Shooting the original Sony RX1 by Franklin Balzan

Shooting the original Sony RX1

by Franklin Balzan

So last week I received my RX1R camera… yes its the first version of the camera (second technically as there was asl othe RX1). You may say that I am a bit late in this purchase as Sony has recently announced the RX1R II version of the camera… but the reason I bought the first version of the camera is I intend to use this as a fullframe compact carry around camera and not for work related stuff.

The Technical Details

The RX1R camera has been greatly praised in all reviews I have read, with its amazing dynamic range, very good bokeh and low light performance. The camera comes with a fixed lens 35mm Zeiss prime (f2), a very flexible So the camera had everything that I needed, in a very compact body. Also the camera has a silent shutter – no sound at all when you click for the picture – making it perfect for discreet work.

When I say that the camera has an amazing dynamic range, I really mean it. In fact it seems that it even wins against my A7s and A7ii in the amount of information and detail I am able to recover.



If you are like me, I am always imagining street photography shots as I walk around. It happened to me a number of times that I said to myself that I wished I had a camera with me. Now I am making a resolution with myself to carry this gem around with me, wherever I am and up till today (around 2 weeks of use) I have always been able to take it with me apart from one time when I wore a very tight jacket.

What is missing

What I do miss, more then the viewfinder, is a tilting screen. Since this camera is a street photography workhouse, a tilt screen would have been really useful to shoot from the a low point and not attracting too much attention. I have also decided to purchase a wrist leather strap, since I find the camera grip to be existent and constantly feel as if the camera is going to slip from my hands.

The Pictures

I am here sharing some shots I have taken with this camera up till now.







Well I must say, I am really happy with my RX1R and I feel I will be using is a lot over these Christmas holidays ! 🙂

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  1. Enjoyed the post. I decided to give the RX1 a try. Found a used one through B&H. Like the fact they test it, gave you a small warranty and will take it back. I have an RX100, which produces nice images for a 1″ sensor and learned how to manage without a VF, tilting/touch display and small form factor. Also familiar enough with Sony menus to quickly navigate to where I want to go. The IQ on the RX1 just seems crazy good. Possibly an amazing lens and sensor combination? Regardless of the how or why, the camera is more than capable of creating compelling images! Looking forward to shooting with it.

  2. I wish I had done my research and bought this camera instead of the similar Hasselblad, which blatantly was an overpriced mistake because it’s made by Sony with the higher end model-maker body. Go figure.

  3. Very nice pics, I especially like the bus image. Very tempting to forgo the next a7 prime lens and get one of these!

    Nice website I seem to recognise the image of the bride and child silhouette from a previous sh blogpost! Very memorable image!

  4. I’m also on the fence about picking up an original RX1 for $1000. I tried it when it first came out and absolutely hated the sluggish AF. As an owner of the original Fuji X100 I’m fed up with slow AF. But the images this little thing produces is just beautiful, and the 2nd generation is currently out of my budget.

  5. RX1R or RX1R-II are the same camera. Faster focus, bit more resolution and lost the flash that for me I use, so right there, the new camera is a dead option for me. They didn’t improve the lens or aperture and in some cases there are many reports of faulty lens assemblies with excruciating corner distortions.. maybe that’s the reason for the current halt on production of the camera by Sony. They don’t state the reason of the production halt, but I fear is that. Keep and enjoy your original rx1r.

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