New 55 Film on Kickstarter. Check it out!

New 55 Film on Kickstarter. Check it out! 

Check out the video below on NEW 55 film, a new 4X5 film that is on Kickstarter. It needs your help to get funded so watch the video and check out the kickstarter page HERE to see what it is all about. So far they have $187k of $400k needed to fund with 13 days to go. If you love film, and have a passion for 4X5 then be sure to check it out.

New 55 is a new instant film that produces a positive print and an amazing negative. How cool is that?




  1. Great. Now I can finally sell my two Polaroid 4×5 backs. Maybe even my 4×5 enlarger as well.

    Sorry, I used this film for about 30 years. The romance is just a memory… along with the “portable” chemical tank and the soft emulsion. But add an additional stop and a half and you’ll get a good negative for contact platinum printing.

    • Tom-

      New55 FILM has the exposures of the negative an the positive in balance. No need to sacrifice the one or the other any more.

      Possibility of a coaterless or a coater receiver sheet for the positive.

      Sodium sulfite is optional. Ilford Rapid Fixer worked fine for fixing the negative throughout the New55 testing.

      Everyone should back this. It needs to happen.

  2. I strongly encourage everyone who’s reading this to consider pledging what they can. There’s still a lot of money left to be pledged, and not a lot of time left to pledge it. At the very least, continue spreading the word so we can help get these guys funded!

  3. This cool. I have a Polaroid back that completely worthless due to Polaroid film disappeared for this model of back. Have to keep an eye on this.

  4. Now somebody needs to make a Kickstarter campaign to recreate the little clearing bucket needed to soak the negatives in an 18% solution of sodium sulfite to clear them.

  5. Thank you Steve for posting this. Please everyone even if its just a $1 and you have any love for film…back this.. You never know when you might come back 🙂

  6. I’m mostly just surprised Fuji hasn’t already committed to running a type 55 equivalent! They, as far as I know, still run Polaroid lines. As they did back in the day as well. All legal even. (Very unlike what Kodak once tried to pull on Polaroid)!
    It would again be a hoot to shoot with a Linhof or Sinar P2 occasionally. Though I’m not at all sure I or most anyone else want to wait over a minute(!!!) just to see an image. Then have to stabilize the resulting neg in hypo/fixer.
    First world problems all.

    • I’m sure there will be a lot of people, especially those of us used to using large format and with Polaroid backs, who will happily await the short time in sheer anticipation. People who shoot large format aren’t interested in speed. And if the negative is as good as the Polaroid negs I have at 25,ASA, and which are simply packed with bags of detail, the company could be on to a winner.

  7. After shooting Polaroid Type 55 and getting a positive and negative in 30 seconds, I knew I had to back the New55 guys. It fills a niche that no digital or film camera can touch, in my opinion. 4 X 5 instant film with both a positive and negative…amazing. I backed them!

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