New: Bags, Bags and a Strap! – New from ONA Bags

Bags, Bags and a Strap! New from ONA Bags

ONA bags, the company that brings us the very cool ONA Bowery and brought Leica users the Limited Edition “Berlin” that sold out within a day now brings us a few new bags to choose from in our constant quest for the perfect travel and protection companion. These were announced this week and while I have not seen them up close and in person, I have received the press release so take a look at the new offerings from ONA and to read all about them click on over to ONABAGS.COM to see pricing, colors, and all of the other good stuff they have available. ONA is a top quality manufacturer of camera bags and they make some of my all time favorites. Below are a couple of new bags, even one that may fancy the ladies 😉

The Astoria:

Astoria Sell Sheet

The Astoria camera and laptop messenger bag is designed to accommodate a 13″ laptop, 1-2 full-frame DSLR cameras, 3-5 lenses and small personal items. Handcrafted with water-resistant waxed canvas and detailed with full-grain leather, the Astoria features four exterior pockets and a front zippered compartment for memory cards, batteries and everyday essentials. A discreet luggage sleeve on the back of the Astoria can be opened to slip through the handle of a rolling suitcase or closed to act as a slim pocket for a magazine or tablet. The completely customizable interior is padded with closed-cell foam.


Click HERE To see more at ONABAGS

Astoria_DarkTan_Side Astoria_DarkTan_Lifestyle6 Astoria_Interior

The Capri Tote

Astoria Sell Sheet

The Capri is a chic, understated camera tote bag designed to protect a camera,
up to three lenses and small personal items. Handcrafted with dark tan waxed canvas and
trimmed with luxe leather, the Capri has a personal items compartment that can fit an iPad or 11-inch MacBook Air, two interior pockets for personal items, and a zipped back pocket. The soft leather handles allow you to wear the bag comfortably over your shoulder and a zip closure keeps items safe and secure.


See more at ONABAGS

Capri_Dark Tan_Back


Capri Tote_2

The Leather Presidio Strap

Presidio Sell Sheet_Media PD

The Presidio camera strap is handcrafted with an Italian-tanned leather neckline that is
padded with soft neoprene. Two sets of chrome buckles allow for adjusting the length, while custom rivets provide an extra style point. The Presidio camera strap is most comfortably worn crossbody and is designed for use with camera kits weighing up to 6 pounds.

Drop Length: Adjustable from 19.5” to 23.5”
Total Length: 63”


See more at ONABAGS!


Leather_Presidio_Dark Truffle




  1. Hi steve, can i put my olympus o-md e-m1 with THE zuiko 12-40 on it in THE onabag THE bowery?


  2. Anyone know where I can go to get a bag for a small mirrorless camera? I have a Nikon 1 V1 with several of its lenses and most camera bags are too deep for my setup. Personally, I only want a padded bag for just the lenses, some hipbelt thing or shoulder sling with little ammo pouches for lenses.

    Just hard finding something for the smaller camera users.



    • I’m really enjoying my Think Tank mirrorless mover 20,which I heard about through Steve’s site. He did a video review. I am using it to carry my Olympus E-M5, two lenses, extra batteries, a charger and some other small stuff.

      • Berend, thanks for the tip. The 20 looks like it might work. Can you tell me if the middle compartment has velcro so you can move the dividers around? I have several lens so I was thinking of having a divider go horizontal between a wall and another divider, that way the lens don’t bob up and down in the bag. I can have two rows stacked.


        • Hi Roger, it’s one big compartment, and you can attach the dividers anywhere on the entire front and back sides. I think what you have in mind would work, but you would need additional dividers to the two provided with the bag. I hope you understand what I mean, perhaps pictures on the web will help. Berend

          • Berend,

            Yes, thank you. I got the Think Tank 20 today. It is both too small and too big. My Nikon V1 with lens, I go with the 6.7 to 13 most times, grip and strap are too big for the camera compartment. I have to disassemble stuff to make it fit, and worse, I would have to remove the lens to put the camera in the bag. If I take everything apart, I can mostly make things fit, but then I would have to assemble my camera every time I wanted to use it.

            Now, if I remove the camera from the bag, then I only need the bag for my compact lenses. But the bag is too tall for compact lenses, they only come up half way, hence my desire to make the lens compartment a double-decker.

            However, the more that I think about it, what I really want is a small padded fanny pack that I can put 3 or 4 compact lenses in and have them protected. Maybe even an ammo belt for lenses type of thing with separate lens compartments. However, anything I’ve found in that category are all for DSLR monster lenses.


  3. these ugly DSLR with their red rings around the lens look so out of place on a beautiful leather strap like this :/

  4. Anyone curious about the Bowery better take a long hard look at the strap. It has a metal adjustment buckle right where it rests on your shoulder. I tried to adjust mine but you can only position it on the shoulder, or to the front or back of the shoulder where it still digs in.
    No other Ona bags have this design. They, like pretty much all other bags, have padding here.Mine (bought used from the classifieds on this site) is relegated as a storage bag for my Rolleiflex.

    • The Bowery is solidly made but man it is heavy. The brass buckle certainly adds to the discomfort. I regret the purchase.

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