A Taste of the Canon EOS-R with NOCT NIKKOR 58 f/1.2 Lens!

A Taste of the Canon EOS-R with NOCT NIKKOR 58 f/1.2 Lens!

By Rai

Hi Steve,

Three days ago I went to my local camera store with the aim of buying some lens wipes and came back with the EOS-R!

I am primarily a Leica shooter – mainly thanks to your website, and love the M9 and M240. I am also always on the look out for interesting lens and body combinations as I enjoy shooting with vintage lenses.

I have toyed with various versions of Sony mirrorless, but have always ended up selling. I find the colours not attractive for my shooting style and my Leica glass has something missing when I shoot with it.

The EOS-R has interested me from the start. Ignoring the so so reviews, I had a feeling this could be a keeper for me.

So as soon as news filtered out that the camera was starting to become available in the shops, I preempted the purchase of a Nikon to EOS-R adapter, with the aim of trying my beloved Noct-Nikkor 58 1.2 with this camera.

So the adapter arrived today, and I managed to take this Frankensteins monster of a combo to my local park for a quick test!

Couple of points I would like to make on the EOS-R

The viewfinder is out of this world. It’s incredibly sharp and clear. I have used the Leica SL, Fuji GFX50s and countless Sony’s and from memory I think this is the best, hands down! No need for peaking or even zoom…The grip is solid, Battery is good – not great, menu is clear and not too overwhelming. But I do not like the touch bar / swipe bar. I find I am always accidentally pressing it. So I have not allocated a setting to it. Also while shooting I noticed that even though I had the ISO set to manual, it kept defaulting to Auto and I was taking shots at up to 4000 ISO!, this is something I need to figure out in the menus – so apologies in advance on some shots, but it does seem to preform well with high ISO any how : )

Enough from me, just a final note to say I may actually keep this at least until Leica lens adapter becomes available, as from my initial findings, it is a comfortable camera to use with great EVF especially when using manual focus.

Hope you enjoy these few rushed shots – even though my style may not be to everyones taste.



  1. Nice photos, are you getting the same type photos when shooting the same lens on the Leica ? I notice there seems to be a bit of purple fringing going on, does this only happen with this combination ?

  2. Hi Steve, looks like a few others have asked too, but are you going to objectively test out the Z7 and/or Z6? It seems you’ve written them off before even getting them in your hands which isn’t something you typically do.

    • Problem is I would have to spend $4k to do so, as Nikon will not send me one (camera review world is very political). I really do not want to spend $4k for a camera and a lens I have no interest in (The 24-70 does not interest me at all, and $4k is steep IMO for what it is). I do not own any Nikon glass so yea, to spend $4k for a body with an f/4 zoom is not really something I want to do. I will be releasing a new review soon, next week in fact ; ) Then more with the Canon (This post is not from me) in a full review of the EOS-R. Also the 2nd part of the 50 1.2 Voigtlander review and even M lenses on the EOS-R (adapter on the way). I may rent the Nikon to try it but would only be enough for a 1st look kind of thing. Thank you.

  3. Great write up and phots thanks for sharing this combo.The nikkor noct is probably my favourite all time lens a very special vibe I’ve had decent luck on Sony cameras with it adapted right now I’m stuck on the Leica Sl and a 75 summilux but I’m going to pull out the noct on the weekend and slam it on the A7r 3 thanks for reminding me cheers

    • Hi Derrick, Unfortunately the Z7 is harder to get hold of in my area at present – my irrational impulse got the better of me, again!

  4. So after looking at your pictures and ebay to see what the lens you use is selling for the one question I have is it worth it? The lens that is. If you had to purchase it again would you? I have a D500 body so I save on the convertor. And also what made you get the Canon and not wait for the Nikon full frame that is coming out seeing as you have the Nikon lens? Anyway thanks for sharing. The pictures are great.

    • Hi David, I got the lens a little bit cheaper than what it’s going for on Ebay and it is in good condition. Was it worth it? To me absolutely. It is not a lens that is easily available in good condition and I like the character of older lenses.
      As I mentioned to another poster, the Z7 is not readily available at present in my area, plus the price made me think twice – for once…And I like the colours of Canon a little more than Nikon for everyday shots, even though I tinker with colours a bit.

      No doubt I will probably sell this, buy the Nikon, sell that and stick with my M9 and M240 : )

      • I hear you. Makes total sense. Color matters more than I ever thought. It has to hit your color palette somehow or else you just move on to another camera. Well I will start my search for that lens now thanks again for posting and maybe a Canon body as well now. 🙂

  5. As everybody knows there`s not big size, bulk and optical advantage with longer then normal focal lenght. I would love see some pictures take with wide, fast leica lenses like 24/1.4 some ultrawides too. to check how they perform in regard to vigneting and sharpness.

  6. I do have m240, m10 and sl and love the leica rendering. I am not impress with the pictures with this camera and lens.

  7. No need to apologise about taking higher iso shots. These photos showcase the lens and the compositions is great!

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