New Wotancraft Scout Special Christmas Edition Bag


New Wotancraft Scout Special Christmas Edition Bag – Get it here.

ONE OF THE BEST camera bags ever made from Wotancraft, the SCOUT has just been made up in a special edition light green Christmas Edition. Besides the Ryker from Wotancraft (see my review here ) the Scout is my 2nd favorite bag from them. Its gorgeous, functional and made to last forever. It’s tough, comfortable to carry and this Christmas edition is easily holding my Leica SL, 24-90 Zoom and a 50 Summilux ASPH, which I am finding to be a perfect SL kit šŸ˜‰ My Ryker does not hold this kit, but the Scout does, and it fits nicely all snug inside of its protective housing.

This bag would be perfect for a Leica M system with 3-4 lenses, and accessories. It couldĀ also work with a DSLR or any Mirrorless system out there from Sony to Olympus to Samsung to Fuji. It’s not large but it’s not small, the scout is just right. It doesn’t look like a man purse, instead it is rugged and gives off a sense of adventure. It’s a beautiful bag…


Once you open the top flap you will see a protective cover that keeps your gear from rain or snow. I LOVE This feature of the Wotancraft bags. Zip this open to reveal the inside..


which has even more protection that covers your expensive gear. Flip open the flap and you will gain access to the interior…


Inside is my Leica SL, 24-90 and a 50 Summilux ASPH. I can also fit the charger, sd cards, cables, and my iPad mini in the back.



Everything is of high quality with all Wotnacraft products. The Scout is for those who prefer a Canvas look instead of all leather like the Ryker…



I also received a VERY nice lens pouch from them (HOBBIT LENS POUCH) along with the bag that is above and beyond most lens pouches in regards to materials used and protection. I will use this without question and it will stay with my Scout.


You can order this special limited edition Wotancraft Green Scout Christmas Edition NOW right here at Wotancraft direct. Mine arrived in 3 days and it is LOVELY in every aspect. You can see my review of this bag HERE. Same bag, new special color.Ā 


  • Light green canvas + light colored leather
  • The Wotancraft W.A.L canvas is based on tough Cordura fabric, with underside PU-coated to prevent water seepage, and further treated to look like natural cotton canvas. W.A.L stands for
  • Water-repellant, Abrasion-resistant, and Lightweight
  • Designed for mirrorless system (you can demo with Leica SL or your latest A7 system)
  • Becomes an everyday office / messenger bag once you remove the shock-resistant insert
  • Now on till 2015/12/31, order of Wotancraft camera bag comes with one HOBBIT camera lens / travel pouch as Christmas gift

– photojournalist’s most desired WOTANCRAFT camera bag. Inconspicuous, protective, with a slight touch of WWII military equipment aesthetics

– removable shock-resistant insert that fits mirrorless camera set x2, flash x1, and additional accessories

– padded compartment for 10″ laptop or iPad

– interior flap with zippers (bronze YKK with rustproof coating) ensure dust and rain resistance in ourdoor environments, with upstanding rim to avoid gear scuffing against zipper tooth

– back pocket with leather rain cap (tucked in by default), designed specifically for photojournalists to quickly access field journals

– curved ergonomic shoulder strap pad for maximum comfort when bearing weight, with anti-slippery padding lined underneath

– vegetable tanned full grain cowhide and sheep skin leather parts, with tough rugged skin creases and pores clearly visible

– bag exterior:
31 x 12 x 23 cm
removable insert interior:
27 x 10 x 20 cm
front pockets:
14 x 2 x 16 cm
back pocket:
30 x 15 cm
interior padded compartment:
29 x 23 cm
interior hidden pocket:
18 x 15 cm
shoulder strap:
adjustable between 90-130 cm
bag 0.725 / insert 0.36 / shoulder strap 0.245 kg

– package include:
SCOUT bag x1
padded divider (no cap) x2
padded divider (with cap) x2
adjustable shoulder strap x1
dustproof bag x1
“REMOVE BEFORE ADVENTURE” military ordnance tag key chain x1


  1. The Scout has a grab handle which is great. My Ryker does not have one which is a big let down for me. Always have to drag that thing up by the shoulder strap.

  2. hi Steve,

    First, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

    i just received my Leica SL a few days ago and I’ll be using it with the two M lenses I own – the 50APO and 90APO. Spectacular camera! I’ll probably add a 3rd lens in the next few months.

    One thing I realized right away was that my Artisan & Artist 7100 bag I’ve been using for my M cameras will not work with the SL. Which means, I need to buy a new bag.

    I am very much interested in the Wotancraft Thor and saw your video review for it. My question for you is: did you have to pay any customs import duty when you ordered any of your Wotancraft bags? The US import rules were revised recently and I’m not what’s the rule for importing bags. For my SL I didn’t have to pay a cent importing it from Germany.

    Let me know please.


    • I did not but I use the Scout for my SL Kit with a 28, 50 and will add a 90. All will fit perfectly with room to spare. The Thor will be HUGE for an SL with three M lenses, but its a great bag as it is.

  3. I just pulled the trigger on one as well (Merry Xmas to me! :P). I love my Wotancraft paratrooper but find the access to the main section a bit troublesome, and I’d like something better suited to travel – ie, that can handle an iPad and/or a notebook, and other travel paraphernalia, in addition to my M9-P with two lenses. I think this Scout will be just perfect, and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  4. Also decided to get one as well. Was thinking about the grey or this new one. What tipped me over to this was that the grey while it looks like the leather is black, Wotancraft confirmed that it is dark brown. Also the wait for this one is a little over a week, while the wait for the grey is at 2.5 months.

    Thanks for the heads up Steve, I saw your reviews on Wotancraft before and never really considered them. But I’m sick of buying bad bag after bad bag (went through 6 of them in the past 4 months). But once and buy right.

  5. I pulled the trigger on the scout bag. I’ve been admiring Wontancraft bags from afar for a few years now.

    • Got the bag yesterday. Looks like this one will indeed cure my Bag GAS. I love how it looks and the construction looks to be top notch! The Hobbit pouch is nice as well. The strap is comfortable and the bag sits comfortably against my hip.

      The bag can comfortably hold the Leica Q and Sony a7ii w/ 24-240. Looks like I can probably squeeze the FE 55 and a small flash in there as well.

      Mine didn’t come with the Remove Before Adventure keyring that is listed in the description. Not sure if it is supposed to since it’s not shown in any of the pictures.

  6. Just bought one. Sold my Billingham because it dud not have a top carry strap. This one has that and it just looks damn good. Thanks, Steve, for bringing this bag to my attention.

  7. I bought a Wotancraft ‘paratrooper’ some time ago and it immediately consigned my Billingham to history. Compared to the rest of their product line the Wotancraft paratrooper I have is probably the least practical but it just won easily on construction and style. I get the appeal of the Billingham (and Fogg, and other similar products) but I just can’t see them wearing and aging as well as the Wotancraft products. Perhaps time will prove me wrong. In the meantime I think I’ll get myself one of these Scout babies!

  8. Steve-

    Looks like a great bag. I have a couple of questions: How does the outer top flap attach? Is it hard to open quickly? Thanks.

    • No its easy, and has a zipper to quickly undo it. You do not have to zip it, but if you want to keep your gear from rain, snow, or the elements this works well. I like it as it guarantees my gear will not spill out if I have my bag in the car and it flips over.

  9. anyone tried the scout with a Olympus EM1,12-40 and 40-150 pro lens. i’ve check the specs and should fit but i’d be interested to know before i buy one.

  10. Got the original in gray… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag…. Get the extra fully waterproof insert and you can pretty much go wading in a river with your gear all nice and dry…. just a half of inch wider though and it would hold my Surface Pro and then it would be the only bag I needed…. maybe they’ll make a scout plus…. By the way these guys at Wotancraft are fantastic too…. wanted a band for my new watch … they had 24mm and 26mm but my watch was 25mm…. they offered to make the band in 25mm, let me choose the color of the stitching and buckle… and charged exactly the same price for the band…. amazing service!

    • I’ve got the original too, with the waterproof insert. It’s a great bag that doesn’t look like a camerabag. I also use it for my day to day stuff for work.

  11. I dunno, this Wotancraft bag seems really expensive for a canvas bag made in Taiwan at $260.
    For the same money you can get a gorgeous all leather Grafea England bag (made in England), or for about 1/3 of the price a made in the USA Domke canvas bag.
    Both the Grafea and Domke bags can be bought through Steve’s link on this site to bhphoto so he would still be getting some referral $.
    And that’s what I just did right now, I bought the Grafea via!

    • Wotancraft make the best constricted bags I have ever seen, touched or owned. Beat my Fogg bag easily in construction and durability. Beat my old Billinghams easily in style and construction and function. Domke is not even close. Until you use one, you can not say this bag is expensive. I have MUCH more expsnoive bags here up to $1000 but my fave for style, build and function is always the Wotancrafts, and its what I use every day. Either my Ryker, Raven or the Scout. IMO, best bags in the business for comfort, style, construction and function. This is a deal as its not your typical cheap canvas that you see on Domke style of bags. They also have quite a bit of leather involved here. These are “end of BAG GAS” type of bags. They ended mine as soon as I received my 1st one, now they are all I use.

      • Steady on, Steve, “beat my old Billinghams easily..”? Canvas Billies acquire more style as they age and are never ever out of fashion where it matters, from Cambridge (especially Downing C.)) to the far hill stations of India (hung on a Roorki chair). Too much leather is a bit infra.

        • Yes, it beats my old Billingham EASILY. Not only in construction but in functionallity it beats the Billingham. Guess you never owned a Wotancraft bag. šŸ™‚

          • Yes, you’re right, Steve. But a chap has to look to some stylish tradition!

            That said, the Wotans do look a little “Nat Geo” cheap , but I like their Swiss inspired straps.

            I’m only certain of one thing, though, I’ll never find the ideal bag. Which is rather good for maintaining interest.

          • These bags are fantastic… I also have a Billingham and the Wotancraft Scout… I’ll tell you right now…the Wotancraft is better made….no doubt what-so-ever….

  12. The Swiss military ammo bag (for the K31 Schmidt-Rubin repeating rifle), from which the front straps of the Wotancraft are designed, is still available with its leather bottom and incredible canvas. Place a padded Billingham insert inside and its hard to beat for performance and looks.

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