The Nikon V3 is here..minus the built in EVF!?!?

The Nikon V3 is here..MINUS the built in EVF!?!


So the long-awaited Nikon V3 is just about here and what did Nikon go and do? They made is small like a coolpix, took OUT the built-in EVF which made it so enjoyable and once again re-designed a lens. The new 10-30 lens will be released with the camera but for me..I am disappointed in the design and style. Me, I LOVE the look, design and feel of the V1. It is like a mini Leica M in FEEL and design. The V2 was ugly but at least it had a built-in EVF and was a joy to shoot. When many were predicting the demise of the 1 system, I knew there was a V3 on the way many months ago. What I did not know was that they would take out the EVF! Grrrr.


The V3 has been completely re-designed. Now the camera has the ability to shoot 120FPS HD video in slo-motion at 1280X720 resolution. THIS IS sort of a big deal for some video people. Continuous shooting on the V3 will get you 20 FPS at the full 18 MP resolution or even 60 FPS stills using one focus point. The one thing they kept with the 1 system and improved upon is indeed the SPEED. They also added some sort of quasi image stabilization mode. Not sure what it will be like though.

The GOOD news I guess is that this is an all new Nikon 1. They are not dropping the line but instead they beefed it up for even better video capabilities, speed and also packed it with a tilt EVF and a new 18 MP sensor. You CAN add an external EVF but that always just adds a hump, which these days there is NO reason for. Cameras today are FINALLY getting away from the add-on EVF humps, so why Nikon ditched their internal EVF is a mystery to me.  You can now pre-order the V3 with the new 10-30 PD lens for $1196.95 at B&H Photo using THIS link.

There is not only the new 10-30 at $296 but also the new 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 NIKKOR 1 LENS at just under a grand. This lens with the Nikon 1’s 2.7 crop will give you an astounding 189 to 810mm equivalent with VR. There will also be a new grip for the V3 to add some size for larger hands. 


For me, the best Nikon 1 lenses are the incredible 32 1.2 and 18.5 1.8. 

So the new V3 is here. Maybe that means there will be a fire sale on the V2? Let’s hope so as it may be the last 1 camera with a built in EVF! When this one is released I will be taking a look because mate it will be just like the V1, the Camera I expected to hate!

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  1. nkon is part of the mitsubishi group.
    it hs to make a good return , or it might face same fate as kyoceras camera division – dropped.

    being part of the m-group, means it has the resources tocopete wwith sony etc,

    with the V1, the price reflected the manufacturing quality, research and development.costs
    at launch, its tech leap-frogged that the contemporary fx and dx dslrs.
    terrific processing engine, fed by 24 digital channels, allowing reduction in noise.
    nikon also designed sensor. with adc on chip.

    of course a good big-un will always beat a good little-un, if tech same, just as with film mf over 35mm.

    i missed my film leica M with a 28mm. the v1 plus 10mm suits me well.

    good luck nikon, after a disaster with a film FA, I am back with you.
    really concerned that the crowded sensor on v3, will be noisy. as of now, march,2015, still no real tests on this aspect on web. so jury is out- but thev camera size,, metal body,, evf are rssential features for me.will look v3 over, take some test shots.

  2. I was considering getting a V3 but discovered that apparently you can’t use both the EVF and an external flash simultaneously. If that is incorrect, please let me know how. However, in my quest for that answer, I discovered that I am apparently the ONLY person in the world (judging from this string, at least) that really likes and deeply enjoys the V2. Compared to the V1, it added dials so you didn’t have to go into menues to just change modes, increased the sharpness to a usable level, is more comfortable and ergonomic, actually looks great (it just took time to catch on, and was miserably and misleadingly illustrated by Nikon during its introduction, but now when I use it photographers stop me and ask about that “great looking” camera I’m using, which reminds us of my old Leica CL!), has a built in EVF, and apparently unlike the V3, I can use that EVF (and as an old traditionalist, often do) simultaneously with an external flash in the hot shoe ( by the way, the optional flash provides pretty good bounce and fill in TTL flash, whereas the built in flash (and I assume the same for the V3’s) is useless since it will cast shadows when using the zooms). So maybe it’s just my age, but my V2 feels, performs and looks to some of us at least like a real camera. And while it is not a pocket camera (which no one really needs anymore anyway with iPhones and the like), it is a very compact, versatile and lightweight camera system that I find ideal for traveling and times that I don’t want to lug around the full deal. I would suggest that if the above are your considerations, that you check out used V2s and the selection of fast 1Nikkor primes and the versatile 10-100 f4.0 (NOT the 4.5), and also play around with that set up for some black and white photography. For me, at least, and despite lots of other photographic gear options, it provides the opportunity for a very satisfying and enjoyable photographic experience and, most importantly, fine results, on the go.

  3. The camera in my bag correct now’s the V1 nevertheless adore it, yeah, apart from the dial issue. This appears very good however taking out the EVF sucks large time and makes it too dear to buy the add on.Nikon appear to want to uphold their custom of overpricing the V collection. And the huge query is…have they utilised a smaller sized battery? Since that is yet another great issue about the unique.

  4. I’m planning on the 70-300 initially and the V3 full kit as a second step. Has anyone ever seen whether a V1 can be IR-converted?

  5. You know, I decided to do a little math to really be able to evaluate the deal.

    Total Package: $1200
    Lens: $300 @ B&H
    Grip: $160 @ B&H
    EVF: $328 @ B&H

    Sure, the Grip and EVF seems a little expensive here, but at those prices that puts the Nikon V3 at $412 retail – about half of the V1 when it went on sale. Sure the V1 had a built in EVF, but you can see what I’m getting at here.

    At $412 body only – that is not a bad deal at all.

    – Roger

    • I think if they offered the V3 body only in the US for $412, they would sell a whole lot more of them. Curious to see if they separate it out at some point. Even $499 would make the camera way more competitive. Personally, I want the EVF, possibly the grip, but not the 10-30. I don’t need the PD and already have the old 10-30. Sucks that I have spend and extra $300 for something I don’t want, just to get the camera.

      My primary uses will be

      Birding – 70-300
      Indoor Candid/Carry Everywhere – 18.5 1.8

      That’s really all I’ll use the system for. I may use the 10-30 or 30-110 occasionally.

  6. So I had preordered the sony a6000 and once I heard about the this new revamp from Nikon, I was torn between the two. But after reading that there’s no EVF with the nikon 1, that’s a huge relief on my part as that won me over with the a6000. I think I can do without the 20 FPS though. 11 FPS is quite sufficient. Plus the a6000 has a larger sensor. 🙂

  7. I own the V1 & V2 and will be getting the V3 as soon as I save the cash. $1200 is actually a fair price for the V3 bundle. If you purchased the DF-N1000 Electronic Viewfinder 329.95 , GR-N1010 Grip $159.95 and 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-ZOOM Lens $299.95 ,separately it would cost $789.85 , making the V3 body only $410 . And if you do not want the items you can always sell them on eBay.

    It’s too bad the 1 NIKKOR VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 Lens at $999.95 cost almost as much as V3 kit. I guess I will have to save a lot longer than I would have liked to get all the cool new Nikon 1 gear.

    I have owned a Nikon D1, D1H, D100, D70, D50 and D40 . I also owned an Olympus EPL-1 , EPL-2 and EPL-3. Panasonic G2 and G5. I owned a Sony ned 5 for 2 days. Also owned Fuji x10 and X20.

    I owned a Nikon 1 V1 which I sold because of lack of lens choices. After I sold the V1 Itried the Sony nex 5 , Oly ell-3 , Panasonic G5 and Fuji X20.

    I decided I like the Nikon 1 better than any camera I have ever owned or used. Not because its better or less expensive , but because it is easy to take with me and use. Most of the nikons I have owned sat at home unless I was going on a planned photo outing. It is easier to use and carry all day and I miss way less shots than with any of the cameras I have ever owned.

  8. i’ve read all about on dpr yesterday…well, i’d get it on firesale for sure, but i’ve time, so could be way relaxed
    for reading the V3 reviews soon, maybe in a year or two i’d buy it then. 😉 but, shame on nikon for making
    the EVF optional, and not built into the V3 – and the same goes for the microSD slot – i don’t wanna fiddle
    with these soo small memory cards, just a sneeze and it’s gone, you can search it all way…

    I still love my V1 bodies & continue to use them. 🙂

  9. I actually like this design believe it or not. The EVF doesn’t bother me much because it looks somewhat “built in” when you attach it- doesn’t make me feel like it may snap off.

    The real issue I have with this system is the lenses. Relatively slow zooms, then the kit lens they include in a $1200 USA package – meh. I looked around for samples and looks like the lenses perform O-K.

    Oh and it has that “Canon powershot wheel-is-four-button” interface I really hate, though this time it may be done better.

    I just shake my head- Nikon could have grabbed me full on complete for street life with this system but wasted their time trying to appeal to the masses with it, then price it real high. Winning strategy (*cough*).

    Still this one looks more interesting than the rest. Give me a nice 150mm equiv F2.8 prime lens lower that price a bit and they may get my attention. Of course I would have to test drive one, and see how those buttons feel. The V1 had laughably bad “hollow feeling” plastic buttons with a wheel that did not inspire stability.

  10. By the way all: I was at the 2014 CES this year and my first stop was the Nikon booth to see the V3.

    Nikon rumors had told us what it looked like and so on and that it would be at the 2014 CES this year.

    So when I went there I questioned all the Nikon reps and they all were very firm with me in saying that:

    “There is no V3, there is not going to be a V3, the V2 is the flagship of the Nikon 1 line and Nikon has no V3 plan in the works. Nikon rumors is full of it”.

    They really said this to me. Wow, they just either all lied to my face, or they were all fed a load by upper management…

    Not good Nikon.

      • I can understand denial with a new game changer like the DF, but this is the V3 for God’s sake. They are lucky if anyone will even buy it. They should want the world to itch for it and plaster its soon to be arrival every where, but I guess they knew no one would like it and they wanted to avoid the bad press they expected they would get at CES

        I will rent it when LensRentals has it and see what it is all about, but the V1 is still king for now.

      • If I were a Nikon spokesman/sales rep I would deny this…mind floods with words that are inappropriate to post…/ and try to look unashamed at even being asked. 😉
        DigitalRevs review of the V1,( a camera I loved, sold, but kept a J1 as a $250 walkabout, and damned glad I did!) describing the V1 as a “turd” has finally come true due to Nikons assiduous efforts to destroy one of the more promising small camera technologies, piece by piece, year by year. I have absolutely no clue, as apparently do they, what the heck to do with CX/System One technology. Just abysmal IMHO. I’m actually upset about a bit of hardware, lol! /for shame.

  11. Uh oh …I was really hoping that Nikon would develop the camera along the line of the Fujifilm xt1 🙁
    Steve, do you still consider it an investment to buy the 321.2 for the 1v1 or would you advise to invest in the xt1 instead?

  12. I think this one is going to be a mega hit.Perhaps Nikon D5 will be mirror less and have its technologies…….

  13. Um, how exactly is the camera business NOT a sensor and price battle? Do I want a big sensor and more size and more cost? Bigger sensor, medium size, less cost? Or do I want a smaller sensor and more cost or smaller sensor and less cost? I’m pretty sure (among several other factors, of course speed, control, etc etc.) the competition is based mainly around these two factors and has been for a while. My take, Nikon priced this way, way too high.

  14. They should have put all the V3 technology into the very cool V1 design and lowered the price to $600-700 dollars U.S.

    Like many I’ll wait for the fire sale and get one for $300.

  15. The camera in my bag right now is the V1 still love it, yeah, except for the dial problem. This looks good but taking out the EVF sucks big time and makes it too pricey to buy the add on.Nikon seem to want to uphold their tradition of overpricing the V series. And the big question is…have they used a smaller battery? Because that’s another great thing about the original.

  16. Steve, I am a bit puzzled you are so upset about the lack of evf. The Sony RX1 never had one and u loved this camera. Can’t u just add one to the V3 like the RX1

  17. This is my first post on this site which I enjoy following every week. I personally like what Nikon has done here. If you want a small compact setup, remove the EVF and grip. If you want those features then add them on. The articulating screen and built-in WiFi are great feature for this type of system. While I would question the value compared to the EM-1, I am going to consider this new system as a supplemental addition to my Nikon DSLR and lenses. I also look forward to a review by Steve…thanks in advance!

  18. Not sure why but iv got the feeling Steve’s going to be equally pleasantly surprised by this one as he was with the V1. I think it will have a couple of unexpected tricks under its sleeve. Pricy as hell but surely after a few months it will fall down to round an acceptable 800 mark. Its like a pro lego camera. : ) You can take it apart. Thats just insanely smart. Use the EVF when needed. Use the extra grip with Extra FN button and wheel if needed. Or family walk in the park with crazy kids P&S when needed. Anyone know if it is weather resist?

    • I think the camera is going to be a good one too – just too pricey to start. Too many bigger sensor cameras in that price range to slum it with the V3. Now, If the $1200 setup would go for $600 to $700, I don’t think Nikon could keep enough in stock.

  19. I feel its such a pity Nikon did not join M43. It would have given them a market to bounce off. Allowing them to use their excellent quality lens manufacturing and design with a real start in life in an established market. It would have left Canon out in the cold. A lost opportunity.

  20. Calumet photo filed for bankruptcy today and I read recently that camera sales are down 40-50%.

    At the same time you have Nikon introducing this camera and Fuji introducing the X-T1, both of which I bet 99%+ of the camera using/buying world will think are insanely priced, even if some of the new camera buying enthusiasts here like and buy them.

    It feels to me like something is going to give pretty soon, and that the camera companies will not be able to survive the way they are going now.

    • Reduced camera sales are not the only reason why retailers are hurting. The Internet created a sea change in people’s shopping habits long before the smartphone began eroding the sales of cameras.

      Companies like Fuji will carry on largely unfettered. Camera sales account for significantly less than 1% of Fujifilm Corp’s annual revenue, which means they can afford to keep losing money on mirrorless cameras even as they simultaneously work to shore up their offerings and get a bigger foothold in the industry. The same holds true for Ricoh | Pentax (though they’re not really doing much to grow market share).

      At greater risk is probably Olympus. Olympus overall will be fine, since medical optics and instruments are a $2 billion industry for them every year; but they could shutter their camera division if they deem it no longer worth investing money in. And rumor has it many of their shareholders want them to do just that. Personally, I don’t think they will for two reasons: 1) The company’s long-standing history and relationship with photography is part of its corporate DNA and PR “optics”; 2) They seem to be going full steam ahead to push the OM System as a viable alternative to DSLRs.

      Where does that leave Canon and Nikon? Hard to say. Canon is larger and has greater diversification, so they’re in better shape. Nikon, I think, needs to address some public perception issues right now. From the outside, at least, it also appears as though they’re a bit adrift directionally. I suspect they’ll sort it out (they wouldn’t have survived this long without learning a thing or two), but we may be seeing some teething pains right now as they do. Remember that Nikon and Canon still have by far the lion’s share of the revenue pie when it comes to camera sales.

  21. I agree Steve, I love my V1’s; in fact, just used them to shoot a job for a very well know client. But I do love how the V3 has evolved for control, and the add on grip is well done and well thought-out. Now, the add-on EVF is a crying shame. That is a HUGE step backwards. The V1 has an EVF built-in and it’s tiny, so does Sony, so there is really no reason why Nikon did this. I don’t understand the logic.
    The new 810mm zoom is fantastic and should sell well even at $1000. Now we need a few more primes built like the 32mm f1.2. I’ll take an 18mm f1.4 with less distortion than the current 18mm, a 35mm f2 equivalent and how about a 300mm f2.8 equivalent to boot!

    • i beg to differ. i don`t earn a living with photography, but for me an optional EVF is somehow nice to decide day to day if i want to use it. it`s like mechanical/electronic shutter or screw on ND filter or different lenses. all the options!!

      • Yep – after 5 seconds of indecision I decided to go with the electronic shutter because is completely quiet. Probably will be same with EVF – decide to leave it home because is too much of a hassle. I would only use it for the Tele lenses.

  22. i have a bunch of 1 nikkor lenses and a j3 and i was waiting for v3 to see if i want to buy the v3 or go for olympus omd em1. I do really like the lenses i have (including 18.5 and 32mm). But seeing the design of the v3 i think i will stick to my plan of buying the OMD with two lenses (the 12-40pro lens & either 17mm voitlanger nokton f0.95 OR panasonic leica 25mm f1.4) and perhaps keep the j3 with those two lenses and try to sell the other lenses (10-30, 30-110, 5.6-10)… any suggestions anyone?

        • GAS means Gear Acquisitions Syndrome… CI was joking. Most of us are in the same GAS boat. 🙂 limited by our income…

          • I had not known that.. and though i went on google to find out what is stands for surprisingly typing “G.A.S meaning” gear acquisition syndrome does not pop up! I think my comment below just may have been the reason for Steves new post “shaking the disease” (but maybe not). Anyhow, C.I., I owe you an apology. I definately misunderstood you. (even though i tried to research the meaning before posting my latter comment. Oh well. ‘all’s well that means well’. ciao.

      • your comment pissed me off. You do not even know me and you can write something rude like this and make a negative dent in my day. You have no idea what my situation is and nor do i yours. Perhaps you are jealous that i have all of those lenses, and that i am planning on buying more lenses and an em1 system.. but then again there will always be someone who will have more then you, and me for that matter.

        I am a stay at home mom of two little toddlers. All day i cook, clean, change dirty diapers, deal with big piles of laundry and IRON clothes and if i have spare time i play with my camera and look at new camera stuff because it is what makes me happy and takes away my stress.

        Most women ask for new jewellery, diamonds, earrings, necklaces, clothes SHOES, lots and lots of shoes. Me, I ask for lenses.. so sue me 😛 The 32mm f1.2 was my anniversary present 🙂 Not to mention, I don’t just go out and buy the gear as I please. Do to the circumstances, i wait patiently.. About 1 more month to go till I can get my hands on my new camera. Just don’t know which second lens to invest in.. and obviously, no one on the internet is willing to give me some useful feedback.

          • Merve,

            Hi. I will be happy to offer my opinion to your question.

            As you can see from many of the comments, a LOT of people love the V1 in particular (I never used the J3 that you have). Me too. As far as handling and features go, it is pretty good, and is the most fun camera I have ever used. So, FOR ME, the upgrade when I do it, will be all about upgrading the sensor.

            And it is far to early for anyone to have any meaningful opinion about this new sensor at all.

            There is no doubt that the Olympus sensor in the EM-1 is a pretty mature product, as is the camera body. The images it produces are pretty special to my eyes. You could certainly go that way, it would be a safe and solid purchase.

            But with the V3, at least wait until you had a chance to look at some hands-on results from someone you trust and take it from there.

            Ciao, ciao.

          • Jan,
            Thank you very much for your feedback!

            I am pretty new to the photography world. When i picked up the J3, I did not even know about the v1 or v2. I just wanted to stop using my phone camera and the 1 system seemed like a good pick with someone who has fast moving children. But now that i am familiar with most of the different stuff you can do with an interchangeable lens system the j3 is just not enough anymore. Being out and about i go to change the exposure, scene, or shutter speed and its such a hassle going through the menu.. And i never knew how much a view finder would come in handy until i spent so many days shooting in super sunny weather where the screen disables the outcome of the shot! Not to mention, i never knew i would become so passionate about photography.

            The V3 seems like a good camera. Though i am not a big fan of the appearance. You are right about the sensor though.. Perhaps Steve will get his hands on one soon enough to review and compare for all of us who wonder.

            I don’t know if i can add this link, but here are some of the photos taken with the J3:

            Again, thank you for your positive feedback. Seeing two feedbacks telling me to chill made me question myself. But yah, i will chill. I need to take that advice in my personal life too so you hit home with your first comment. 😀


          • Merve,

            You own the two best lenses that Nikon makes for the V system, so if you are not getting what you want in terms of image quality and ability to create the artistry you may be looking for now then I don’t think the V3 is going to change that enough to make a difference. But not having used the Nikon V3 that is pure speculation at this point.

            It all comes down to your uses and needs. Personally, I love this new V3 and the 70-300. I want it for wildlife and sporting events. To me the Olympus is a “tweener” system. Not good enough autofocus or reach or FPS for wildlife or sports, not good enough at ISO’s above 3200 and not small enough to carry anywhere.

            The Olympus camera and lenses you are talking about will produce amazing quality, likely better than the V3 and the 32 and 18. Having said that, this Nikon system can do things the Olympus cannot. If you are not interested ultra fast fps with autofocus or in the large effective focal lengths that this new 70-300 provides (you wouldn’t need it for pics of kids even at their sporting events the 30-110 is enough reach), then I think the Nikon system may give you less than the Olympus system.

            Two big caveats – 1. No one has used or tested this V3 yet, it’s quality could surprise everyone. 2. You would be spending a lot money on a new system that is very similar to what you have now. If you can’t sell the existing Nikon gear at a reasonable price, then it may keep you in the system. My guess is that if you buy the Olympus system and like it you’ll rarely if ever use the Nikon system again.

            I use Nikon FX systems for pictures of my kids. I can shoot at 12800 with no flash and get stunning images around the house. You won’t be able to do that with the Olympus system or Nikon V3.

            Hope that helps.

  23. Hey, this looks really great and much better than V1 and V2. I actually like the possibility of removing the EVF, but of course a built in EVF would have been better if the size was the same. The LCD is a very cool addition too. Now it is time to upgrade from the J1 🙂

  24. The ultimate “spray and pray” camera! Just squeeze off 200-300 frames of the kid shooting a free-throw and you might get a keeper or two. C’mon Nikon. You can do better. And cheaper. The biggest letdown is the lens library. No fast zooms? I tested the V1 for indoor sports shooting and wrote about it here. The slow lenses were the Achilles heel. I still have my V1 and I like the 18.5mm lens but now that I have an X-T1 it might be time to sell the V1 kit.

  25. Pricey, but I think this will be a fantastic tool for me as a sports photographer. I’ve used the little V1 quite a bit for its fast FPS and silent shutter. Tool like the V3, with the 70-300, should prove pretty awesome on the golf course for shots during the full swing sequence (shooting during back swing with audible shutter is a PGA tour no-no). Likewise, 60 FPS should prove useful for bat on ball stuff etc. I did a marketing pro with a pro team last spring with the V1 where they wanted just such an image. V1 did the job well, save for the resolution was a little wanting at only 10meg.

    I don’t really like add on EVF’s, however, I did learn from my RX1, that I do like the tilt feature, which is pretty handy, so not all bad news

    Overall, I don’t think this camera brings much for the price, for the typical shooter, but for certain applications I think it can be a smart buy.

    Lens like the 32mm f1.2 are pretty fantastic as well, and don’t forget about the adapter to mount existing Nikon glass, so if you’ve got a supertele like a 300/2.8 etc, it becomes nearly a 900mm equiv. I found it pretty useful during football season with my 200-400 f4, as I was able to get some pretty good and tight coaches reaction shots from the benches across the field.

    I think overall a bit too expensive to be a sales hit though, so the question for me is should I buy one now, or wait for it to be massively discounted before I pick up one, like I did the V1.

    • Interesting perspective – thanks. I too have used the V1 for sport and it has a lot to recommend it. But, really, apart from the bazillion frames per second option (a.k.a. “spray n’ pray editing nightmare”) why would anyone spend 4x the price for a V3 compared to the (still available) V1? I seriously doubt it’s 4x as good. The smart money should be buying up remaining new V1 bodies!

      • Because hopefully the IQ is a step up, just as the RX100 was a massive improvement over the V1. Those 10 meg V1 files look great on the web, but they leave clients asking if you sent them the full rez version. V3 may be able to address that, and after all, one or two assignments with it could easily cover the cost and then some. Its just about having a unique tool.

        For example, with the Wifi, it should be possible to hopefully preview/compose the shot, so with a small camera like this, you can easily mount it in unique places, stick it on a monopod and hold it up etc. Something you can’t do with the V1

        Remember that classic SI cover of Tiger teeing off on the17th hole at Augusta from a few years ago ? It was done with a Nikon Coolpix and access to the TV tower. If you could achieve the same with just a monopod, looking at your phone for the framing, and then rip off a burst on a swing, that is a pretty unique, and not something your going to do with sticking your D3s up there and hoping your even framing it right.

        Isn’t the right tool for everyone of course, just have to know what stuff you cover, and if you have clients that might appreciate, and more importantly, be willing to pay, for the stuff the camera can offer.

        • Perfectly fair points in terms of the potential utility of built in WiFi used in remote shooting. Although I suspect that’s a pretty niche market. I’ll have to disagree with you (to some extent at least) on the sensor’s ability to deliver beyond images viewed on screen though. I’ve made many very acceptable 12×16 prints from V1 files, and I’m not just talking about photographs taken in ideal lighting conditions either. I think others have had that experience as well. Of course, if you have clients demanding the highest quality then It certainly pays to upgrade to take a step up in resolution. Having said that, if ultimate resolution is the goal, isn’t the V series the wrong tool for the job in the first place?

  26. The thing this system had going for it was the built-in EVF. Not sure what they were thinking. $1200 puts it in M4/3 territory. The lenses for this system are the same price as M4/3 or DSLR lenses. I suppose 60 FPS might appeal to a few people.

  27. Wow! Nikon is really, really pushing the limits of disposable income. $1200… really? $600 to $800… maybe… (RX100 is around that price), but then, they’d really have to shore up the lens support.

    Biggest complaints (and it is not even released):
    – Price
    – External EVF
    – No standard hot-shoe (or Nikon CLS tie-in)
    – Lack of lenses

      • With the red dot, you expect it to be priced for people with nearly no price sensitivity. Nikon CX sensors carry no such premium as evidenced by the abundant availability of *NEW* J1s.

  28. 70-300 (189 – 810mm ) sarafi & sports photogrpahers dream.
    If only they had it during London Olympics. I was shootting my J1 next to the Pro Press guys and smiling to myself.

  29. I like the versatility. Pocketable Point and Shooter w/o accessories, but it can be modulated with grip and EVF for more advanced projects? At $1200, its more competitively priced than I initially thought…if the grip and EVF are included in the MSRP. Video characteristics are state of the art for something this small….And the SPEED…Those two things alone are probably worth a $150 right there, so yeah maybe they have something here.

  30. Looks, at first glance quite nice, I like the f3 inspired finger grip moulded into the case. Even the evf looks better than most of the tacked on ones. I have to agree that not having a built in evf is a backwards step and they will probably be slugging a premium for the addon. Doesn’t look like enough to tempt me away from my V1, especially at the price. Sounds a bit high, like it will come down quickly.

    Please try to test that monster tele zoom. That sounds great!

    • Actually if you click the link that Steve has, it shows that for the $1200 you get the camera, the lens, the grip and the EVF. I mean it’s still expensive and there are certainly some really great options for less but at least it’s all included in the price.

  31. All they had to do was use the old V1 body, add twin dials, put in a standard hot shoe, and add the new sensor. Really that was all they needed for perfection.

    Now we get a built in crappy flash and lose the built in EVF. We get a smaller weaker battery. No standard hotshoe. Not sure if it’s true but I read we get microSD.

    Come on Nikon, what is the problem.

  32. I know I’m in the minority but as someone who often wants a jacket pocketable walk around camera I appreciate the new modular design and the ability to shrink the camera by removing the viewfinder and grip when I need too.

    • I like it too. As long as the viewfinder fits snugly and doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap off, I think they made a great decision. So many people complained about the “ugly hump” of the V2 and now that Nikon has rectified it they are still complaining. Oh well, can’t please everyone.

      • The “ugly hump” on the V3 just pulls off: it doesn’t make it easier to get in your pocket. I don’t think I’m the only middle-aged photographer who can’t use the screen to frame shots without putting my reading glasses on – SCREENS ARE USELESS SUBSTITUTES FOR VIEWFINDERS (message to teenage designers at Nikon).


    • Yes, but the Sony RX10 might be a better fit in that case as you can pull it out of your pocket and take a picture in a snap without having to assemble it.

      • The J3 is a sad, dumbed-down camera as well. Nikon is on a downward spiral with a system that “had” touches of genius.

  33. Looks like the flash is now built-in, but the EVF is not. They must have done some research to determine that the same size camera with a standard Nikon hot shoe was not the ideal way to go, they didn’t do it here.

    • I must say that I like the look and design of the V3. Especially I feel very comfortable with the removable EVF, as this one really integrates nicely ith the camera and if it would be built in with the typical form factor of say a Fuji XE2 it would suffer from size. So I think the decision to make it removeable was a good one!

      WRT 18MP – I am happy about that and if this turns out to be useable up to ISO 3200 or even 6400 then this system is definitely becoming a deal for me!

    • With this setup they can go down with the body price and keep the VF price. Accessories and lenses depreciate less. The other idea is that this VF must be damn very good for the package’s asking price. Unfortunately the package price will not be less than app. $800-1000 even after 1.5 year.

  34. The V1 nailed it for style and size and incorporated a viewfinder-why mess with a good thing-however this V3 looks to be very comfortable to use due to the small grip-but pity the EVF is gone-who at Nikon decided what we want or should have?

  35. With it’s 1″ sensor, is it a contender to Sony rx10? I mean, for zooming purposes, jeez, >800mm eqv!

  36. I’m very sad about the direction Nikon has taken the V system. I say that as somebody who adores his V1 for it’s simplicity, elegance and ability to produce lovely files that will easily translate to 16×12″ prints. But with the V2 and now V3, Nikon are flip-flopping from one new design to the next, giving the impression that they are simply throwing different designs at the market to see which one sticks.

    What on earth are they doing?

    – Multiple different batteries: having the same battery in the V1 as several Nikon SLRs was a stroke of genius but that’s long gone. Why?

    – No EVF – going to be a deal-breaker for many potential buyers IMHO. This is 2014 – how many other companies are putting out cameras in this price bracket with no EVF? I’m all for companies doing things differently but taking away one of the key selling points for the V1 and V2 is just insanity. How much space did the integrated EVF take up? Have Nikon really packed so many new goodies into the V3 that there was no room for it? I don’t think so.

    – Yet another iteration of a slow zoom. Do we need another version of the 10-30 (which 99% of V1 and V2 buyers will already have?) And why STILL won’t they offer a body only option? The fact that they won’t means they either don’t believe that existing V1 or V2 owners will buy a V3 as an additional body or don’t care. And the primes have stopped coming as well. Surely there would be a market for a 1.8 or 2.0 ‘portrait prime’ at a lower price point than the 32 1.2? I’d have bought one in a heartbeat.

    I’m afraid my investment in the V system is about to cease. If the V3 had been a return to V1 style with the well-discussed flaws of that camera rectified, I’d have bought one to go with my V1 and spent an extra £1,000 to add the wide zoom and the 32mm to make a full traveling system. As it is, the V1 will remain my absolute favourite camera to take on family outings and for shooting my kids’ sports but that’s as far as it goes.

    Oh yes, and the price…Nikon UK have announced the new camera and lenses but haven’t bothered to tell us how much it will cost. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be under £1,000 though which is a big ask. For around £800 I could get a Sony RX10 with essentially the same (though slightly higher MP) sensor and a top quality integral 24-200 2.8 Zeiss lens. Bigger than the V3? Yes and no. Certainly not by the time you add the zooms to give the same coverage, and then they’re at f5.6, not 2.8 by the time you go beyond 35mm FF equivalent. If you don’t need to go beyond 200mm, the Sony looks a MUCH better bet for a travel camera. I think the obituary for the V series will read something like ‘So near, and yet so far….’

    • +1, but while I like a built in EVF, the longer I use my V1, the more I wish it articulated, especially for those low angle shots. I’m not as young as I use to be. However, I don’t need both an articulating screen and EVF – one or the other is fine by me.

    • I agree 100% with Colin’s remarks. This new V3 is an idiotic design and highly overpriced for a camera without a built in EVF.

      Has Nikon totally lost their mind?

      The V1 was the result of some serious artists and developers who really tried hard to make a excellent initial offering in the mirrorless market.

      It looks and feels as Steve say’s, like a mini Leica.

      I love the V1 and its files.

      I rented and compared the V2 to the V1 and the V2 is a plastic piece of junk and the files are ugly and have lost all the magic the V1 had.

      The V3?


  37. I find the V1 to be the most elegant design. There is something about the simplicity it radiates. It makes the camera very different from any other out there. Japanese camera design has always been about adding strange curvatures, strange grips, adding tons of buttons and dials (which is handy, I know), etc. and never about elegance. Well, Sony has done a bit better, but still. The V1 changed my perception of what could be. I don’t know, to me it is something refreshing. But it also stopped with the V1, it seems.

      • OMG here we go again(whitesnake) Buy a Sony A7(r), a Fuji X-T1, an Olympus E-M1 etc, etc. This isn’t a sensor battle, this isn’t a price battle. I sold all Canon gear in 2012 and only use MFT right now. But I’m funned of the Nikon 1 series from the beginning.

        Both Nikon & Canon are quiet conservative in their updates for the dslr’s. I think it is great Nikon chooses their own way for this mirror-less system. Buy the FF-1 adapter and you can do amazing things with the regular Nikon af-s lenses.

        All recent released cameras whatever brand are top! You can choose the highest resolution, the best looks, choose crop factor or full-frame, or choose speed like this Nikon V3.

    • +1 – Nikon was disappointed at the sales numbers of the 1 series. The problem was not form or function, it is a good camera andI bought it at $279 (incl. lens) and that was a good deal. As you guys see, the problem is price.

      Interchangeable lens cameras should be priced like inkjet printers. Sell the body for cheap, make your money on the lenses. It gets people invested in the platform and once they have a ton of lenses, it is harder to leave. Besides, lenses hold their value better than a camera body, which lose 90% of their value in 2 years.

      Wake-up Nikon!

  38. Just ordered the 70-300mm! Will use it on my “Leica” styled V1 first, while I await your in-depth review of the new V3. If the reviews warrant, I would order the V3.

    My interest in the Nikon V family is its unique combination of a large 2.7 crop factor (great reach) + remarkable autofocus speed (D3/4 class). This makes the V well suited for wildlife and action/sports photography in particular. Therefore, this new 70-300mm lens is one I’ve been waiting for. I plan to use full-frame or APS sensor cameras for most other types of photography, for their IQ.

    My hope is that the V3 sensor is greatly improved (IQ, ISO, autofocus, and no low-pass filter). Second wish is for better handling/controls/UI. The improved EVF (yes, I wish it was integrated too…but no deal breaker), processor, frame rate, and video are all icing on the cake.

  39. As I see it, the grip for this camera adds another shutter, another function button, & another wheel for something!?

  40. Well, at least there is a PASM wheel compared to my V1. I would wish for more controls though – my V! is pretty much a pro P&S as everything needs to be done via menu.

    Is the EVF going to be WYSIWYG? The one on V1 is not.

    One way or another – I hope that Steve will make a review once the camera is out 🙂

  41. I like the look and modularity, some do like the grip I don’t feel the need. I don’t like the external EVF, but at thesame time the add on one might be better/bigger/brighter. If they had put a standard hotshoe on I’d have sold my D700 and got one. As it is I’m not sure. There’s a lot to like though and I’d rather have this than upgrade my V1 to a V2 personally.

    • Nikon One is in the MLIC-world not exactly where many would like it to be. Still if I had to re-buy myself into a system – serving as a lightweight back-up for my Nikon F-gear – they would be very high on the list. In the time I started for this purpose investing in the Fujifilm X-series, Nikon One didn’t look a serious option. In the V3 range at least the sensor looks pretty much OK and I’d also gain access to all my existing F-glass. What I’m indeed missing is the integrated EVF and why not, combined with a RF-alike hybrid OVF like Fujifilm has. On top of that, Nikon has always known how a camera should be made to last for many years, Fujifilm just doesn’t. After suffering about 2 years now from the X-Pro1’s problems, I can only tell it’s an overhyped range of prototypes being debugged on the user’s back. One camera with 14 FW releases – they are completely nuts. I still don’t understand why Nikon is not countering all competition in this segment a bit more, they have everything in house to do so and could easily wipe away all competition so easily.

  42. Looks pretty good to me. Is that 2 control dials? Not sure about the price seems somewhat high. But
    I’m in the mood for a new camera and this adds another choice to the menu! Exciti.g times for sure!

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