Nikon Coolpix A Deal, over 65% off! $300 off OVF!

Nikon Coolpix A Deal, over 65% off! $300 off OVF!


Here is yet another killer deal some of you may have missed.

The SUPERB Nikon Coolpix A, the camera with a 28mm fixed lens and an APS-C sized sensor that fits in your pocket is more than 60% off. Instead of $1100, this camera has been marked down to $499 and the coolest part? Buy the Optical ViewFinder and you will save $300 on that piece alone! Instead of $396 for the OVF you can bundle it with the Coolpix A purchase for $96! So you can get a camera setup that would have costed you $1500 a few weeks ago for under $600!

You can see my review of this camera HERE.

To take advantage of this deal (only while supplies last I am told) CLICK HERE and see this deal at B&H Photo NOW!

The link above will take you direct to the camera in BLACK or SILVER as well as the OVF in BLACK OR SILVER!

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  1. Just got my kit a few days ago…but my viewfinder has not been used in a real world shooting application once!
    do you know why?
    because you cant turn off the live view…that is unbelievable to me…
    that means that there was a point when someone may have spent 400$ on this accessory that isnt even really truly dedicated to the camera system…COME ON NIKON!
    It is such a beautiful and RAZOR sharp finder that I want to use it badly…but am so turned off by the fact I cant turn off the live view or atleast keep the info button continually pressed
    and while im ranting i may as well add that it is INSANE that i cant see an images shooting info in playback….that is absurd..

    • It’s an OVF not an EVF. OVF’s never show camera information. Even the $700 Zeiss EVF’s. It is what it is, an OVF. (Optical Viewfinder). It’s like adding one to your Leica, works the same way. You use it to frame/compose.

  2. I got my Coolpix A the other day at B&H for $484 and the OVF was free. Actually, I got $1 back by adding it to my order ($299 – $300 off = -$1.00). =) Their shopping cart on their website kept failing because of the negative $ value. I tried through their iPhone app and it took my order. Probably a price mistake on their part. Not to long after I saw the OVF was marked up to $399 which made the cost of the OVF $99 with the discount. I don’t need the OVF so I’ll sell it on Ebay for around $150 probably. This makes the cost of the Coolpix A around $330! Happy camper!

  3. Received my Coolpix A deal from B&H. Charged the battery. Worked intensively with the camera for a few hours. Sent the entire package back to B&H for a refund.

    Nikon has no idea what a mirrorless (even fixed lens) camera is supposed to be. I mean, the Coolpix A doesn’t even offer a live histogram (at least, not that I could find). For me (and I emphasize “me”) the camera is an ergonomic nightmare. The sample images I made were technically outstanding, but the camera inspired me to put it in a drawer rather than take it outdoors.

    This is a camera I wanted to love. It did not work out that way for me.

    • James, I have to somewhat agree with you. I got an A from B&H too. Gorgeous LOOKING camera at least. I used to own the GR and to me the GR’s files were much sharper..even the jpegs. I never had any trouble with GR color I simply punched up the saturation 1 notch it was fine. My issue with the A is/was mostly the auto focus. Lots of shots LOOKED focused on the lcd..even magnified..but when I saw them on my computer I had a TON of misses..sometimes I was very close to the subject too. I may return mine and re-buy the GR. The GR is WAY more customizable, feels better in the hand all that files are CRAZY sharp and seems to focus more accurately than the A but wasn’t stellar in that dept either truth be told.. Nikon A you pointed out…not super photographer friendly. I was missing the level gauge that almost every camera has these days. But then again at it’s new crazy low may be a keeper, I think it IS worth 599 or so, but it’s not as good as I thought it would be. I need a little more time with mine before I really decide is it a keeper or a good bye.

  4. I owned a Ricoh GR for about six months and sold it as I wasn’t really using it that much. Recently I picked up a Nikon Coolpix A for a really great price used. On paper the Ricoh is a better camera but I found in real world use for me the Nikon is superior . The focus speed on he Ricoh is marginally faster but no that noticeable in day to day shooting. The nikon definitely has a better haptics , better build quality and in my hands felt much better to use. I also preferred the manual focus implementation of the Nikon over the Ricoh because of the well dampened lens ring. Jpegs are also better from he Nikon . I sold the Ricoh because I was indifferent to the user experience , where as I want to pick up he Nikon and take it out shooting.

    This was just my experience , if you are in he market for one of them I urge you to try both first to see which suits you , don’t write off he Nikon in favour of the Ricoh just because a few reviews marginally favoured e Ricoh , especially now the price is similar for both


    • I have owned both at one point but kept the Ricoh for the following reasons:
      1. Black and white shooting looks much better on the Ricoh (which is my primary use for the camera). Although the Nikon is better for color. All is subjective though
      2. The Ricoh is better for street shooting because it is optimized for 1 handed operation. I feel the controls and button layouts are much better on the Ricoh
      3. The main reason I prefer the Ricoh is the snap focus mode. Perfect for street shooting.

      With these cameras, I never use manual focus as I feel they are more of a quick snap street shooters and for everyday family event pics. The Nikon A is great camera also though but the autofocus is slow when the light dims. So is the Ricoh but at least with the Ricoh you can go into snap focus mode.

  5. Steve,
    I picked one of these up on Ebay before the price drops. I promptly took one of the best photos I’ve ever taken with it… It was of the Washington Monument just before dawn.
    It’s a D7000 with the 18mm prime that Nikon won’t give us. So – instead, you end up with the prime lens and don’t have to ever worry about changing the lens – the lens has the camera built in.
    I have fallen instantly in love with the quality of the photos and especially the flash sync speed (using a SB-400 or SB-700 in broad daylight for fill).
    The camera simply does what it does very well. I would recommend against the optical finder for the simple reason that you’ll have your SB-400 mounted and be playing with fill flash all the time!
    Thanks for the site. I do enjoy the daily inspirations. People see quite differently.

  6. Believe this Nikon Coolpix A plus EVF “package” first appeared around midnight (just over 19 hours ago), with B&H initially showing a sort of percent-sold pie chart. They took that down when it was reading 14% (that was at 11:00am). With what you’ve posted here, Steve, and the countless other highly-trafficked sites where it’s been increasingly covered today, still there appears to be inventory.

    Gotta wonder how many B&H had on hand going in, eh? Or if the camera has just died, Nikon maybe waited too long (people exhausted? already invested elsewhere?). I’m also wondering if the original $699 camera-plus-EVF package, followed by two offerings that were effectively lesser deals haven’t left people thinking that if they wait something even better will come?

    All unfortunate: As you’ve said, it’s a phenomenal camera in its own right, and deserved better recognition for the exceptional innovation it was when released (soured by originally pour pricing).

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