World’s Largest. The Sandisk 512GB SD Card Arrives.


World’s Largest. The Sandisk 512GB SD Card Arrives.

Sandisk has announced a new and insane SD card for power users Yep, a 512 GB SD card. Most of my SD cards are 16GB with a couple 32GB thrown in. Imagine a 512GB SD Card. Imagine if that single card became damaged! Me, I would never buy a 512 card for this reason alone. Sure you can hold thousands and thousands of photos but one thing goes wrong with the card (has happened to me 4 times in the last 5 years) you not only lose all of those images and video, you lose your card.

The new Sandisk 512GB SD card does not come cheap but anyone who wants the craziest SD card yet you can order one for the cool price of $729. Will ship October 15th 2014.

What do YOU think of a 512Gb SD Card? Awesome or Insanity?


  1. Of course, if you are shooting with a Nikon D750 you could buy 2 and automatically back up photos and video to the second card slot…..or with the D810 buy one for the SD slot to back up what you’re shooting on your CF cards….. When it gets down to $100 I may consider a couple…. Maybe by then, fujifilm, sony, Olympus, panasonic and Leica will have learned the value of finding space in our mirror less cameras to two SD slots.

  2. It is because it is. There’s no difference in concern regarding loss over any other card. The upshot is that I can shoot just as much as I always have, and not be worried for space, ever, though I crossed that threshold at 64GB. The fascinating part is the idea that my home deep-storage NAS can be populated by a pile of these little things in RAID 6. This is awesome, and I’m not misusing the adjective.

    • Just think about it.. If you shoot a lot, I mean A LOT, you have a solution for the Giga-Tera bytes of photos that will probably never be seen, and though a lot are making you money, but you want the lookaways, just in case. SO. Do you want to spend money for something that spins all the time, drawing off the socket, making you nervous that your “shot” is lost? Or just put it on ice on a stack of fat memory flat cards and array it so you can store multiple Terabytes of RAW files? Yes, give me more of this where a terabyte smaller than my thumb costs a grand..

  3. I bought a 128GB SD card for $89 when Steve posted it here. It was a good buy. I never have to worry about filling it up. In normal use (with wear leveling algorithm) it should last quite a while.

    $729 for 512 GB is pretty high cost for now unless you take video for a big event. Now a day, some camera shop bundle 64GB SD cards with new camera purchase.

  4. I would not use it for my photos but It would be great for mi Hi Res Music and portable Hi Res Player. 192khz 24 bit files take up a whole lot of space. I swap between 4 128gb cards on my portable player during my travels.

  5. Whether a 512GB card makes sense is one thing, but the fact that you can squeeze 512GB of data into something so small is quite mind boggling (especially given much of the cards volume is the case). That’s the equivalent of around 20 Blu Ray movies, or perhaps the text from half a million longish books. I know capacities have been increasing steadily so it hasn’t exactly happened out of the blue, but when you step back and think about how far things have progressed in twenty years, it’s fairly extraordinary. I wonder what the theoretical limit of capacity for an SD card is?

  6. One of my cards is 16GB – which I carry just in case someone needs to borrow a spare card. The rest are 8GB. I see no advantage in larger capacities. Then again, I do not shoot video.

    Maybe it’s true that the one card you lose is the one with the best frames on it. But photography is not all-or-nothing. You lose one card but you still have the others. Better that than no photos at all.

    So if SD cards can be 512GB, then CF cards could be 1TB+.

    It’s worth pointing out that 8GB cards are cheap, and a handful of good ones would cost you not more than $100, if that. On some evenings I’d barely fill one 8GB card.

  7. It’s kind of nice to have 512gb sd cards as backup cards instead of using hard drives. They are more reliable and much more convenient than hard drives – especially when traveling! But 64gb cards are the ideal size for me in terms of what I shoot with.

    • It’s easy and space-efficient to make multiple back-ups on SD cards. Especially when you’re traveling.
      I’ve also been using them for quick and dirty transfers from Macs to Windows machines.
      Sort of like tiny flash drives.

      But I don’t think I’d trust a 512Gb card. Maybe in a few years.

  8. Stu Cripps is right, this is all about 4K video. But the argument about safety is hollow. Even if you split your shooting onto two cards, or four, or eight, or whatever, and then lose one… all your best shots will be on the one you lose. It’s a law of nature, driven by the same elemental force that assures that the toast will land jelly-side-down on the cleanest part of the carpet.

  9. a 512G card that still runs at 95 Mbts/sec…??? Get serious. I’d rather see faster than bigger. I hate buffer-lock

    and of course you’re right about failure. I was saddened that my 6D has only one slot but I download frequently to an outboard disk… and archive my cards. Never re-format, storage is cheap.

    • Which part is the joke? 512GB the size of the tip of your thumb? Hell fuckin’ yeah! If it’s not fast enough, buy a couple smaller faster cards but I can now carry TERABYTES of data for a monetary that is less than my last laptop.

      We live in an amazing world.

    • Does reformatting increase the risk of damaged SD cards?

      I always reformat when I put a card in my X100S because it seems to write faster.

      You archive all of your cards? That’s crazy expensive.

  10. When shooting a professional boxing event, I will shoot in bursts and have filled two 64GB cards. This card would be ideal if reliable but as stated, it would be to risky.

  11. “Imagine a 512MB SD Card. Imagine if that single card became damaged!”

    Wow, you’d lose like… 12 pictures… 😉

  12. I think it’s too risky, as you said. Nextweek I’ll travel to Madagscar, I was thinking to buy a portable hard disk to back up the photos I’ll take. Then I thought: what if it gets damaged/lost/stolen? I have a couple of 32GB and 5/6 16GB sd cards, they should be enough.

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