The New Upgraded Wotancraft Scout and Ranger bags 2014


The New Upgraded Wotancraft Scout and Ranger bags 2014

“With signature elements of rugged authentic leather and distressed hardware,
new City Explorer integrated WotanCraft’s latest developed exclusive “WAL canvas spec.1.6”
a composite waxed fabric material never seen in camera bag creations,
combining 3 crucial features of a protective bag:


Hey guys! I have a new video review of two new upgraded bags from Wotancraft, the new SCOUT & RANGER bags from their City Explorer line. If you remember my last Wotancraft review it was for the Ryker, which is my #1 fave every day bag ever. I use it every day and it has been with me everywhere, been rained on, been in the swamps and has been sitting in the 110 degree heat in the AZ desert. It is only getting better and better. The only issue with the Ryker is that it is too small for traveling and carrying larger things like camera gear, laptop, chargers, etc.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 11.13.32 AM

The new 2014 Ranger AND Scout have a new material that is 50% lighter, waterproof and abrasion proof. They are attractive, feel great on and look great as well. THEY LOOK RUGGED and feel rugged. They are not as fancy as the Leather Ryker but they are just as beautiful and many will prefer this look over the Ryker for their personal use.

The entire City Explorer line has received the new material treatment, which is pretty fantastic.

Check out my look at these two bags in my video review below:

When the Ranger arrived to me I was VERY impressed. The bag arrived in a nice cloth outer bag to protect it and WOW..the construction is just off the charts. The hardware, the function, the features and the it all. After the Ryker I became a huge Wotancraft fan. After the Ranger and Scout, I am even more of a fan. I also started to check out the other goods they sell and am impressed with what I see on their website as they have some pretty cool and beautiful accessories, even watch straps!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.39.23 AM

For traveling the Ranger will be a good bag to choose. For every day, the Ryker or Scout is the one for me. 

You can read much more and see more and order these bags over at Wotancraft by using the direct link HERE



  1. I realy wish you would do one on the Avenger. It seems to me to be the perfect size with similar function to the Ranger. Will you be doing one?

  2. I bought the Wotancraft Ranger with the fully waterproof insert after reading about it on Steve’s site.

    I love their bags and now have my eye on the Wotancraft Ryker, having seen Steve’s video reviews of both the black and brown versions, as I need to downsize a little, so the Ranger is now looking for a new home.

    If anyone is interested, I’m in the UK and the bag is as good as new. They’re so well made that it really doesn’t show signs of being used.

    All the best.


    • Marcus is the ranger still for sale? If so how much are you asking I could pay-pal if the $ is right

  3. Hey, Steve,

    After 30 years of shooting, I’m still looking for the perfect bag. I thought I’d found it with a Think Tank streetwalker bag, but no. It turns out that it’s not “perfect”. From your excellent and informative review,you convinced me to place an order for the new Scout bag. It has both looks and function which is all I really want. However I was wondering if you’re familiar with the Wotancraft Titan bag. From their website it appears to be another typically gorgeous, retro/vintage type looking bag, but I couldn’t find any specs on the bag’s physical dimensions. Plus it looked like it didn’t have a rigid botton, so it appears any camera gear inside would cause the bottom to droop or sag & nobody likes a saggy bottom ;).

    Again great site. I’m currently rocking the Fujifilm X-T1 with a couple of primes, so thinking the Wotancraft Scout will be a perfect for me and my gear.

    All the best. Please keep your reviews coming. They’re amongst the best on the web. …

    Matt C.

  4. I found the Ranger bag a hassle to use until I cut off the messenger flap straps! I also cut off the top flaps of the insert. Because the top of the bag zips closed, neither the insert flaps or the straps are needed for gear protection. Now the bag is fast to use, the messenger flap hangs completely flat at the back whether seated at an event or walking. I like clean design, so I think the bag now looks even better and it is lighter. I know these modifications may seem crazy to make on an expensive bag, but I’ so happy with them that I wanted to share. I also really like the Ryker and Raven (with no mods).

  5. My new scout just arrived and all I can say is WOW!!! Construction, materials, feel, smell …. Honest to God, this is the best made bag I’ve ever seen…. Got a little nervous when I saw that it was coming from Taiwan , but honestly this bag feels like it should sell for twice as much.

  6. hello Steve thanx for your review,its always interesting to see new bags. anyway i preffer the leather bags more then canvas. and if well done they are not heavy at all i have a wonderful angelo pelle Firenze leather bag and is very light even if is all in leather outside and a inside lining in suede.
    the quality is at the same level of big brands like Vuitton or Hermes, i was really surprised to get this quality at a fraction of the price of this brands.
    for my Leica M and Sony A7r is perfect , anyway for who interested mine is this one

  7. Hi Steeve,
    Nice presentation about WotamCraft bags.
    I have the Ranger for few months and I really love this bag.
    I love it so much that when I don’t set all my gear inside, I use it as a dayily bag to go working as well.
    I love the functions, the comfort to carry it even full loaded.
    And finally I love the high quality of the material and the “vintage” look that he got after months of use everywhere I go.
    An additional point, the guys at Wotancraft are just so nice people.
    Your choice is a premium on.
    Thanks again for your website which has became my reference…

    • Hi Claude, looking at the Ranger myself, I eas wondering if a 15″ laptop would fit in there? I’m asking because Wotancraft says so on their website, but the dimensions seem to be a few inches short of a Macbook Pro’s acutal size. Thanks!

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