Great buy on Zeiss Touit 32 1.8, Fuji or Sony at B&H!

Great buy on Zeiss Touit 32 1.8, Fuji or Sony at B&H!

Just found out that B&H released a slew of Zeiss Touit 32 1.8 lenses for $520! A savings of $200! At $520 tho lens is a bargain. which are showing up in their used department but may be refurbished units. Either way, it is a steal ass these lenses are amazing. The Zeiss 32 1.8 on the Sony A6000 is one hell of a lens (my review here). B&H also hasten 12mm Zeiss at a special price as ell. Details and direct links below:

Click here to see the Zeiss Touit Deals at B&H Photo NOW!


B&H PHOTO IS also advertising this INSANE deal of the two tout lenses, the 32 1.8 and 12 2.8 for Sony or Fuji for $919 TOTAL. That is $800 off the normal price. 

See the bundle deal for Sony

See the bundle deal for Fuji


  1. Just bought mine. Amazing Deal!!! this is from nz where I have to pay for tax + excruciating amount in shipping. FYI don’t use Paypal for different currencies. I jsut spent and extra $50 to paypal for it…

  2. At $500 it is nearly the same price as the Sony 35 mm. I had always heard that the Zeiss was sharper but the Sony was faster. Do you have any experience with the Sony?

    • Yep that’s a pretty crazy deal. I guess these lenses are really not selling well … anyway my order is placed (even having to pay import duty in Europe it’s a great deal). The bundle has been back-ordered for about 3 hours though, so wondering how long it will take to come.

      • At least it is a backorder and they are continuing to honor the price.

        If you are shooting primarily with a Fuji or Sony APS-C body, this would be a tough one to pass up.

  3. Steve, I have been waiting on the Mitakon 50/0.95 lens review, but it was never posted. Then I remembered you saying how you will only review lenses that you like. Does this mean the Mitakon was so bad that it’s not worth reviewing?

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