1. Hi Steve, just slapped the new Sony FE 35mm 1.4 onto my Sony A7ii, and you are absolutely correct, this Sony Distagon is a winner. I shoot a lot with my Leica M9 with a 35mm ASPH Summicron, but after comparing the IQ between the Distagon and the Summicron, I have to say the Sony combo comes out on top just a little bit over the Leica combo, but at a third of the cost. Sony is doing such a good job, Leica better come out with something better than the Leica M240, and quick.

  2. Please look at the user review (3/6/15 by Raymond) on this site about the autofocus issue with the Sony/Zeiss 16-35 and the Sony A7r.

  3. B&H has a long line of customers for this lens, so I ordered from Adorama on 4/1/15, and they will ship next day air for free, I was lucky enough to have one allocated to me, full sticker price $1,598.00. Also, picked up a new Sony A7ii from ebay at $1,450.00, with free shipping. I will take this combo, along with my A7r with a 55mm 1.8 lens to Japan next week for 10 days before I board a cruise ship at Tokyo, that will take me over through Alaska before reaching Vancouver. I will post some pictures after the trip at this site if Steve is okay with it. Thank you Steve for your real honest reviews of the Sony A7 series cameras and lenses.

    • I am planning on the exact same thing as well as a trip to Japan in May. Got my Sony/Zeiss 35 mm f 1.4 lens from Adorama as well. It arrived yesterday with the free overnight shipping. I have not purchased the A7ii yet but am thinking of one as a back up to my A7R. I was also thinking of the Sony/Zeiss 16-35. I already have the Sony/Zeiss 55 mm f 1.8. Probably will sell my whole XT-1 kit which I used on my trip to France last year. I love the XT-1 but I am a full frame guy and like the higher resolution.

  4. So does it have focus-by-wire with that ability to have clickless aperture or is does it have it making the clickless aperture basically useless?

  5. Steve, just picked up the FE 28/2 after I read your message about it on another thread and yes, the first few shots are quite stunning (in regard to sharpness, not photographer skill). It really is an absolute cracker and I look forward to your full review.

    This FE 35/1.4 is rather large and rather heavy for my taste, also quite expensive in the UK at >£1400, add to that the filter thread size is big. I just don’t think a lens this big sits well with the A7 concept, especially a 35mm.

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