Leica Monochrom 246 and Q in stock with Ken Hansen

Leica Monochrom 246 in stock with Ken Hansen


Best way to order from Ken? E-Mail him at khpny19@aol.com

Was just informed by Ken Hansen that he finally has stock of the Leica Monochrom Typ 246! This camera has been in very short supply since launch and many have emailed me asking me what was happening with it, and why Leica was not sending stock to dealers. Well, guess a shipment just rolled in as Ken Hansen has them IN STOCK.

Ken Hansen is a legendary Leica dealer, and my go to guy for all things Leica. I have been dealing with Ken for 7 years now and never once have I encountered an issue, problem or ANYTHING similar to that. His customer service is 2nd to none and he usually has everything in stock (well, he can only stock what he can get) so if you have been wanting an M Monochrom 246, now is your chance. The new Mono is different but just as fantastic as the older Monochrom. Read my experience with it HERE. 

Leica is still keeping supply of the mighty Q tight. Not sure what, but that camera is also VERY hard to get..next to impossible and it has been out of stock for months. When that one comes back in stock I will let you all know!

Email Ken at khpny19@aol.com if you want an M 246 or any other Leica gear. Q Wait list, SL wait list, M-P 240 (in stock) or any other Leica camera or lens. 


  1. I’m a little confused by this post. It reads like a paid endorsement for Ken Hansen. If you’re going to feature highly respected Leica dealers, why not also include Tony Rose of Popflash? I’ve known Tony professionally when I was president of Pentax USA and personally having bought quite a few cameras and lenses from him over the years. Like Ken, his service and support is superb. I’m afraid some of your readers will think from your Ken Hansen post that he is the only one in the states to be getting the Monochrom, when in fact I’m sure Popflash will receive allocations from Leica at the same time.

    Ned Bunnell

    • Because Ken has the Monochrom in stock, a highly sought after camera that has been out of stock since launch. No one else has it, at least as of the day this post was written. If they did they would have been mentioned. For regulars of this website, they know that this site would not be here if not for what Ken did 7-8 years ago to help me get it going when NO ONE would help me. Ken is a sponsor of this site, forever, but I do not even charge him for his ad space, so this was not a “paid endorsement” of anyone. Just the truth, facts and 100% honest feelings from my heart. Ken is a legendary dealer and I have never experienced service from ANYONE in any retail environment like I and thousands of others have from Ken. I could go on and on but Ken has a heart of Gold and is indeed a legend in the Leica field. Tony Rose is also good, and PoFlash has been known by Leica fans and more for many years. I also wrote a dedicated post about PopFlash the next day – I suggest taking a look at the site before making ridiculous accusations like you just did. Again, every word ever written on this site is from my heart and 100% my true feelings. Always will be. But the fact remains, Ken is the best retail dealer of ANYTHING I have ever had experience with. Goes above and beyond every time.

  2. Not sure what’s happening at Leica but I find it very odd that marketing and launch expenses are not followed up by product ready for sale? People will eventually just move on (and so will technology) as new competing products arrive to market.

    • Yea, I do not get it. This goes beyond trying to create demand by holding back..they really have no stock to send to the USA for the Q. Been months for the M 246. If I were a dealer I would be very frustrated.

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