PRESS RELEASE: Leica Camera and Ona Bags Team Up for an Exclusive Collection.

Leica Camera and Ona Bags Team Up for an Exclusive Collection.

October 13, 2016 – To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the legendary 35 mm camera in 2014, ONA created ‘The Berlin II,’ a camera bag designed especially for the Leica M-System. As a follow-up to this collaboration, Leica Camera and ONA have come together again to present ‘ONA FOR LEICA,’ a new collection of high quality camera bags. The collection will feature six models crafted by ONA, an American manufacturer of premium camera bags. Each piece will be lined in red and feature a red rivet, a discreet reference to Leica and will be offered exclusively by Leica Camera in a range of material and color combinations.


The Bowery for Leica: This special edition of ‘The Bowery for Leica’ camera bag expresses a mutual commitment to the creation of exceptional products for photographers from both ONA and Leica. The bag is specially designed to provide stylish and practical protection for Leica camera equipment. Two of the five models are crafted from finest quality Italian leather with a lightly waxed finish. The remaining three models are made from a robust and waterproof canvas fabric. With five compartments, it offers enough room for a Leica M-Camera, one to two M-Lenses and various personal items. By detaching the carrying strap, the bag becomes an ideal, padded insert for safely stowing camera equipment in a larger bag or case. Its cleverly designed features, variable stowage options, compact size and minimalist design make it a universal and modern camera bag.


The Prince Street for Leica: Uniting the looks of a casual shoulder bag with the practical advantages of a camera bag, ‘The Prince Street for Leica’ is a unique messenger-style bag. Two models in finest leather and three in robust canvas with real leather trim offer ample space for photographic equipment. The two clip-buckles in retro-look ensure that its valuable contents are safely locked away. Six compartments allow an M-Camera with two to three lenses, an 11-inch laptop or tablet PC and other personal items to be safely and unobtrusively stowed away.


The Brixton for Leica: This bag was designed with ample space and is available in five different versions. The ‘Antique Cognac’ and ‘Dark Brown’ models are crafted from finest Italian leather and finished by waxing. The water-repellent waxed canvas of the other three bags of the collection keeps cameras and equipment safely and sound. All five handcrafted models offer practical features, numerous outer pockets and compartments and adaptable stowage space with room for a camera, two to three lenses, small personal items and even a 13-inch laptop computer. The bags are available in water-repellent canvas in the colors ‘Black,’ ‘Field Tan’ and ‘Smoke’ (water-repellent canvas) and in real leather in ‘Antique Cognac’ and ‘Dark Truffle.’


The Berlin II for Leica: This exclusive bag is hand crafted from finest Italian leather in the colors ‘Black’ or ‘Vintage Bourbon’ and specially designed for the Leica M-System. The premium leather style offers room for one camera, two to three lenses and small personal items and develops a unique patina in years of use that reflects its truly unique character. Additional stowage space inside the bag is extremely flexible and lined in typical Leica red: four dividers can be used to apportion the space to meet specific needs and can be completely removed if required. The bag, available in a choice of ‘Black’ or ‘Vintage Bourbon’ leather, offers space for documents in a compartment on the back and features a front pocket with a zip-fastener for stowing small personal items.


The Camps Bay for Leica: The stylish rucksack in water-repellent canvas and real leather appliqués is simply ideal for the comfortable transportation of large amounts of equipment. The space inside can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual’s photographic equipment or to make room for additional personal items. The padded main compartment provides space for the safe stowage of one camera with up to seven lenses and a 17-inch laptop computer, while smaller items can be stowed away in a pocket with a zip-fastener on the front of the rucksack. Both the straps and the back of the rucksack are padded and covered with breathable fabric to ensure ideal comfort when carrying the ‘Smoke’ colored canvas rucksack.


The Roma for Leica: This practical insert with five compartments transforms almost any ordinary bag into a camera bag. The robust, water-repellent canvas of the insert offers sufficient protection for valuable equipment and real leather grips to make it easier to remove from bags. This cleverly designed combination of a bag and an organizer is exactly the right thing for photographers to take along when they need only a camera, a lens and a couple of small items.

ONA is a purveyor of fine bags and accessories designed for and inspired by photographers and creative professionals. Each bag is elaborately hand crafted from the highest quality materials, conveniently sized, built to last for years and captivate with minimalist design. The bags provide ideal protection for precious Leica cameras and lenses while reflecting the photographer’s inimitable personal style.

All bags of the ‘ONA FOR LEICA’ edition will be available exclusively in Leica Stores and Boutiques from November 2016.


  1. I only one of the original Bowery bag. I hate the buckle plus for the money, I could buy a more versatile bag to meet all my camera needs.
    No thanks.

  2. The metal buckle on the Bowry whacks your camera every time you take it out of the bag unless you are very careful and use two hands.
    Found that out this weekend with my Xpan. Had to take the Bowry out of storage as it was the only bag that I wasn’t using. Xpans scratch easily..

  3. They are fancy and good bags for sure. They result unuseful for me though, except perhaps the Camps Bay for Leica or whatever other camera.

  4. As far as I know, the only difference from the the same models in the regular ONA range is that these bags have red lining — oh, and a red spot on one of the outside rivets, (which I’d cover up anyway,, as I’d do with the red spot on the precious Leica inside).

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