New Video Monday! JB Designs Grip and Headphones!

New Video Monday! JB Designs Grip and Headphones!

By Steve Huff

Hey guys! Today I posted two new videos to my YouTube channel which can be seen below.


One is on the JB Designs grip for  the E-M5 II and I think it is gorgeous. It is a hand-made in the USA wooden base/grip with access to the battery door and all. Perfect fit and style for this camera, and in use it feels amazing. You can browse all of the JB Grips HERE.

See the video…

Also, I did a video on some new Headphones I have been using and testing, and I love BOTH of them…the Master & Dynamic MH40 and the Blue MOFI’s. Check out what I had to say about them in the video below:

Master and Dynamic MH40: AMAZON

Blue MOFI: Amazon


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  1. On a positive note, I added a JB Designs grip to my X-T1 because I love the controls on the camera but felt the body was a bit shy on the grip. Also, I felt uncomfortable with my pinkie hanging below the bottom plate. Call me spoiled with the grips on Nikon’s D5500 and D750. Yes, it adds a bit of bulk, but not much weight. And I was a bit put off at the thought of wood, but it looks good in my opinion, helps keep the weight down, and the term “bling” doesn’t apply. Everybody’s different, but I love it, and it hasn’t been off since I added it.

  2. Apparently some camerabodies were designed with inherent handling flaws, which cause the need for add-ons, beautiful, ugly or something inbetween. They make the camera bigger. Amazingly the sensor that is in the body does not increase in size as well..

  3. I have to say, if I want wood on a camera, I’d prefer a view camera. I also don’t like buying a small camera because it’s small, then putting stuff on it to make it bigger. I’m generally not a fan of “bling” on cameras but… each to their own.

    • +1.

      I can’t remember this fad in the time of the Rollei 35, Minox GT-E or Olympus XA. The “big hands” people seemed to be happy.

      (A little sad, too, that the camera is made in Asia and the less-than-high-tech wood thing is made in the States.)

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