The Voigtlander 50 1.2 Leica M Mount now for PRE ORDER!

The Voigtlander 50 1.2 Leica M Mount now for PRE ORDER!

Hey guys! The new Voigtlander 50mm f/1.2 Lens is NOW AVAILABLE for PRE ORDER through! You can either leave a $100 deposit or pay in full, using the links below. It’s funny that after I write about the Canon 50 1.2 this lens goes up for order! Voigtlander has been rocking it lately with lenses like the 40mm f1.2 (see review here) and also the 58 1.4 (see review here) as well as the 50 f/3.5 Heliar (see review here).

I expect this 50 f1.2 to be a step up from their 50 f/1.1 and priced at only $899, I expect it to also be another huge bang for the buck lens from Voigtlander. I have NOT yet tested it but hope to as soon as I can (which would be tested on the SL which is my Leica body of choice). If you are interested in this one you can check out the details at CameraQuest HERE. 

Always nice to have yet another fast 50mm option for Leica mount which can be used on MANY mirrorless cameras such as Sony, Leica SL, etc (via adapters).



    • IMO, The Leica SL is the best EVF camera on the market for M lenses ; ) It’s my choice over the M10 for using M glass and not that much larger than a Sony A7III.

        • Well, there are differences in the sensors and how they render colors, dynamic range, ISO, ect. The M10 is a newer sensor but has less DR, is the same or a bit better in low light, and has a different color signature. They tried to make it M9 like using CMOS. The SL to me is richer in color, has better DR and has more depth. After using the M10 more and more I found I preferred the SL “look”. So it comes down to personal preference.

  1. I resisted the great temptation to order the 40 f1.2 and patiently waited for this 50. Hence I’ve pre-ordered from Steve Gandy. I’m thinking about which hood I want. I assume the LH10 hood was designed specifically for the 50 but both that and the LH8 hood look good. I have the silver Nokton f1.5, and the new Heliar f3.5, and both are fantastic glass. This will round out my 50 collection quite nicely.

  2. Only today I was looking to see if UK dealers had stocks yet (no). Pre-orders are being taken. If it’s as good as the similarly styled 40 1.2VM how will I resist? (Only treated myself to a new 50 Summilux the other day…….)

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