The Joy of Shooting Photos By Dennie Mullete

The Joy of Shooting Photos

By Dennie Mullete

My name is Dennie, I’m from Bandung, Indonesia. And sorry if my English not so good …

When the first time I found this site, I was searching for a pocket camera with good high ISO performance, and I found Steve reviewing the Olympus PEN E-PL1 … I so impress with the result, even Steve said that E-PL1 has a  really good jpeg engine that time and I was looking for a camera like this from the start… But I still did not know anything about aperture, bokeh, fastlens etc. I’m blind at that time, know nothing about photography. What I know is high ISO is needed when you want to take pictures without flash in low light, so I bought it …

Fast forward, now I have a Canon 6D that really help me when shot low light, and I keep telling myself I’m not a photographer, I’m just taking pictures 🙂 … but I must say … sometimes … the joy, the fun, the mood, the inspiration is the main control about the picture I wanna take, that really takes effect to the result … coz I have the time when mood is down, no joy when shooting … I have 1 or 2 hundred frames but nothing to be keeping … that was a big hit for my photography experience … and I say … I would pick Olympus pen E-PL5 rather than my 6D … just because the joy … the fun to use … I’m not say about the IQ, I’m just saying about the “fun factor” that really take effect of the result … 🙂

Enough said. I hope u like my pictures and thank you Steve, you are really my Inspiration … for about 3 years now … and I am waiting for your Sony A7 mk II review. Cheers

It’s taken about 10 PM, really dark, at local restaurant, light source from the light garden, and the back is city of bandung, really nice place, the air a bit freezing, the place called “Balakecrakan”, sundanese language, mean “eat together-nes”, 35mm f2 @f2, ISO 12800, 1/60, develop from RAW


Taken in my friend place, just hang out, and try snapshot with one source light, the hanging light on the middle room, so i tell my friend to dress like a mob … do u think it’s look like a mob ? 🙂 35mm f2 @f2, ISO 6400, 1/100, develop from RAW


 “Bandung Caang”, sundaese, mean “Bandung Bright”, spend time with family, is something I must do, family … all the work I do, all my effort, is for my family, so what do the best beside hang out with family ? 🙂 85mm f1.8@f2, ISO 3200, 1/160 Straight JPEG


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  1. Dennie,

    I enjoy your enthusiasm and joy of photography — you have learned well from Steve H. :^)

    Man, that 85mm 1.8 is one of the best bargains, the background rendering in that last shot is beautiful!

    – Peter from Montreal

    • Peter, thx for reading … the 85mm 1.8 yes, my fave, on m4/3 maybe the 45mm 1.8.
      For the IQ maybe the 85 1.2 is the top of the list, but for the price 85 1.8 stand out of the croud

  2. Interesting first shot: black shirt and hair, face in shadow, with the white cig and introspective orange tip for contrast. The second snap is definitely all-gangsta! Well done.

  3. You really should not worry about IQ that much. Just learn to get the best out of your tools and then put all your effort in the subjects of your images. That’s the hard part that will keep you occupied for the rest of your photographic life.

    In the first photo it would be nice to see an eye, just that little spec of highlight to give the image a focal point.

    Nothing wrong with shooting in daylight, right…? 🙂

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