Leica M 240 Art di Mano M Cases in stock.

Leica M 240 Art di Mano M Cases in stock.

Just a heads up to some of you who were looking for the Art di Mano cases for the M 240. Leicastoremiami.com has TWO in stock now! These are the standard cases to fit the M without a grip. After my review of the grip model they sold out quickly it seemed! They have one in all black and one in black with white stitch. Expensive but hands down the best case you can buy for your M in fit, finish, craftsmanship.  Just click the images to go direct to the page for the case in stock:





  1. Sorry to post this here, but I would never spent 390 $ for a half-case, even not if it comes from a crocodile 🙂
    This is going over the limit.

    • Well, the question is…would you ever spend $7000 for the camera body this case is made for, then thousands more for one lens? Those who do spend $10k and up have no issue spending $390 for a case to protect it and make it easier to hold as well as look attractive. $390 is nothing when it comes to the cost of the actual camera and lenses when it comes to Leica.

      • In principle you are right Steve, but I’m looking at it from a different angle! The more expensive the camera is, the more expensive the cases. I assume that there would be not a single client spending 390 $ for this on a 500 $ camera. But the seller of this product assumes that the potential client has money in his pocket, and therefore the prices are adapted! But not for me…..

        • Well, not so true. I know of $300 cases for $1000 cameras. When you by from a certain brand, with high quality that will last a lifetime prices are high, no matter what camera you buy the case for. I have seen, owned and tested cases from $25 to $400 and never in my life have I seen a case with this level of quality in construction, materials and fit. The cheap cases are nothing like this case. But like I said, even the Arte di Mano cases for an X1, a camera that can be had for $700 today will set you back $280 or so. There is no case made for the M that is better than this case (IMO), and I have tried almost all of them besides one other pricey brand. Quality does not come cheap, well, not normally. With anything in life. Sure you can buy a $200 Gariz or a $300 Classic Cases or a $700 Luigi set or even the awful fitting $130 Leica case for the M but none are as good as this one when it comes to doing what it was meant to do. All personal pref though. IMO this case is worth every cent.

    • Having seen this case I though to myself who on earth would pay this much for a case? I was in India and estimated to get a case made for myself by the best worker there on leather and one criteria I wanted to keep was to either match the quality or excel the quality of arte di mano case. I had to also keep in mind that I would personally supervise this and it would be custom made for me so, this would be not a mass produced product. I talked to the local craftsman and showed him the sample leather and the make of this case. As the case would not be mass produced the leather could not be bought in bulk and had to be bought a piece, so I started calculating the price & it worked out the following:

      1) Leather Piece for 1 Case $ 150
      2) Custom Hand Cutting Labor Charges $ 20
      3) Custom Stitching Charges $ 25
      4) Imported Non Toxic and Temperature resistant Glue $ 18
      5) Labor Charges for Glue Sticking $ 5
      6) Imported Rust Proof Steel, Cutting and Denting Charges $ 25
      7) Buttons and fixing charges $ 3
      8) Labor for final assembly and finish with Organic Preservative & Polish $ 66

      The total was coming to $ 312. Now, if mass produced the cost will go down substantially but then there is always a chance the quality will get compromised or the fit will not be perfect as they will go by standard measurement and many other criteria.

      The cost can go down substantially, by using a cheaper leather which looks exactly like the one I chose above, the leather sheet just costs then $15, the steel plates and glue can be for less than $10, and the craftsman a very skilled but cheap craftsman who will just charge me $20 for the whole work. But, then that would look similar but will not feel and last like the above one.

      With that experience, I never questioned if I have to use the arte di mano case and why should not I pay that much? I don’t have to exactly sit through all through the supervision of making a case to my satisfaction which actually costs more by material cost and the pain of time and money to custom make it.

      However, it is totally different matter do I need such a case for my camera?, if I do, then cost should not be a problem, if not then why the heck am I paying so much for a case for a camera which I am likely to sell in a few years. If I value the camera as a fashion symbol, or a great display unit which also takes some good photos, then do costs of any accessory matter?

      It is exactly in the same way of thinking, do you need designer cloths to cover your body? But, why do you spend the money on designer clothing? Fashion or good dressing should not be mixed with need?
      Similarly what makes you happy, by looking and feeling at it has no cost, it is priceless?

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