gets a great image from a 4/3 or someone gets rubbish from a Leica. Leicas are beautiful OK, they just are. Regardless, just get out there and get these images, thats all that matters in photography. Show people something special.

  2. Yes, Neill, it’s a corker of a pic! It has that certain X factor: moody, evocative… with plenty of scope for interpretation. When Steve hosted your article with this photo, I was struck by just how remarkable it was. You certainly deserve this award
    (not least for inspiring us).

  3. The Bogdweller is amazing! Congrats Neil, and thank u Steve for showing us what can b achieved with Micro 4/3 and for running such an inspiring blog.

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