Sony A7 and A7r trade in/up offer through March 31st


Sony A7 and A7r trade in/up offer through March 31st

B&H photo just started a trade in/up offer towards the Sony A7 or A7r. Basically, you can trade up your current camera towards the new A7 and get hundreds of dollars towards the Sony. All you have to do is check out the page HERE and fill in the info to get a quote on your camera trade in. They will even pay for shipping your camera to them with a pre-paid label.



  1. It is maybe off topic but accidentally I came across a comparative AF test between A7 and Fuji X-E2, look for it on Youtube. The test was real world kind of and performed under a couple different lighting conditions.
    The Fuji won the test but the Sony was not that far away. The point here is that the Fuji is not a bad camera regarding the focus system at all.The problem is that it is always compared against the Oly E-M1 which is just even better but it does not make it (Fuji or the Sony) a crap because it is still quire responsive. So reviewers pls be fair in your comparisons – these cameras are just awesome and the choice is up to personal preferences rather than nanoseconds speed difference. This is just one example but there is more to be dig out from the net!

    Thanks for all the great tests Steve.

  2. I was going to get in on this deal anyways, glad I could click through to it on your site! Hopefully you get a little something out of it.

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