Amazingly bad but hilarious album cover photos

Amazingly bad but hilarious Album Cover Photos

Since today is Saturday I figured “Why not have some fun today” Maybe call Saturday “fun day” for Last year I remember stumbling onto some horrendously bad Album Cover photos and they made me thing..”who designed or came up with these themes”. I mean, was it the photographer or the artist or someone else? Whoever it was, some of these photos/album covers below are hilarious, some are disturbing and some are outright bad. I wonder if some of the photographers who shot the covers have them hanging in their house? Lol. In any case, if you have seen some of these before (they are all over the internet) then it will be nothing new, but if you have not seen them, sit back and enjoy a laugh or two. It seems that back in the 70’s it was much easier to get a serious photo gig ūüėČ

Good old Millie Jackson. “Back ¬†to the Shit” is an album that was getting her back ¬†to her style and sass as a comedian but I feel she went overboard for the album cover. Gave a whole new meaning ¬†to the in..the music must literally be shit. Her music career started as a dare from a¬†friend¬†and she soon became known for her onstage antics and foul mouth. Today she runs her own record label. As for the Album Cover..bad ¬†taste..but classic. You can hear some of it HERE.


Wow. This one is special. The Handsome Beasts album titled “Beastiality” speaks for itself. Want to hear them? Check out a track from THIS album on YouTube!¬†If there ever was an album cover photo to make you look away, this may be it.


Horrible title. What were they thinking? You can actually buy this album on Amazon today. 


No words can describe this pose, this shot or the name of the album. Here we see Gary striking a pose that would make Madonna jealous and we are to believe he is truly getting down to business as we see him in front of a phone booth that is randomly placed near a loading dock. What kind of business is he getting down to exactly? 


Just when you thought you have seen it all…you can hear¬†this track on YouTube here.¬†With her sly little smile, her obvious nude body in bed and bottle of Champign she is¬†obviously ready for you to give her something. Lol. This one is pretty bad. If I shot this cover I would never admit it.


Now, I could understand if the album was called “Jesus Love Me” or “Jesus Save Me” but “Jesus Use Me”? The Faith Tones…classic album cover.


Remember when this style of photo was all the rage at photo studios in the mall? I do, and I have always hated it but Ken decided that it would make for a great cover for his album “By Request Only” I am so glad we have moved on from the 70’s.¬†


No words can describe this one..


No, not a one man band, a one man stand..and that is exactly what Pat Kelly is doing here. But what is he standing in? Some kind of black frame? 


This guy is triple is bad enough but three? I do know this song as i have heard it a few times in life and even own a bluegrass version of it but the album cover takes me back to the days when smoking was considered cool and so cool in fact that smoking three at a time was even cooler.


RAT ON! Oh man, if I found this in an old used record store it would so be mine…I have ALWAYS wished I could ride a rat and to look as amazing as this guy does doing it, well, it would be a dream come true. WHO shot this cover? Wish I knew!

swamp words to describe this masterpiece..


and many more amazingly bad but hilarious album covers that I had to share. 














  1. Great. Maybe start a challenge who takes the most tasteless picture? I thing it won¬īt be that easy.

  2. The “super-man” behind Alla Pugatjova is actually a Swedish talk show host from the eighties called Jacob Dahlin. He was bad without the super-man costume.

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