Holy Fire Sale! Hasselblad Lunar, $5,500 OFF..

Holy Fire Sale! Hasselblad Lunar, $5,500 OFF..


B&H Photo has the $7000 Hasselblad Lunar that failed miserably on fire sale for $5,500 off. Now $1495 for the Hot Rodded Muscle Carred Sony NEX-7 and a kit 18-55 Zoom. THIS camera was a rip off at $7000, and I stated so a few times here on these pages. Even at $1500 it is pushing it as it is indeed a Sony NEX-7 with a hot rod build/design, pure luxury. Comes with a fancy wood box, and all the goodies. I did see these in person a while ago and they are bulkier than a NEX-7 but very unique.

If you want a Sony NEX-7 in this Hasselblad version NOW is the time to jump. How often do we see $5,500 off? I feel bad for the few who paid $7000 though I feel there are not many at all, but I feel happy for those who wanted to purchase one “just because” as now you can save a bundle. If it were $999 it would be better but even at $1500, it is not THAT far out there anymore. Yea, it’s a NEX-7, yea it’s old tech but I do not think you will buy this for the tech 😉 A NEX-7 these days with the same kit zoom is under $500.  So no more $6500 premium, now it’s a $1000 premium!

You can grab this fire sale HERE at B&H Photo. They have the black and the brown in stock!




  1. Hi, I have brand new in the box real Limited Edition in gold (#14 engraved on the body of 200 with original 4/16-70 lens). Any idea what is the price right now for this vintage collectable beauty?

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  2. This is an amazing camera. You guys who have not even hold one have no idea what are you talking about. Just holding it is an experience worth paying. You can’t afford it? Well it wasn’t intended for you. This is not nex7, it’s totally different experience.

    • Ive held one and shot a few frames with one. It is a NEX-7 with a shell covering it. Take the shell off, and you have a standard NEX-7. The Kit lens is the old cheap Sony kit zoom as well. The IQ, SPEED, MENU is all NEX-7 because it is a NEX-7. All you are getting here is the design shell.

  3. Hi there, I was wondering, where can I see pictures of photographs taken with the Lunar camera? I have seen comments that say that they are wonderfully made, even if it’s a sony Nex 7 at the core.

    • No where really! At least I havent found anyone sharing images with it. Maybe soon as quite a few bought this package at the new price. At the old price, they maybe sold 10. 🙂

  4. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who spent $7K. In fact, instead of trying to blow these out at 1,500, Hassalblad should have sated they were only making 100 more and raised the price to $10K!

  5. I was in Dubai last month in Al-Salam camera store in a lavish Vafi Mall. looking for an L bracket. And this guy came and sat down . and this knowledgable salesman explaining about Leica M9 for him for around 7000 US.. aand he turned his head around and saw limited edition Leica with french flag camera body. and asked how much? It was tagged 26 k something . In my amaze he ordered that camera body paid that amount in cash and left.I never see any photos taken by leica here. Whats happening here ! I don.t know .

  6. The company should have realized this model is failure and started discounting long time ago. I think they are going to have trouble unloading these even at $1500.

  7. LOL!! $1500. This should be selling for $150 more than the camera it’s based on. At least then it’s just a matter of (bad) taste that someone would buy this instead of the Sony.

  8. “but even at $1500, it is not THAT far out there anymore.”

    Yes, yes it is. It is 3x more expensive than a less ridiculous version of the exact same camera.

    I’ve always liked this site, but advertising Hasselblad “deals” like this is really a turn off. As a reader, it feels patronizing and doesn’t make me want to check back very often.

  9. Why would i want the Lunar when this has lossy raw. Leica ME is now only 3000 € and it has wide selection of lenses.

    • There are no issues in reality (as in viewing real photos or printing real photos) with any Sony RAW files. None. Why would you want a Lunar when you can get an A7II for the same should be the question.

  10. I have been in duty free shops at various airports and witnessed people buying these. People with more money than sense. it just proves that if you charge enough for anything someone will perceive it as worth that. Perhaps I should nail some wood to my Nikon D800, paint it gold, glue some glass diamonds to it and try auctioning it on Ebay 🙂

  11. The real question is, “How could such a reputable company as B&H keep this in inventory? Or are they acting as liquidators?”

  12. Just dont get it. How does a company with such an incredible history and brand turn itself into such an utter joke.

    • The company was sold to another outfit which wanted to simply exploit the name. The current ‘Hasselblad’ is nothing to do with the original Scandinavian manufacturer.

      The current name ‘Voigtländer is nothing to do with the original German company: the name is licensed by Cosina in Japan from the German Ringfoto group.

      These are just trading names or ‘brands’. The current Leica ownership and management has nothing to do with the original Ernst Leitz company. Rolls-Royce belongs to Volkswagen/Audi, and Jaguar belongs to the Tata company of India. They’re just labels.

    • Because it’s not the same company. Hassie has been a rebadge- company for many years now, under many different owners.

      Hasselblad first sold itself in 1996. Two years later it started selling rebadged cameras with the Xpan, which was made by Fuji, followed by the digital H-System, also made by Fuji. In 2003 a new company bought out the old with a majority stake, and they then bought Imacon the following year.

      Then in 2011 yet another company – Ventizz – bought Hasselblad.

      If you think you’re getting anything special with Hasselblad you just haven’t been paying attention.

      • Branding is about creating a perceived value associated with that brand that means more than just the product itself. Harley, for example is not a bike that gets you from a to b, Harley is associated with the values of freedom, feeling the wind in your hair, being cool.
        So now a cigarette lighter or whatever with the Harley branding on it can sell for a few dollars more because you’re not just buying the lighter, you’re also buying the brand values and the way it makes you feel.
        The emotions you feel is a highly priced commodity.
        What are the emotions that you feel when you see the red dot of leica?
        Or the hasselblad logo?
        Or a lamborghini emblem?

    • I couldn’t agree more Rick but perhaps the sort of person who would buy a nex 7 for $7000 deserves to pay that 🙂

    • They turn into a joke by preaching for six decades or so that God himself ordained the Square as the be all and end of all in photography and then moving to Digital with a 645 format back.

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