A special Hasselblad 503CW Gold Supreme on E-Bay..beautiful!

A special Hasselblad 503CW on E-Bay..beautiful!


Hey! Hope everyone is having a GREAT Saturday! I am going to head out today and shoot some but had to share this e-bay listing with you guys…it’s gorgeous.

Back when Hasselblad really MADE beautiful and meaningful cameras they also would release special editions, much like Leica. I remember seeing one special edition, limited to 500 pieces worldwide many years ago and I lusted after that camera in a big time way. Just no way I could have afforded it then, and at the prices this piece commands today, it’s the same story.

Since I can not own it, maybe there is someone out there who also lusts after this model, and if so, there is an amazing one on e-bay right now. It is the Hasselblad 503CW limited edition Gold Supreme with 80 2.8 and all accessories, new in box, never used and get this..#500 of 500. This #500 was never sold, but given away back in the day and it was never used. So now it sits in its box waiting for a new owner.


Sure it is flashy, sure it will even be a bit gaudy to some, but to others…they will see the beauty in it. The 503Cw is a GORGEOUS camera in its black or black/silver versions but this one is over the top. A true collectible that also begs to be used. If I bought it, I would use it on occasion for special portrait sessions. The Hasselblad 503CW is one of those rare cameras that has it all..beauty, build, feel and performance. Yes it is film, but remember..you can even add the new digital back to this guy as well 😉 Also know that you can buy a 503CW in its standard configuration for much less, around $2500-$3500 for a kit.


But this one is a special piece and I knew there would be a few out there who felt the same as me. You can see the listing HERE.  The seller has over 2100 100% feedback.


  1. What I like best about this camera is the gold UV filter. That would compliment my black/silver 503CW set up nicely, but would also unfortunately stick out like a sore thumb. A nice little detail, that’s all.
    The production year of this camera isn’t mentioned in the listing, but it would help if the camera came with the 80mm CFi or CFe. CF lenses are nothing to shake a stick at but the later CFi/e models with the newer glass and treatments are about as swoon worthy (but with the added advantage of actually being practical) as the rest of this set up appears to be.

  2. Steve, you are absolutely correct. I don’t need half the photography equipment that I have. I even have a Hasselblad 503 CW. Did a few wedding with it years ago, but found it to be too big and difficult to handle in busy situations – like a wedding. If anyone is interested in a film medium format camera, get a Mamiya II. I have one and like it a lot. Handles almost like any other SLR camera. I have the 43mm (needs external viewfinder), a 50mm (does not need an external viewfinder) and 80mm lenses. If you buy any of this equipment new, it will cost you a fortune. However, there are great bargains out there on this film camera. Maybe some photographers are concerned that medium format film, especially black and white, will become unavailable. Lenses are superb. Camera is a little difficult to get used to. In fact, I bought my 50mm lens brand new from a Japanese camera shop.

    • Of course no one needs it. NO one needs ANY camera if you want to get specific. No one “needs” a fancy house, car, watch, lens, clothes, or anything besides food, water and shelter..but millions of us buy things we do not need every single day. That is why things like this are made, people buy them and companies profit. I bet $1000 that you own something right now that you do not really need.

      • yes, surely i own things that i don’t need! But this are things that i’m using. They are not staying in a glass cabinet.

        Everybody should think twice about buying all these “bling bling” stuff! Maybe it’s better
        donating the money for charity… don’t you think?

        Greetings from Germany!

    • But all the women will go crazy, they will fly like honey bees around you. Just by carrying it with u everywhere u go.

  3. Fascinating how some cameras hold their value. I wonder how much the Hassy “HV” will be selling for in 16 years.

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