Film Friday by Peter | Prosophos

Film Friday by Peter | Prosophos

Hi Steve and Brandon,

Not too long ago, I took a break from my film photography. Immediately, I felt the loss, and though I’ve always enjoyed shooting digital (and still do), I just couldn’t shake the longing to return to the “old” medium.

So this year I rectified the situation.

Here then, are eight film images I’ve recently posted on my site. Most of these were taken last month, and the rest just before I took my break.

I hope you and your readers enjoy them.



Peter | P r o s o p h o s

(My tutorial for processing B&W Film)

Photographs by Peter 1

Photographs by Peter 2

Photographs by Peter 3

Photographs by Peter 4

Photographs by Peter 5

Photographs by Peter 6

Photographs by Peter 7

Photographs by Peter 8


  1. Thanks for posting Peter. Nice shots. In some of them though, I wonder where the focus was, and in some, where was the light?

  2. Great photos, Peter. I, too, am a guy who was influenced by you in buying my Nokton 40. It’s an amazing, small, fast all round lens and terrific focal length.

    Question – these shots all have nice tight grain. What were you using? Acros 100, perhaps?

  3. I loved your portrait off the man with glasses. Setting the light like that is a bold move, indeed. But if he is the type his glasses says he is, he probably liked the result. But bold, never the less!

  4. Beautiful! Blown away by the pics on your site. Bookmarked it and will be a regular visitor.

    Best regards

    • Thank you Ibraar. I have followed your film chronicles with great interest, but I’m afraid I’m less adventurous with my choices: in the past, I’ve tried Portra, Tri-X, Ilford, HP5+, and Fuji Superia. Now, it’s strictly Tri-X. I’d love to get back into Portra, but I haven’t tried my hand at developing colour film.

  5. The baseball photo with the little girl, still and always has mesmerized me. Such a classic photograph, and DOF really adds to the atmosphere, wonderful 🙂

  6. Hey Peter. Great photos! Your blog about the voigtlander 40mm 1.4 inspired me to get that lens. I’ve been enjoying it so far on my sony A7. I love the focal length. It just looks correct for me.

    I’m wondering if you were still using that lens in any manner.

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