The Sony A7s is up for Pre-Order!


The all new Sony A7s is now up for pre-order at B&H Photo HERE or Amazon HERE at $2,498.00. This will be a full frame monster of a low light shooter. I mean, ISO 50-409,000! 4K video capable and more. Ships July 8th 2014 but pre-orders will always get the 1st shipment! This one will be popular just due to the insane low light capabilities. Slap on a 50 0.95 and shoot in the dark!

Take a look at the official Sony video showing an example often ISO possibilities.

And the video possibilities:


  1. Steve, comments weren’t enabled on this morning’s post (“News Feed and E-Mail Posts”, re. your new approach to sending only the first part of a post in feeds) but I agree 100% behind the reasoning (to make people click over to here) and I think this is a Great Idea. Ignore the haters, my friend; that’s evidence of their problems only. You and your son are doing a fine job, and I am sure that the vast majority agree.

  2. Steve, would like to ask perhaps a dumb question…do you think this model will do better with the CSV ultra wide 12mm or 15mm lens than the A7 and A7R models?

  3. If going from 36mp to 12mp is the next wave I’m going to dig out my original 1D with 4mp and get out shooting.

  4. Indeed a truly amazing camera! I would surely want to try this baby.

    However, I guess I could never see me buying such a expensive camera from a manufacturer, who renders his own high-end products obsolete within a year.

    • Unless you’re talking about some other Sony cameras I don’t see which ones have been rendered obsolete. The A7, A7R and A7S all fill different slots in the photographic needs environment. I own the A7R and definitely don’t consider it obsolete because the A7S has been released.

      • yes, I was talking about other cameras from Sony and their super fast product replacement cycle.

        The A7/A7R/A7S trio totally makes sense. They complement each other perfectly.

  5. Yep, higher shutter speeds at medium to low lighting, whilst retaining resolution! Who doesn’t want that? A middle ground game changer. My cat is dark mottled brown so I don’t really need 409,000…

  6. I am curious to see whether this lower res/meg pixel sensor will play nice with wide Leica M glass. The A7r does not, the A7 almost does, so maybe this is the one?

    • I am pondering the same question. The pixel pitch is so much larger that I’m thinking it should be almost perfect for rangefinder lenses. I would welcome more input on this subject. What do you folks think?

      • I’m skeptical since it will likely have a strongish AA & IR filter due to the large pixel size and video emphasis. These sensor-filters are also a big problem with symmetric lens designs. That’s why Leica made the (then) controversial choice to leave one off the M8.

  7. it would be interesting to see a low light stills comparison with A7s, the aging D7000 (same pixel size) and the new DF. Not video of course

  8. don’t worry S-Gamma together with Sony’s codec will be deployed soon in a cheaper camera near you. Until then let others buy a Marketing Beta.
    I bet RX10 MkII might be the right camera to get this. Or a refreshed A7… As long as there’s only one lens of quality available (55mm zeiss), there’s no hurry.

  9. Wow! a7s, a6000, and RX100 Mark III…this website’s host has got some serious work to do.

    …but what a fabulous job it is! 🙂

  10. Up to ISO 409,000…!!! Seems to me that the marketing boys at the camera companies have realised that the megapixel wars are over and they need a new marketing hook to get people to ‘upgrade” their 6 month old gear. They’ve obviously decided that low light performance is it. Obviously there are more people desperate to photograph their black cats in a coal cellar than I thought…

    • I agree..

      I heard the next upgrade will be one that takes images faster than the speed of light, so you dial in the time slip you require and photograph back 1 , 2, 5… 10 seconds up to a minute in the past… This leaves no end of model improvements over the years as retro time ability is increased… It may conflict with accepted history though!

    • The 409.000 capability has only theoretical value, which you can see by studying what the D4s does at that sort of levels. It’s not about what the sensor does up there, but about what it does at 6400, or 12800. As Mark Seymour I think showed us some weeks ago, it’s really amazing what quality you can get at that sort of level, and really is useful. I for one would welcome my D800 giving 200 ISO quality at 3200 ISO. It certainly doesn’t now, although the quality is more than just acceptable.

  11. Steve, how do you think this will compare IQ wise and low light capabilities with the Df? (Not interested in video).

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