Hold Fast Gear has announced a new strap, and it looks lovely. Hold Fast makes some GREAT gear..bags, pouches, leather goods, straps, and this one looks to be another fantastic strap from them. I will be ordering one soon (in Red Bison) because I love how they are offering them in various lengths. I am not a fan of short straps, so the ability to order in the perfect length sold me. Below is the blurb from….

“HOLDFASTGEAR.COM has just released a new classic camera strap, the Maven. The Maven Strap is the culmination of HoldFast’s design ethic: classic and uncompromising. Crafted from legendary American Bison leather and lined in cream glove leather, the Maven lives up to its name, offering unparalleled sophistication you can see and feel. HoldFast’s custom brass u-hooks with Bison leather pad allows easy and quick installation without scarring your camera. Can be worn over the neck in front position or cross body.”

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  1. Well after four months of use, I like these straps even more. One of the things that is not seen by photos is the choice of glove leather on the inside of the strap. This makes the strap soft against the skin and also helps the strap from sliding on your clothes. I think the width of the strap is just right, if you use a strap is too thin it will bite and pinch the skin on your neck, so for me this is just right. I have the red bison one and it matches my orange leather half case on my Sony A7II. The only problem I have had is the brass hooks needed to be pinched together a little because they would become unhooked in my bag, but after the adjustment everything has worked great and no further problems.

  2. Looks stiff! Can’t be soft on the neck! Have you tried straps from Hawkesmill? Not sure if they launched yet, but I found them on Instagram. They look seriously soft!

  3. I bought the 52″ red hold fast strap and I love it. Nothing like the smell of good leather and I know that the more I use it the softer it will become. I am using it on a Sony A7 MK II and it is perfect for this size and weight camera. It was a surprise to find the camera strap packaged in a canvas bag with a pull string top, very nice. Thanks for reviewing this product on your site.

  4. @Ken Reiff

    I like the Peak Design Leash on my Sony a65 w/ 18-250. However, I don’t like using the Peak stuff with my metal bodied cameras since I don’t like the backside of the Peak connector clanking around (it’s the back side of the metal clip). I wish that Peak would change this so that none of the metal is exposed. Some gaffer’s tape over the metal would probably suffice as a DYI fix.

  5. Like all here, I’ve used lots of straps and bags…always looking for the perfect one. News flash….it doesn’t exist. However, I recently started using PEAK Designs SLIDE strap and both the method for attaching the camera to the strap and the strap itself is in MY OPINION the best combination as of today.

  6. Seems like you’d want to use your best possible samples for promotional photography. These samples aren’t doing the product any favors. Not just the stitching, but the cut as well.

    Personally, I don’t like the contrast of the 2-tone or the unfinished edges. However, the hooks seem like a nice way to allow the strap to be removed fairly easily without some dongle still hanging off the camera. But I think the hooks would be better if closed more. That way the camera would be more secure and there’d be less chance of the hooks snagging stuff in your bag.

  7. Anyone with these straps attached could reasonably expect the fashion police to kick down their door at 3am.
    However, the pink/red one would be handy for quick case retrieval from the carousel. There’s always a bright side..

  8. Thick, inelegant, ugly. Would have thought it impossible for a strap to make a leica look unappealing….until now.

    • We all have different tastes, I love the look of these so as with anything, and I mean ANYTHING, there will be some who hate and some who love.

  9. If I’m not mistaken, it looks somewhat unsafe. The camera just hangs from the open hook, like a coat on a coat hanger. The claim that the strap does not “scar the camera” might be offset by the scarring which occurs when the camera hits the pavement.
    If one walks carefully, bolt upright, and avoids any sudden movements, I’m sure it would be fine though.

  10. Agree about the stitching ? maybe a bad sample selection? One word about straps ! I have been a dedicated and active birdwatcher for over 35 years and have used many different pairs of binoculars (currently use a Leica Trinovid 7x 42) and many many different types of straps-verdict they are all absolute crap !!

    We are managing with what we have -but there is most definitely a market for somebody to produce a comfortable light unobtrusive strap for both cameras and binoculars !

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