Crazy Olympus E-M10 Deal – $349!

Crazy Olympus E-M10 Deal – $349!

Looking for a killer Micro 4/3 setup? Want to get an incredible LITTLE camera at a CRAZY good price? Now is your chance! Olympus is selling reconditioned E-M10’s (see my review of the E-M10 Here)  for a crazy low price of $359. That’s almost half off of new retail price. If you want one, click the link below as this is $150 cheaper than Amazon or B&H Pricing. Of course you get a reconditioned body but Olympus still warranties them so no worries.

Click HERE or the image below to check out the deal!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.36.28 AM


  1. Seemed like very good deals all around…..but now the 20% discount gone and I did not pull trigger. I snooze…I looze.(sic)

  2. Bought one yesterday w. the code — $320. Splurged on two day shipping as a result. 😉

  3. It’s not just the M10 and M5-2 on sale. The M1 is going for $767.99 plus tax with the SUMMER20 code. I’ve bought numerous refurbished cameras, lenses and flashes and never had any problems.

  4. you can get the E-M10 Black Body 14-42 IIR Black for 320 after discount code.. in stock

  5. I understand there is only a 90-day warranty. That doesn’t seem to show too much confidence in their reconditioning department.

    • Irrelevant. A one-year or longer warranty is a big part of what you’re paying for with a new camera. By reducing their liability to 90 days manufacturers can offer refurbs at a much lower cost. If you’re going to have a problem with a camera it will be in the first three months. Still, buying refurbished or used isn’t for everyone. But many of us appreciate having those options as part of the supply chain.

      • A 3 month warranty on a used camera is irrelevant. That’s some funny math.

      • Just tried to order. Says “in stock” on the item screen, but when you click “add to cart,” a red window opens that says “out of stock.” Bummer

        • My mistake. They are not offering the camera body only anymore. Now it comes with a refurbed 14-42 lens, and with the coupon code SUMMER20, the whole thing is $319.00 Sign me up!

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