Sony A7II vs Sony A7s Shutter Sound (Video)

Sony A7II vs Sony A7s Shutter Sound (Video)


So many have asked me about the Sony A7II shutter sound and if it is still loud. Well, since the A7s I have been fine with the shutter sound as it is much quieter than the A7r, which is unruly loud. The A7II is a bit more damped than the A7s so it is now the quietest shutter in the A7 lineup. It’s not much quieter but its noticeable to me in use. Check out the video below for the sound examples!

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  1. Thank you for the video! Love the shutter sound of the A7II. Definitely quieter than the rest by quite a bit, but I will hang on to my A7s for the silent shutter.

  2. the sound iss ok for me. Sounds better than my old A7.

    What about the exposure times? How much lower can you go without negative effects on the image quality.
    Are pictures still sharp at 1/10 or 1/15 sec.?

  3. Hi Steve,
    thanks for another down-to-earth contribution what really is of interest to us photgraphers (or gear-addicts 🙂
    Very helpful information by the way. Pleeeeze also take a look at the A7II regarding that reflections-thing (sensor-lens reflections especially with strong light sources at nights, I guess you know what I mean 🙂 )

    Would be great and of interest to many would-be A7II buyers to know whether this has improved. Especially considering that almost all other gripes about the A7 seem to be fixed.

    Thanks in advance and greetings from good ol’ Germany,

  4. Hey Steve.I notice that the lens on the A7s is a Third party lens.Maybe the FE lens being weather proof is dampening the sound .Can you Test it again using the Same lens?…

  5. Definitely quieter on A7II, and better… as an aside, I have the X100S and have only used it in silent mode… so when I turned on the flash the other day, the shutter is quite loud and irritating, I thought it was broken somehow… lol, then realized no silent mode with flash on, so quickly back to silent mode(aahhh, so quiet)

  6. Does anyone think that the lens barrel might make a difference in the way the sound resonates through the camera? Maybe a test between the cameras using the same lens might be more accurate?

    • Anything connected to the camera/shutter mechanism will make a difference, obviously. So the body, the lems or no lens attached, open lens mount, the person holding it in stretched out hands or pressing his arms against his body, a table top, a tripod, a bean bag, they will all make a difference in emitted sound as well as in vibration.

  7. Thanks, Steve, I was one of those who asked you to do it. It actually reminds me of the difference in shutter sounds between Canon 5Dii and Canon 5Diii. Similar in how different they are, 5Diii has a more damped sound, which I like as opposed to 5Dii.

    I have been saving for A7s due to it’s low light capabilities, silent shutter and 4k (I know, external drive) video. But your first impression video of the A7ii made me lean more towards it now and a lot of that is due to sound AND the feel, how it feels in hands.

    One last thing to check is the video on this A7ii. I know it won’t have 4k (right?).

    Oh, I guess one very last thing is this: I have read people talking about A7s like it took them back to the film days. I am wondering if A7ii gives this feel too.

    And I am saying this because all these aspects are important to me. To me the camera is more like a partner rather than just a tool. I want to be one with my camera, I want this partnership.

    I know you will do your review later and I would love to hear from you how you feel this camera. If that makes sense.

    THanks again!


  8. Thanks man.
    Sounds softer. On the A7 I can literally feel the impact of the shutter.
    How do you like the new grip? I’m afraid it might be too short in height.

  9. That’s not a little quieter Steve. It’s a lot quieter. I like it. The noises on the old A7s & A7 are annoying. There is no mirror so what the heck is the noise coming from? It’s a fake digital noise they add in to make it seem like the old mirrored camera. It’s just like they add fake exhaust pipe noise on electric car so people can hear that’s all. All can be fix with a s/w upgrade.

  10. Steve, I had a RX1 and it made me mad because the battery did not last, it was terrible, I had 4 original batteries.

    Now I have a Canon 70D, which is good, but looking at the pictures with RX1… I miss that ultra sharp pictures, specially b&w. The Full Frame is another game.

    Is the a7ii with the same battery as the RX1?

    • No, the A7II uses the same battery as the A7, A7s, A7r…

      The RX1 never have me a battery issue, usually lasted me a week of shooting per one battery (I owned 4 anyway), but I shoot sparingly, maybe a few shots per outing.

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