Leica X-Vario now $2298 at B&H Photo (Black)

Leica X-Vario now $2298 at B&H Photo (Black)


What a way to shake the disease (lol)…B&H just posted the Leica X-Vario at $2288, down from $2850 so more than a $500 savings. This is for the black model only. The new Chrome version is still $2850. For those who never saw my review, check it out and see what the X Vario is all about. I pointed out the good, the bad and the ugly of the Vario but at $2298 it is actually a great buy because the IQ is at the top of the APS-C Heap.



  1. I enjoy my XV, and like the images better than my Fuji XE2. But their are operational differences that make me turn to the Fuji at times. And the 56 f1.2 lens.

  2. I use a M9 for my pleasure and for all my paid wedding work i use all the Fuji XF glass, Fuji XE2, Fuji XT1. this is a good deal!!

    Never would i buy a X vario. for what? The price is horrible high and image quality is not better then what my “cheap” Fuji X cameras can deliver. Fuji rocks.

    • Actually it is better. I have both cameras and the X Vario renders fine detail much better than the Fujis are able to. The lens on the Leica is spectacular. I also prefer the colors it produces.

  3. I have heard good things about this camera with respect to IQ, for sure. In my opinion, if Leica had built this camera with an integrated EVF it would have been a runaway hit.

  4. I like this long overdue move…still expensive, but a much more reasonable price – thank you Leica. still, I will wait for:

    1) the same pricing on the new type 107 chrome version (aw, come on, Leica…please don’t “finesse” your prices), and/or,

    2) Leica’s anticipated mid-April announcement of a rumored X-body, APS, interchangeable lens model (type 701).

    My guess is that this price drop creates needed pricing room in the line-up for the type 701, as well as boosts sales of the 107. Naturally, any new model remains conjecture.

  5. I’m waiting for the upcoming interchangeable lens Leica with built in EVF. I’m guessing Panasonic will make the body so it will be interesting to see what the end result will be. And it if will work seamlessly with M lenses.

  6. I find a big fault in the design, it’s that it has a fixed screen. If this camera is not meant for hand held action photos (slow lens) but landscape so I guess someone hast to be everytime on knees, and to take photos of flowers has to be a real pain. I had an x-e1 but for that reason I gave it to my father who is journalist so he can do a better use of that beautiful camera. I choose to maintain my old Sony R1 that it’s well thought in its controls, perhaps not equal to the image quality of this leica but with much better ergonomics and controls similar to a medium format camera.
    If I had to buy another camera I would prefer a X-100s and to buy the Fuji conversion lenses.

  7. Sorry for this comment because I enjoy your website a lot :). But how exactly is this a “great buy”. One can get a full-frame + 28-70 for less than that in almost the same size.

    • Are you referring to the Sony A7 and kit zoom? If so, it will not beat the X Vario in build or IQ. If you are talking about a DSLR, same thing – then you also have the big huge bulk and size. I repeat, at $2200 this camera will deliver amazing IQ, best I have seen from any APS-C. read my review for the issues with it though.

      • +1

        The Leica X Vario is the most underrated camera to date. But that´s the fault of Leica and their idiotic “Mini M” marketing alone.

      • Steve, just curious, did they improve on the build from the X1, X2? I never found those cameras to be exceptional. In fact, the X1 was peeling leather from day one.

        The A7 appears to be holding up very well and is solid as a rock.

        But if one wants a slow high quality zoom I guess the Vario is where it is at. I just can’t get over that slow lens for my style of shooting. Others may find it perfect for their needs.

      • The XV will inferior external EVF is still USD 2800. The superior (in any respect) FF A7 with kit zoom plus the outstanding f1.8 55mm or alternatively with the f4 24-70mm will cost less.

          • Maybe so… But I can always remove the kit lens on the A7 and attach different glass….

          • If you put the same quality zoom, the price will be higher but as a matter of fact it is not easy to find zoom with this caliber.

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