The Ona Leather Berlin Bag IN STOCK NOW


The Ona Leather Berlin Bag IN STOCK NOW

UPDATE: They sold out within 40 minutes of this post this morning. 

Just a quick note to let all of you know that the Ona Berlin is NOW IN STOCK at Amazon RIGHT HERE at this link and the best part is that it is PRIME eligible and shipped by Amazon direct at the NORMAL retail price of $379! So to those who have been waiting and wanting the Berlin, GET IT HERE. 

You can see my review of the bag HERE. ONA sold out of this bag within 24 hours and it seems they made more. Amazon has 5 left in stock as of this writing. 


  1. got my Ona Berlin bag today…quite impressed with the quality. What a race to get one, thanks Steve for your review on this or I would have never heard about it. good luck to others looking for it…

  2. Folks, bought mine to be used with my M9P … wondering if someone does have a tip on a rain cover for this wonderful bag

  3. I can’t remember exactly where I saw it, but a while back, somewhere on the Internet, a camera jock blogged that he carried his cameras around in a diaper bag to deter theft. 😉

  4. had a mix up on my order…guess i had tried to buy 2…spoke with Amazon….they have cancelled one order, so if anyone is looking for this bag at $369.00……go for it before those others get it…

  5. Ordered one yesterday morning (right after your post) from Amazon. Received order confirmation yesterday afternoon !
    Will keep you posted on delivery . Paid regular price as listed from Amazon. The luck of the draw ?
    Looking forward to seeing in person. Will be using with Fuji XT-1 system. Sorry about that Leica.

    • I received my bag on friday, and I use it with a Fuji X-T1 too. The bag contains the X-T1 + MHG-XT grip + 18-55 + 55-200 + 35 f1.4 + 56 f1.2 + iPad mini. All fits nicely in it.

    • I can not control prices of third party sellers on Amazon. When this was posted this morning the price was the normal retail price. They sold out within 30-40 minutes of this post and what happens on Amazon is it will now show the next one available. Out of my control. I would NEVER EVER recommend spending $1700 on any bag, and highly doubt whoever is selling it for that will EVER sell it.

    • On top of charging $1750 for a $379 bag, they actually have the nerve to charge another $6.99 to ship it!

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