Site Update: I’m traveling but new reviews are on the way!

Site Update: I’m traveling but new reviews are on the way!

Hello to all! Just want to update everyone on what is happening here at For the past eight days I have been on a vacation spending time with my Mother and Sister in Illinois. While I did do work while on the trip (testing the Sony A6000, Leica C and Voigtlander 75 1.8) I had a blast doing so and did not update the site all week. While it DID get updated, it was all on auto pilot and those posts were all scheduled before I left.


So coming up in the next 7-10 days I will have reviews for the above mentioned cameras and lens. Stay tuned!

I am home today and leave again tomorrow for a 3 day New Orleans trip with Olympus USA to shoot the E-M10 (my review HERE) in style and to test it out in the swamps and in the city so I will also have a new report on the new Olympus stuff and my experience using it in all kinds of cool situations in New Orleans.

Some quick tidbits:

The Sony A6000 is absolutely the best APS-C NEX style camera from Sony yet. NO longer called NEX, the Alpha 6000 is sleek, attractive, quick, feels great in the hand and has superb IQ. Built in EVF and pretty solid for under $800 with lens. I have been shooting it with the kit zoom and the Mitakon 50 0.95.

A6000 OOC JPEG with Kit Zoom


The Leica C surprised me. While it has a teeny tiny soft EVF, the camera is well made, has a killer design and look and using the B&W mode of the camera gave me some pretty cool B&W images. Easy to use, tiny, EVF, fast and good quality. If I wanted a P&S with style, this would be my choice. Of course the C is the Panasonic LF1 in a new shell but Leica offers software and a better warranty with the super cool style (double the price). B&H Photo has the C in stock.

OOC JPEG from the Leica C in Dynamic B&W


The Voigtlander 75 1.8 is a Leica mount lens and it works well on the M 240 providing a classic look with big time color pop. Under $700, a no brainer if you want a fast 75mm for your Leica on the cheap. Superb build, feel, easy to focus and while a little soft wide open this is a good thing for portraits! Cameraquest sells the 75 1.8 with free next day shipping for $700!

The Leica M 240 and Voigtlander 75 1.8




  1. Steve, I own an A6000, in fact pre-ordered it, and really love it. However I am looking forward to your review and valuable comments on its configurability. Currently I have it with the AEL-button configured for AF-ON with C-AF and center spot. I don’t know if you have the e-mount Sigma 19mm and 30mm around, but they get PDAF support in a limited center area ;-). So with the above configuration I get pdaf-fast AF for focus recompose with 3rd party AF-lenses and the full PDAF AF stuff for the Sony lenses.

    I’m also shooting the A6000 on neutral with +1 saturation for OOC jpegs. I just love that mode. The standard colors are Sony aweful but no doubt an inherited brand requirement.

  2. Honestly? You’ve been missed. Guest posts are nice but I’d rather have less posts and more of your input. That’s what drew me to the site in the first place. Quite understand the demand must be relentless, though!

  3. Maybe this is the reason why you mail inbox is full? I’ve been trying to send you a submission to the “Daily Inspiration” section but it keeps on coming back to me with an “impossible to deliver” message. Welcome back soon and enjoy your holidays!

  4. I loved the NEX 7 and that A6000 might just be at the aps-c milcs sweet spot between weight/size, IQ, performance, price, giving Olympus and Fuji a run for the money.

  5. Hi, Steve. Wonderful website. Would you be able to comment the quality of the sensor compared to e.g. Fuji´s x-trans sensor, Ricoh GR or other brands the A6000 intends to compete? I am a happy alpha and nex user, but sometimes when I see pictures from those other brands mentioned, they seem to be more, lets say “crispy” og “pop” og whatever you call it. If this new A6000 really delivers, I may not convert to another brand.

    Thanks. Bjorn

    • Well, seeing that I am not a fan of the Fuji X-Trans sensor, I will always prefer the non X-Trans sensors. The pop you see comes from the lens. For example, I get much more pop and crispness from an Olympus E-M1 and Nocticron than a Sony A6000 and kit lens or even 35 1.8. In fact, the E-M1 and Nocticron beats my Leica M and 50 Cron setup. It’s all in the lenses, which is where Sony lacks for anything really special when to fast primes.

      • Steve: Speaking of lenses, I hope you picked up a Zeiss Touit 32/1.8 for the 6000 testing…its DA BOMB! I thinks its the best lens for the a6000 right now and will even improve as Zeiss is about to roll out a firmware update so that the Phase detect and tracking works properly.

      • Ok, thanks for the answer. So any nex with, let’s say, leica or similar glass mounted with an adapter would give better image quality?

      • It’s a bit unfair to compare the “pop” between a 50mm-equivalent (the sony 35mm) and a 90mm equivalent (the nocticron). The difference would probably be smaller if you used the Sony 55mm on the Nex.

        • Oops, nocticron would be 85mm equivalent.

          There is also a huge price difference because you could probably get the Sony a6000 with a 55mm for the price of the Nocticron alone.

      • I`d expect that the a6000 with the simply outstanding AF, weather sealed Zeiss FE 55 1.8 (a USD 1800 combo) to easily beat any mft with a Nocticron in IQ, resolution, high iso, weight, bulk, cost.

  6. No problemo, Steve. I am looking forward to your review on the A6000 –I am curious to hear how the IQ compares to the NEX-6.

  7. You got to have a holiday, otherwise whats the point in working. and you have to look after your mother. i was wondering about the reviews, I seem to get lots of Brandons daily updates but I have seem a review for a while. i am a commercial photographer and I am about to sell my 7D and I want to update to either the 70D or the A6000 or both.maybe the 70D for work and a6000 for fun?
    looking forward to the review.

      • Oh yes you did too. Sorry. I look forward to the A6000 review. by the way can you let us know how easy it is to select the focus points. Its one thing to have fast focus, but 90% of the way people focus is by selecting the single focus point or a cluster of points, one of the things I love about my canon 7D. Thanks mate, mark from Australia

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