A few Sony A7RII Images converted from RAW, with crops

A few Sony A7RII Images converted from RAW, with crops

So as I sit on the airplane headed home from Portland I successfully updated my ACR so I could convert some A7RII Raw files. Below are a few samples, a couple at the end with much requested 100% crops.

I had to leave the A7RII behind with Sony but I will be getting one next week for my long term full review, so that is when I will start working on that which will go into all details and comparisons, Leica M glass use and more!







The images below all must be liked on, even the crops to see the real 100% crop. 









  1. Thanks Steve for the A7 line reviews. Amazing! You really got me in so I`ve now decide to go for full frame. I have a lot of old manual lenses that worked well with GM1 and a heavy Zeiss Distagon 35/2 ZE used with Canon DSLR and “in camera aperture”. Is it possible to set aperture in A7 with this Zeiss adapted?

  2. I got it!! So excited. Played a bit today and came in to upload the images and it won’t let me to lightroom. it keeps saying it isn’t a recognized raw format. What do I need to do? What am I doing wrong? I made sure to upgrade to the Lightroom 2015cc so that shouldn’t be the problem. So anxious to look at these images on the computer and not just on the lcd of the camera. Any ideas or help? Anyone? Thanks!!!

    • I am having no problems loading A7RII images into LR. I am on OS X 10.10.5 One test I would run is setting the camera to jpeg and make sure you can get that into LR.

  3. Steve,
    I have always shot with a canon 5dmarkII. I shoot children and family portraits on location outside natural light. I am wanting to get a smaller and lighter camera due to ease and health issues. I am having a hard time making a decision on what to get and what will give me the quality I have become accustomed to. I shoot with the 5dmarkII the 85L and the 50. I love the sharpness and creamy bokeh I get from the 85 L. My question for you is sony A7II or the A7RII?? I will pay the money for the A7RII if it is better and will give me the sharpness, focus consistency etc that I get from my canon/85 combo, but will the A7II give me that also? I am a bit nervous about the uploading of the large files from the A7RII and read that there are issues with getting the raw files onto lightroom and photoshop. I obviously want to be able to use those. I hold onto equipment for a while. I have had the 5dmarkII since the day it came out. That said part of me wants to go with the latest and greatest so it will be great longer. That said you say great things about the A7II. Decisions… Decisions…
    The one I have used is the A7II with the 55 lens. I have found the focus isn’t always consistent. Might be learning curve, but not sure. Your images from the A7RII are amazing and so sharp!!! I love that. Please help me make my decision on what to go with. For what I am shooting will I get the same results from both or is the A7RII that much ahead? I don’t want to regret not going for it if it is that much better. Even though I am totally willing to spend the money on the A7RII if it isn’t going to give me more than the A7II then why? Can’t make up my mind and need to in the next couple of days.
    Thanks so much….

    • A&RII, without question is the superior camera, and I love the A7II. There are absolutely ZERO issues with getting RAW files from the A7RII to open in PS or LR. None. Works just as it does with your 5D files. Id go with the Loxia 50 or even a Canon 50 1.2 L with Metabones adapter. 🙂 The A7RII, for me, is the best 35mm full frame in the world for features, IQ, size, feel, performance, etc.

      • Thank you. Well, I guess I need to get the A7RII now. Going tomorrow to get it. 🙂 I want a lens with autofocus so should I try the 55 sony? or should I use my existing Canon 1.4 with an adapter? It isn’t an L so I don’t want to discount what the camera can do by using a less than superior lens? I know I want the Batis 85, but can’t find it anywhere right now. Do you think the 85 batis with the Sony A7RII will give me as good or better results with creamy bokey and sharpness as my canon 5dmarkII and 85 1.2L??
        Obviously the Sony a7RII is almost twice as much so buying a bunch of lenses is out for right now. I want to try to start with one or possibly 2. and then grow from there. Quite frankly I shot with my 50 and 85 almost always on my canon.
        Possibly the 35 or the 25 in the future.
        Thank you!! Can’t wait to try it out!!

        • Have you had any issues with the Sony A7RII overheating?? I was reading reviews and on BH there are quite a few about it overheating? I am so excited to try it out tomorrow, just want to make sure. I like to buy from my local camera shop but there really is only a couple day trial time. With BH I have 30 days. I am thinking with this camera I probably won’t have issues so the quick trial with the local guys should work. or would you still go for the 30 day trial? Any advice on that? Thanks…
          Do you ever purchase the drop and spills warranties? Square trade through BH or my local shop does Mack? Thanks.

          • As with the NEX-7 and a few other Sony NEX models, it appears the A7RII can overheat when shooting video for 30+ minutes straight. I have not had one issue in my weeks with the camera but I also do not shoot video for more than 5-10 minutes between cuts.

  4. Thank You Steve, please please please do a quick comparison between Batis 85/1.8 and Canon 85/1.2II with metabones since now the Batis is the only formal portrait lens on A7 series and seems the Canon now works incredibly well on the A7 series. I am thinking about prep my system with a portait lens, and has been reading about the Batis for sometime. However, the Canon 85/1.2II is my favourite lens on DSLR system, and if the autofocus is now sound and quick. Then there might be a competition. Also, I am a bit concern about the green/purple fringing on the Canon 85/1.2II. Thank you!!!!

  5. What do you think a bout hot pixel issues with the new A7Rii? Is it a good camera for landscape night shoot? Regards

  6. Thanks so much for your diligence and amazing reviews.

    Do you think buying an A7II right now is a bad choice? I can afford the A7RII but would have to wait to get some dedicated glass for it. Or I could buy the A7II and get the loxia 50 or 35 or get a couple voightlanders and use my canon EF glass for autofocus.

    What do you think?



  7. Hi,

    What is your recommended strap for the camera?
    I am looking for a leather strap..

    Do you think the Barton braided strap is enough for this camera?



    • What ,this is not legit question?
      I have one of their straps, “the whip”, it looks a bit weak for heavy lens with grip.

  8. I’m getting very intrigued by this camera and wondered if people have a suggestion of a compact prime lens with close focusing(almost macro) capability in the 35mm equivalent focal length of 35-50- mm for it? Thanks

  9. Steve – awesome shots and crops. Wow awesome detail. Now with 42MP size files do you think more folks should conve to DNG format upon import into LR? As 42 MP files are a big step up and not everyone wants to buy more HDDs. For these high MP cams, I cant believe they (Sony) didnt offer an option like Canon does to switch between Full, Medium and Small RAW files.

  10. Steve Huff you should be ashamed, not only for producing such high resolution images but for having a steady enough hand to do both the image stabilization and the lens justice!

  11. Hi Steve, got my A7R 11 last week. I also have a sony A6000 and have been using csc e mount lenses. The 35mm 1.8 CSC lens is amazing. I am also using an old canon 50mm FD 1.8 which is awesome. I have just bought the Ziess 35mm F1.4 lens and it produces amazing shots. BUT it’s big and heavy. I’m going to give it a couple of days before possible returning the lens. Still not sure. As I am trading quality v size.
    Can you recommend 1 (yes only 1) lens to use on the A7R 11?

    Thanks Gavin

    P.S. Loving your shots and review. I agree the camera is amazing and so intuitive.

    • Just use whatever gets you going, whatever you feel a connection to. So many to choose from these days. I like the Loxia 50, the Batis 25, the 35 1.4 is the best lens I have seen on the system, and the 50 Lux will be spectacular as well. So many… pick a foal length you like and go for it.

  12. Some very good images here, and the richness of detail (reminiscent of course of the D800/E/10) is amazing. Can’t comment on the pp as I wouldn’t know how to access that, but these look very very good. Point of exact focus very critical though with those 42Mp’s.

  13. Seen a lot of very nice images from this camera so far. Great detail. Sony is amazing.

    But then I look at images I’ve made using my Olympus EM5II and I’m really happy with them.

    Sony and Olympus are my favorite camera manufacturers right now, and I will probably get a Sony A7 series camera in the future. But I continue to be impressed by my little Olympus and the amazing lenses I have for it. Whenever G.A.S. sets in over the A7rII I just look at some of my favorite images takes with my EM5II and I feel better. 😛

    • Same here – I’m often tempted to go Full Frame but I know exactly it doesn’t make me a better photographer or make my photos better, maybe some additional dynamic range but that’s about it, I never go beyong ISO 1600 anyway.

      I prefer the great controls and the touchsreen on my PEN E-P5 and E-M1 and the small lenses allow me to take more gear with me. I hope I can resist a little longer, the A7 RII is a beast for sure when it comes to image quality.

      But do I need 42 Megapixels? I nearly never crop and people look at photos more and more on mobile phones and tablets so no need for more than 16 megapixels. It’s always good to have more but there really is no NEED for it.

      Nearly all of my photos on http://ultraweitverwinkelt.de are taken with MFT or APS-C equipment and I don’t think a bigger sensor / more resolution would have made them better.

  14. I am loving the pictures out of the A7RII If it was half price it would be an amazing deal if they are charging this much for the A7RII I have a feeling the A7SII is going to be $4,000. Hopefully one day Sony can get a more reasonable 4k mirror less interchangeable full frame in the $1500-1700 price range.

  15. It would be nice if you could put a little info on each photo to show what lens, mode and values were used to capture the images, also if a filter was used or not. I think these would be very useful information for some.

  16. man, the amount of detail in those crops is pretty darn crazy. i really want one of these things but the price is just too high. not for what you get, just too high for my personal situation.

  17. There is more detail being higher resolution but the detail that is there isn’t quite as crisp as something as the Leica Q. Highly impressive though. Sony will probably hold onto the crown until Leica’s new interchangeable system comes out late this year.

    • I once compared the raw output from a Df to a D800. An obvious difference in Mp’s. The Df files “looked” sharper but, in reality, were just (a bit) harsher. More acutance? A difficult to grasp phenomenon in this digital age. I always thought that the 800/E/10 renders with a “soft” or smooth sharpness, and I really like that. That style of rendering also provides an ideal starting point. You can lose detail that is there to achieve a more in your face rendering style. It doesn’t work in the other direction.

      • High res files need more sharpening to get that bite. Unless we compare an apples to apples situation this is a subjective comparison. What I did notice on DPR is that the Sony has far better shadow recovery than the Leica.

        • Thanks for agreeing with me (sort of) Mark. I can assure you though that an 800/E file sharpened in LR at 60 (beyond that it starts to show in an ugly way) doesn’t look at all like a Df file sharpened at 25 (default). I actually prefer the softer, smoother look of the 36Mp sensors.

  18. Those crops are incredible; it’s like a CIA spy satellite that can read a license plate from 50 miles up in space. I wonder though if it will ever be too much? Does it ever get to the point where these resolving capabilities make it more difficult to create the trancedance that can only come from putting a lens between you and the subject. That unintended magic which sometimes happens when a photograph looks nothing like it did from our own eye; will that eventually go away? The answer isn’t always in post and if it was then we might as well attach a lens to photoshop. I’m curious what others think.

    • It is question who finds resolution to diffraction problem (higher pixel density = diffraction hits at wider apertures) to keep resolution intact. Already there is software corrections like Olympus E-M1 does that can counter diffraction between f/7.1-22 littlebit, but when already A7r was diffraction limited at f/9 (IIRC) the new 42Mpix sensor is probably at around f/8.

      There are thesis and prototypes how light can be get pass corners like they are not there, in science for faster optical fiber cabels etc, that would solve the diffraction problem andonce and for all for resolution when applied to aperture blades so light path would not get changed when hitting at edges but would travel same direction.

      Then your question comes valid, when is enough?

      Answer to that can be found from empty space at your household walls, how big print you can hang on walls and from what distance you look those photos?
      As 11Mpix is already enough for very huge prints (over 40″ the long edge).
      But for pixel peepers there is nothing enough as they always use magnifying glass in art museums to see details from artists brush strokes….

      • The problem I see is that for many commercial applications one uses apertures smaller than f8 to get the DOF necessary for sharp focus on products etc. As this also is a problem for the 80MP backs (re:pixel density) I am surprised that this has not been mentioned by those users.
        For my own work I am currently shooting a 5DkIII and often find myself at f22 on small tabletop compositions that have a lot of detail yet I have never seen any degradation of detail.

        • Hello Markthetog. I’m in the same boat as you, stopping down my Leica M lenses to 16 or 22 using my M240 (yes for product, don’t ask why!) and I have zero loss of sharpness; no diffraction, no image degredation.

    • I think that’s a good point. Funnily enough, I find myself more interested in the composition and subject matter rather than the absolute detail. The camera (and sensor) might capture the detail, but the photographer captures the image and the story. And whilst I actually love the Art of Post-production in a way that’s similar to music production, it’s more about raw ideas and vision than raw files. IMHO

    • The extra resolution creates much more POP from the lens. When the sensor can record all the detail and micro contrast from the lens it helps to create better 3D feel

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