The new Leica TL2 – My 1st Look Video. What I think so far…

The new Leica TL2 – My 1st Look Video. What I think so far…

By Steve Huff – Order the TL2 HERE

Hey all! Happy Wednesday! Just wanted to share the Leica TL2 video I made, just my 1st thoughts and look. If you missed the post with image samples, see that HERE. But below is the video. Enjoy!

Watch the video below


  1. Any idea if there’s a way to mount M4/3 lenses on the TL2? I’ve got a stack of great M4/3 lenses, so it’d be great to be able to use.

  2. Great 1st impressions – thanks for sharing Steve!

    With an APS-C sensor, I think the TL2 most competes with the Fuji X-Pro2, and the Sony A6500. Unquestionably 3 very different cameras when it comes to design and ergonomics (choice is good!). Let’s see how the IQ compares…

  3. I know EVERYBODY puts a music bed underneath videos like this, but it is really annoying and totally unnecessary. Why would we want to hear bad music for a full 16 minutes? Not to mention, often we are listening to videos like this on an iPhone or iPad speaker. Anything that takes way from the audio of the vocal track is pointless. I’d urge you, Steve, to visit You Tube and watch any video with a music bed like this and ask yourself, “Would this video be more enjoyable without the music.” I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

  4. Great review and thanks. One issue is the weight, which I believe is around 25 ounces for the TL2 body, EVF, and smallest Summicron 23 f/2 lens. That’s equal to something like a more professional build weatherproof Fuji XT1 with 23 f/2 lens. A touch on the heavy side. That said, it’s all about the Leica IQ for me at least, which I can attest to being very special owning a Leica X-Vario and prefer to any digital camera I’ve tried including full frame. The ability to purchase the TL2 with finally a reasonably high AF speed is appealing if it repeats and exceeds the IQ as noted. I look forward to your full review.

  5. You said that you can’t compare it to an A9 because that’s a $4,500 camera, but there are certainly other $2000 cameras you could compare it to, and I daresay you could compare it to a $600 camera like a Panasonic GX85. And it might come up lacking, because the Panasonic has useful features like image stabilization, a built-in EVF, a built-in flash, and handy buttons on the back of the camera that allow you to change settings without having to fiddle with a touchscreen.

    You could even fairly compare it to the A9 if you consider that an A9 + 2 Sony lenses might not cost any more money than a TL2 + 2 Leica lenses.

    • What I meant was, there is no comparison to an A9, the A9 would beat it in every way. Something like a Panasonic GX85 would lose, in low light, in build, style/design and IQ. Those who want something like a GX85 will not even be considering a TL. The TL will attract a unique person who wants real German made Leica, the Leica IQ and like the touch screen interface. Its more like a futuristic camera. Nothing really compares to it in style and the way you use it. Wether that is good or bad depends on the person using it or buying it.

      • I agree that Panasonic isn’t very good at giving their cameras an expensive luxury feeling. Olympus, their partner in Micro Four Thirds, is better at that.

        As far as image quality: I look forward to your review where hopefully we will find out about that 🙂

    • The touchscreen interface is the whole point of this camera, IMHO. It’s why I switched from an XT1 to the T, just found that I preferred the simplicity of the design and didn’t have to worry about what all the buttons were assigned to or which menu page to go to. If that’s not the way someone wants to use a camera there are plenty of other excellent models out there with different haptics and user interfaces. Looking forward to your review, Steve, find out whether it’s worth upgrading to the TL2.

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