1. What is Flipboard, and what “next big thing” will replace it tomorrow? Things move too fast any more; there is something new around each corner. It’s scary.

    Actually, I just babble on.

    Good for you, Steve, for finding this new outlet for your creative talents.

  2. I have never seen a Fliboard page before. Well, they do look good, that is for sure! Is that the reason? As far as I can tell, it’s another blogging platform, and another thing to manage. Can I ask – purely out of curiosity – why you’re using two platforms? Surely you don’t need the extra hassle?

  3. Hi Steve, I love what you do and which way you to publish articles. I’m you from the first month of creating your site a few years ago that now. This is the first time I leave a comment, and keep all my encouragments to read your photo site!
    Best Regards from France and sorry for translation errors!

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