SOLD! Leica SL In stock. Used at B&H, 9+, $6899

Leica SL In stock. Used at B&H, 9+, $6899


A Leica SL is IN STOCK at B&H Photo. USED, 9+ with a price of $6899 with the box included. If you want an SL they are all out of stock everywhere for a new one but you can nab this used one for a discount RIGHT HERE at B&H.

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  1. I think this website is for the happy few, talking about thousands of dollars in all these posts like it means nothing … Is this site for rich people only? Come on, Steve, be realistic. Don’t tell me you are not rich either, ’cause you buy and then you sell, you buy and then you sell, but this is no way most people do photography.

    • This website is and always has been for the photo enthusiast. It receives 75-100k visits per day every day. It showcases mirrorless cameras from all manufacturers including Sony, Olympus, Leica, Samsung (on occasion), Sigma, Ricoh, Panasonic etc. Leica is a brand I started this site with, and there are thousands of Leica fans who visit this site every day.

      When something pops up that is a deal in Leica, Sony, Olympus, or whoever I will post it, and have for 7+ years now, since this site started. This SL sold within an hour after I posted it, and the person who bought it emailed me to thank me for sharing this info. It’s a service I do for the readers, and believe me, if I post a deal on a hot item, it doesn’t last long as many look for these items..they are in demand which is why I post the availability of them.

      As for being rich, lol. I wish! I live in a small house that cost me $79,000. I drive a Mini Cooper and just traded in my 4 year old Kia Soul worth $7000. So rich? Lol..not even close but what if I was? So what?!?! Wouldn’t be your business or anyone else.

      Other than that, my cameras are my biggest expense in life, and I buy them because I enjoy this hobby. Many times I buy and sell as I have to do reviews and comparisons and yes, I do buy cameras to review sometimes and when I do, they get sold after, comes with the job here. I try ALL cameras made today as it is what I do..just as if you worked at McDonalds you would have to make burgers every single day.

      But sadly, it seems like you know nothing about what people like to read but if you do not like what you see here, the solution is simple. Do not come here 🙂 Thank you!

    • Is this site for rich people only? The fact that Steve posts good deals when he sees them so that this site’s readers can save money proves that this site is not for “rich people only.” If this site were for rich people only, hardly anyone would be concerned with taking advantage of a good deal, and Steve would not post them.

      If Steve were rich, he wouldn’t be “buying and then selling, buying and then selling,” as you put it, oostenwind. If Steve were rich, he’d be buying and keeping, buying and keeping, buying and keeping.

    • Well, this site is definitely not only for rich people, because I´m a loyal reader for years.
      And although I will never be able to buy a Leica camera I´m always interested in Steve´s reviews even about things I cannot afford. It´s often enough for me to marvel and to dream….. and I´m happy for those who can afford easily.
      And then there are those who pinch and scrimp for years just to buy such a jewel which produces outstanding pictures day by day….do you want to accuse them of unreason ?
      When it comes to fulfill a lifelong dream, I can forgive any unreason…….
      This has nothing to do with elite luxuriousness…´s a fire inside of those who love art and are young of heart.
      Just my 2 cents.

  2. I always wonder about the backstory. Did the original buyer, having tracked down one of these elusive beasts, decide he didn’t like it? Got frustrated by the lack of AF lenses? Decided to step up to an S? Thought he was buying a 1968-vintage Leicaflex SL and didn’t discover the mistake until he opened the box? 🙂

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