My “Enthusiastic” Reviews are that way for a reason…

My “Enthusiastic” Reviews are that way for a reason…


Hey Guys! HAPPY ALMOST FRIDAY!!! Just a commentary….

Many ask me why my reviews are so enthusiastic. Lol. My reviews, starting with my VERY 1st ONE nearly 8 years ago (Leica M8), was SUPER enthusiastic. That’s how I am when I am truly excited about something. When a new camera or piece of gear arrives (and I get new gear WEEKLY) and it is something that is REALLY good or ticks my boxes, then I get excited about it and THAT excitement OOZES in my words because I TRULY am excited and want to share this excitement WITH YOU, ALL OF YOU!

Someone emailed today and “suggested” I am enthusiastic in reviews to boost sales to B&H or Amazon (more commissions for me) and that is so far from the truth, let me tell you why…

If it were a money game for me, I would be all over the Fuji Bandwagon promoting Fuji, as they are popular and THOUSANDS love them. I could make loads of cash “being enthusiastic” about a Fuji camera but instead I share my REAL feelings, which have been lackluster with Fuji since the X-Trans sensor, I have been one of their biggest critics over the past 2 years due to build quality, speed, AF accuracy and the X-Trans sensor. So if I wanted to rake in some cash, I could GUSH about all of the Fuji’s and earn some money. But I do not. I also do not write about Canon or Nikon, as  they are doing NOTHING that excites me. Same old same old. But if it were about creating sales, then I would be gushing about them or even posting the new releases (that I did not do yesterday as to me it was a yawn). I could have reviewed the Samsung NX1 but after testing it for 2 weeks, I realized I could never recommend it. So I nixed the review.

I love mirrorless cameras. I love Leica. I like what Sony, Olympus and a select few have been doing in regards to advancing digital imaging. So if you see a review here GUSHING with excitement, it is because I love it and REALLY feel it is something special. NOT for any other reason. I have always been a POSITIVE guy. I HATE negativity and I despise it. So why would I spend 2 weeks working with a camera I dislike, writing words that are NEGATIVE? To me that is a waste of time. To be clear, I TRY 99% of all cameras out there, they are sent to me to check out. If they pass the test they get a review, if not, they do not.


So always know that my excitement is ME. It is how I am. It’s why my life is beautiful, positive, stress free and happy.

With that said, my next reviews? 

Sony GM lenses on the A7RII

Leica T with NEW Firmware UPDATE

A longer look at the new PEN-F with new video on menu system and more

FUJI X-Pro 2. I am actually thinking this one will be GREAT. Hope so. 

As for this website, I spend MEGA hours working on it. In fact, most of my life for the past 8 years has been devoted to this site, and believe me, the return it gives me in $$ could be much better, but I am happy running it how I run it. My way. I’ll take  happiness, peace and love over mega bucks any day. So to all of you who use my links to buy your gear, I THANK YOU, it truly does help this site continue and after THOUSANDS of posts and articles and reviews, its going stronger than ever.




  1. Haters gonna Hate.

    I will never understand them. “i dont like this guy he is too happy” – how can that be a bad thing? You need to be miserable like us.

  2. I could be cheeky and suggest you should be an honorary Brit, with those views. We like to think that, over here, we understand rather better that there is more to enjoying life than making money.

    Like Ken Reiff (post#64) I’m recently back from SE Asia but decided to leave my Nikon D300s at home and took an Olympus E-M5 kit. Afterwards, I realised that it was such a good move that I got an E-M1 and haven’t picked up the Nikon again since!

  3. Steve, I only discovered the site a short time ago. Just started getting back into photography since the demise of film cameras and bought an Olympus E-M10. I find the site a great source of honest information and really appreciate your efforts. This is one of a few favorite photography sites of many I visit. It amazes me how people can visit and utilize a free web site and harshly criticize the person providing it to them along with other users. It’s the unfortunate downside to the internet, people who seem to get satisfaction in trying to ruin other peoples enjoyment.

  4. Your review on the RX1 was very enthusiastic. I bought the camera. I am enthusiastic about it to this day. There’s a lot to be enthusiastic about lately – like the Leica SL finder and the new sony 85mm f/1.4. Real photographers are enthusiastic about these things. Pixel-peepers are complainers.

  5. Hi Steve,

    I’ve been a reader since 2008. I feel like you’re KINDA asking for feedback, so I’ll give some, but please forgive me in advance if you are not looking for feedback. I love your writing voice and I think your photos are amazing. I think the site overall has declined in quality over the past few years mainly because you’ve added other features that dilute what you bring to the site. As a result, I come by here once a month instead of every other day. When it comes to camera reviews, I know what to expect. Beneath your enthusiasm is a lot of information. However, the fact that you only review cameras you love kind of gives the game away. I don’t need to read the review, just the headline. I would love to read more from you about the practice of photography. You have a nice eye and can make the mundane interesting. How you go about that would be interesting I think.

  6. Steve, I really love your reviews, despite they are VERY emotional, and i’m personally not emotional and don’t line to much emo, BUT, I read your site for over 6 years and i have tried a lot of equipment your wrote about, and I submit: your reviews not only emo loaded but highly PROFESSIONAL. You always manage to highlight the important corners of new camera tech and get to the point. You are doing great job because you are talented and love what you are doing. Honestly, Steve, I’m jealous… ))

  7. Steve, you’re a site for a sore mind. Always enjoy your exhilarating positivity even if it does end up costing me thousands!

  8. The *only* issue I have with your super positive reviews is that I wish I had more money to run out and buy that Leica SL plus lenses or the Olympus Pen plus lenses. Luckily I’m pretty happy with my x100s, still getting great shots of my daughters and the world around me.

    Keep up the great work on this site.

  9. I believe and enjoy your enthusiasm for products you find good enough for you to publish a review.

    Because there can be a honeymoon period with any new product, I would enjoy reading 3 to 6 month follow up reviews that confirm or temper the initial review or perhaps add additional insights. For example, I’m curious about your opinions about the Leica SL with more extended use. Has the size and weight become a bit bothersome or is it not an issue? Do you use the zoom much or mostly primes? Has the responsiveness and autofocus speed of the SL made the Sony A7R2 seem less desirable? Where does the SL fit into your personal shooting relative to other cameras? Thanks.

    • No issue with the SL, at all. Gorgeous camera, amazing IQ, works great with M lenses. The Sony A7RII is a different camera all together. More versatile (many lenses now), better for video or really low light, etc.

  10. Some people will always complain because they are not happy with what they own (or don’t know what to do with).
    They will ruin whatever you do arguing with specs of a camera, saying this sensor sucks, a OVF sucks or whatever.
    That kind of people have cameras and other photography tools but are not photographers : they just want to talk about specs and be sure to have made the good choice when they bought it. They will never talk about light and will probably never share their pictures (if they take some).

    So Steve, I would like to say that I enjoy your website (which I read everyday) and I think you do it the right way (not being an ambassador, saying what you think and being enthusiastic). I was Nikon before, I have now a fuji X-T1 and I would love to use a Leica if I could. But at the end, cameras are tools, so everbody should know they can find one which suits the most for them.

    And your website is great for that.

    So do not let trolls annoy you but educate them.

  11. Steve, I have always found your enthusiasm to be very enjoyable and your reviews to be a very interesting mix of subjective and objective, and you are open and transparent in what you do. Keep up the good work.

  12. Look, Steve, it’s simple. I HATE you. I hate you because your enthusiasm is infectious. I’m a very enthusiastic guy too. So, when you post an enthusiastic review, I also get enthusiastic. And, when I get enthusiastic because of one of your enthusiastic reviews, I do a little dance, I do a little wine, and then I take a deep breath…

    Then, I do a lil’ bit o’ research to see if your enthusiasm is off the wall. It never is… And then, if I’m REALLY REALLY as enthusiastic as you, I buy the camera. I’ve bought a number of different cameras because of your enthusiasm…and have NEVER regretted one of those purchases.

    So, thanks for giving me a reason to hate you!

    Keep up the great work!

    Many smiley faces…

  13. I’ve been a very regular visitor to your site since I started thinking of upgrading my very old sony cybershot about 3 or so years ago. Ending up buying a nikon V1 and various lenses, mainly based on the enthusiastic reviews on here. Been very happy with it. I also enjoy the mix of technical and artistic reviews and features on this site which keeps me coming back. Thanks.

  14. Hi Steve,

    Would be great if you could take a second look at the Leica T as it’s a different camera from first release esp after all the updates.
    I only shoot raw files and the only thing that annoyed me about the camera after all the updates was the refresh time on the evf as it takes about 2.5 seconds with a 30mb read card -so I plunged for a 280mb read card and it’s now almost instant refresh view in the evf I also changed the horrible rubber strap and lugs for a Artisan canvas and leather one and can honestly say that the camera is now one little gem of a camera fast and responsive and comfortable to hold and produces stunning files if you shoot raw and tweek them yourself and in Leica terms cheap for such a little gem.

  15. Staying true to yourself is a big deal. It come through in what you do and how you do it. Keep it up.
    My Wish List…hoping you will do the Pen F and GX8 like how you did the EM-1 and GX7

  16. Hello Steve, as far as I am concerned you do not need to explain yourself. Visiting this website is a choice. Either you do or you do not. I am truly happy with the way you review cameras and your enthousiasm when writing about it. Do not ever change who you are.

    Kind regards, Robert.

  17. Hello Steve
    I like your honesty and enthusiasm.

    No offense or bad intentions just my own curiosity.

    (I would be all over the Fuji Bandwagon promoting Fuji, as they are popular and THOUSANDS love them. I could make loads of cash)

    Please tell me if all of the bloggers, enthusiast and pro photographers the recommend, promote and like the Fuji cameras are getting pay by fujifillm?

    Do you get pay to promote any camera brand?

    • NO camera company pays ANY website/blogger/vlogger for reviews. Would be suicide for them if the did this. NO one gets “paid off” to do anything in this business. Period.

      • Actually they do.

        In journalism a reporter is not allowed to receive any gift or special treatment, and is even disallowed by ethics of journalism to accept a coffee from the subject of interviews or reportage.

        Same is with a reviewers that they are not allowed to receive any kind payment or product loan or service for the review. That payment includes flight tickets, hotel room or even a cab/taxi transportation to event.

        Some reviewers can pay from their own pockets and avoid eating or drinking offerings, but many doesn’t. They accept loans, demo products and such that twist the ethics toward manufacturer.

  18. Steve – I’m with you on Fuji. A lot of hype. I still have and use (and love) my original X100, but all the other Fujis fall short for me. They are slow and the lenses are too big and flare A LOT.

    Otherwise I stick with my Olympus, which is everything Fuji is not: fast & small & well built (with much less flare).

    Great site. Keep up the good work.

  19. I have been checking your site for some time now, while I was comparing cameras…and I always thought you sounded genuine and credible…I like the pictures you take to compare all brands and gear in general.
    For me is hard to see in person some cameras, so thanks for showing nice and clearly and giving your point of view, I really appreciate that and also I like to see the work of other people…so I’m just gonna say thank you very much!

  20. Thank you for this post Steve. If it wasn’t for your positive and enthusiastic reviews and posts I would not have continued to follow your site. I don’t always have to jump on a band wagon but I respect your approach and points of view. Like you, negativity does not deserve my time nor does it need to influence my day.

    Thank you for all of your Olympus related reviews and comments. I am a happy owner of an EM1 and some great Olympus lenses because of your reviews. At the end of the day the camera had to work for me but you provided some fertile ground to grow my passion for this camera and for photography.

    You have success because of your enthusiasm and your passion.

  21. Hi Steve.

    Just want to say your enthusiasm is contagious and your reviews awesome. It helped me jump from my D700 to OMD EM1. I’ve never taken so many pictures or enjoyed photography as much and am sp glad I didn’t go for another DSLR.

    You and your reviews proved the deal breaker! Now I read with interest, wince at Leica pricing and marvel at Sony (but still adore my Olympus).

    Thank you

  22. Steve, even though I have challenged some of your Leica reviews I really do appreciate your ‘enthusiasm’ towards photography. I agree with you that if you find the equipment ‘fun’ to use you’re more likely to pick it up and use them. I just came back from a trip to Southeast Asia with my Nikon D600. As much as I enjoyed the camera, it would be great having a smaller ‘footprint’. I have an older/old Olympus EP-2 that I love but just can’t match the Nikon at this point. I’m very seriously considering moving to the Olympus OMD-1 (or next gen) or the new Fuji XPro-2, I would be curious about a side by side between the Olympus vs. Fuji. Even though I took a basket full of glass, I found that I really only used the prime 24mm and the 24-85mm zoom about 95% of the time.

    Keep doing it.

  23. I’m sorry you had to defend that point Steve …. I may not always agree with you…. but one thing I know for sure from reading your blog for years now is that you believe what you say and that you have integrity. Keep up the good work…and the enthusiasm where warranted.

  24. I read and love your site because you are a true enthusiast. Real world reviews are so much better than page after page of test shots and charts. Go Steve!

  25. Love your site and reviews Steve! Keep doing what you do. You’re doing an awesome job and that’s what keeps us coming back to your site day-after-day.

  26. You and your site is a very welcome break from the boring norm! Don’t change! Feeling, emotion, and fully human – that is what photography strives to be. That is what your reviews are. Thank you for that!

  27. Unashamed enthusiasm: how refreshing! It keeps you young and if we weren’t biased, we’d be boring. Everyone to his own and why not follow and encourage to even better things the innovators rather than those sitting, perhaps only temporarily, on their laurels. I come back to SH’s site every day (and am always disappointed during ‘thin’ weekends), impressed by the early inclusion of Steve’s family in his blog AND by his gentlemanly approach to criticism via simple omission: why criticise? I’m sure that all those Fujisamcanonikons out there do nothing but their best to give us their very best and will surely prevail in the end. Can only wish them luck and thank them for providing past pleasures aplenty. In the meantime, we’re increasingly blessed with great new tools that someone’s infectious enthusiasm for is helping us all to better image making. Thank you – and well done for clearing the air!

  28. Thank you for your optimism. It shows. The website is a joy to read. One thing: A negative review often brings out the best in a writer. See for example Pete Wells review of the New York restaurant Per Se. A brilliant piece of writing but a negative review. By the way, I did get the 50mm Summilux f1.4 ASPH (with the 1959 styling) based on your wonderful review and just love the lens. I’m working on a lens hood fix which involves just machining a channel in the skylight filter–easy!

  29. Your enthusiasm is the biggest reason I regularly read your site Steve, don’t ever change. With so many other sites doing the petri-dish control group wall shots, dry commentary and MTF chart analysis it’s good to have people who write with experience and emotion about photography gear let alone with the frequency that you update this site.

  30. I appreciate you being up-front about your predisposition to only review products you’re excited about. It’s your blog and your prerogative. I may not always share your enthusiasm or your interests, but I’m still interested in your opinion. If I wasn’t, I’d just stop coming. Those who find your writing style off-putting should seriously consider this option. After all, it’s not as if you’re forcing anyone to read what you write.

  31. Steve,

    I think you give yourself short shrift when it comes to “brand loyalty.” You certainly were one of the main cheerleaders for the Nikon V1 when they lowered the price, and your enthusiasm (as well as your photos) was one of the reasons I gave it a look and ended up buying it. So When Nikon or Canon makes a product you can get behind, you praise them as well! I ended up giving my V1 to my nephew and have moved on…but never regretted following your passions. Sometimes I agree, and sometimes I shake my head, but you’re always a guy who is honest about what you plan on spending your money on vs. what you’re given to review. And you’re support of the community is something that has nourished and inspired so many enthusiasts that you have much to be enthusiastic about!


  32. Hi Steve, I’m a big fan of your site and your dedication to your hard work on your reviews is great as well as your enthusiasm ! I admire someone who has worked this hard for so many years giving back to fellow photographer’s and other’s in the world. 🙂

    I have a question for you or anyone here, if you had under $1000 to spend on ONE camera or a camera and lens, what would it be ? I’m debating a used Fujfilm Xpro1 with 35mm f/1.4 lens, an X100s, a Nikon D700, or preferably the best weatherproof camera recommendation ? I’m currently using a Fujifilm S5Pro DSLR with a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AIS lens.
    Keep up the great work ! ~ CJM_Imaging – Chris

    • The old S5 Pro! I loved that camera, adored it. For under $1000, many choices. I can not tell you what to buy but you are on the right track. The D700 would be a nice upgrade from the S5!

    • …Announced yesterday… the Sony A6300…. seems an interesting refinement of the very good A6000… $998 …Magnesium body, weather sealing and the bonus of 4K video …. but of course we have to wait for the tests…. still not sure I’d spend a grand on another camera until I found out more about this one….

      • As with the RX10 it is not weather resistant. It is lightly protected against dust and moisture but is not splash proof weather sealed. Sony allowed these inflated claims to be used in their marketing campaign only to quietly clarify when customers tried to make warranty claims.

    • Chris, I have owned both the X-Pro1 and every iteration of the X100S. My recommendation would actually be the X-T1 and the 35mm f/2. I recommend the f/2 for a few reasons. It is better built than the f/1.4 version, has much better autofocus, is smaller, and is weather sealed. In most circumstances you will not notice the depth of field difference. In regards to the 1 stop of light gathering you lose from your current set up, consider that the sensor on the X-T1 will likely have much cleaner high ISO (I provide the caveat “likely” only because I have not used the S5).

      I own the X-T1 and have found it to be an enormous upgrade over the X-Pro1, but some people like the optical viewfinder, and if that’s you, I can say that is a great camera as well. You lose weather sealing, tilt screen, the huge evf in the X-T1, and the slightly faster autofocus capabilities, but it’s still a great camera.

  33. Don’t change your enthusiastic style one bit!! Always delightful to read your reviews! Keep up the great work and keep us informed and enjoying photography!

    • Well, a few reasons. The IQ was great. The Menu was great. The Camera, was HUGE, thick and very DSLR like. Bigger than most DSLR’s. Also, I was hearing rumblings about the future of Samsung in the camera business. Lack of lenses, and question on the future of the system made me say, no thanks. Just did not tick my boxes but I could see where many would love the NX1 as it did offer fantastic video and IQ.

  34. If it wasn’t for your enthusiasm I would have never tried mirrorless or micro-four-thirds. And I am thankful everyday that I did and that I found your site those many years ago. Thank you for not only giving us great information and point of views but for actually enjoying and loving what you do. It shows! Thanks Steve!

  35. Brother, don’t ever change. I look more forward to your reviews than any other because of the spirit, and it’s easy enough to discern where our preferences may differ.

  36. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way Steve – your site and reviews have a lot of fantastic content including real-world insight, real-world photos, useful comparisons and more. Great job on all of that.

    But, I have to say, it’s really the enthusiasm… that I love the most! Again, this isn’t to say that the content isn’t excellent (it is!) but… we live in an internet-age of information overload. People want more than simply dry specs and facts which they can now get from dozens if not hundreds or thousands of different sources.

    No, today people also want help in interpreting the data. They want to know the real world implications. They want to hear varying opinions. They want objectivity (not just subjectivity). They want emotion. They want enthusiasm.

    And you deliver! Kudos to you!

  37. I go to your site everyday. One day ill submit something. Love your site. Shooting film mostly lately I visit your site all the time so Ill know one day when Ill go back shooting my a7ii 16-35 more. It is a beauty which I learned from your site

  38. 1) I don’t have a problem with enthusiasm, but if you think every camera you review (or every second or third) is special, then how special can it really be?

    2) I also find the writing on this site to be quite poor. The total disregard for grammar and style makes it difficult to read.

    • 1. He’s already said he won’t write a review for a camera he doesn’t like, so by design, his reviews will be positive. If it bother you simple, don’t read the site.

      2. I’ve never had an issue, unless it was a guest writer whose natural language isn’t english, then on occasion it can be a bit off. I’ve really never thought about it, so it clearly doesn’t bother me. If it bothers you, simple don’t read the site.

    • I don’t think Steve does gush over every camera he reviews, he reviews a lot more then he posts, therefore the ones he posts are mostly the good ones or the ones he knows we’d like his opinion on. It can be subtle but if you read carefully Steve will drop into conversation the cameras he’d reviewed, didn’t like and therefore didn’t bother to post. I’m ok with that as there are other review all sites.

    • I believe that Steve mentioned in the above article that he tries out many Cameras, lens, gear etc. I do not believe he reviews every third product. I believe he picks the ones he likes and reviews those as they are the few “special” products among many.

      Maybe the issue you have with the writing style is that you are not reading for content or like many others int eh comment section, scan through his articles and complain about things Steve has addressed in the article.

    • Vincent, if the writing bothers you, maybe you should offer your services as a proofreader. English is not my mother tongue., and I have no difficulty reading Steve’s writing.

  39. Don’t listen to them Steve

    Some of us specifically come to read your “enthusiasm” and different point of view. If others want boring reads, they can find it all over the web. Yours is the more unique.

    Plus I always hear very unique prospectives I don’t read anywhere else, hence why I come here. So please ignore and just be yourself.

    I don’t agree with everything you say, but I always want to hear from those who can think out of the box like you seem to always do. When the PEN F came out, you’re the only reviewer I’ve read from who gave a positive prospective to the front dial that I even wish I had it on my E-M5II now. You made it sound like a lot of fun to have. No one else did.

  40. I also enjoy your reviews and your positive approach. Please just carry on, ignore others who say otherwise; it is your personal website and your personal views!

  41. Dear Steve, you are doing the right thing. Independence is priceless and so undervalued in this world. I love your blog and advice. Thank you for the hard and quality work.

  42. LOVE your unbiased reviews, enthusiasm and passion Steve- one of the reasons I keep coming back to your page. Keep up the amazing work, and as Bono once said, …”don’t let the bas****s drag you down!”

  43. Hi Steve, Hi Readers of this website,
    I’m also a regular reader, who enjoys reading and viewing your blog and the great posts and the interaction amongst the readers. I’ve never posted or commented before. So here’s a first for me:

    I personally like your reviewing approach. With the Olympus Pen-F review however, I did get the impression that it stayed very much at the surface of things. I didn’t get the feeling, that you really went into details, or had any interesting observations to share. So I didn’t really get why you’re so enthusiastic about that camera. In a nutshell I got the impression that this camera is not really for you, but you give it credit for what it is and who it is meant for. If I’m right, then the enthusiasm just makes a bit less sense to me in this review, but not in many of your other reviews! You’re being measured by the high standards you set in some of your reviews 🙂
    All the best to you and everyone here!

  44. Totally agree with what you said Steve. I do not always agree with your opinion (though I often do) but do trust you are giving it honestly. After a few years reading you site I have an understanding of how your taste is different to mine and what to “correct” for my personal liking when I read your reviews. And I am very fine with that as I prefer someone who is straight forward and transparent aboub their opinion to someone who is falsely claiming to be imperial (the fact is, different people will like different things and no one is fully impartial).

    But may I ask why you feel the need to explain/justify the way you are doing things? (I remember another post where you said pretty much the same thing a few months or years ago).

    I think the large audience you have built over the years already understand where you are coming from and the ones who are unhappy won’t change their mind with this explaination. Why not just ignoring them and letting them move on to another website if they are not happy with yours?

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  45. “So why would I spend 2 weeks working with a camera I dislike, writing words that are NEGATIVE?”

    So true Steve – why spend a lifetime being negative. Sounds like a fruitful and great philosophy which I can fully relate to.


  46. Your enthusiasms are always great reading. But when I sometimes see the photo examples shown, a nagging question keeps coming up. You often refer to the examples as quick shots. Fair enough. They are indeed and should be judged that way. You haven’t spent hours processing them. On the other hand, readers often contribute examples of their work, which to my eye has been fully processed, filtered, tweaked, Lightroomed, Photoshopped, Topazed and whatever else. But they never mention that. They cite only their camera or lens or F stop or whatever to the magic before us. My question is: when evaluating a lens or a camera, how do separate their performance from the “art” of the processing?

  47. Thanks Steve, well said. There are plenty of standard review sites out there for those who want them. I come here to share your love of photography, to be encouraged and get excited and motivated about photography. Your reviews always remind me it’s not about the gear per se. It’s about what you can do with it, whether it will be fun, exciting, engaging and enjoyable to use. I don’t understand why anyone would think you’re only interested in selling gear when you post hundreds of fantastic articles that are only about image making. You’ve built a real photographic community here and your positivity shines through it. Thank you!

  48. You’ve build a great community of photography enthusiast and lovers, I can’t begin to imagine how much energy, hard work and commitment that has required over the many years. I love your honest reviews, that you’ve opened it up for other to share their shots and thoughts, and you’re enthusiasm is great! No issue with monetising as second thought, its the right thing to do. Your first thought is what it is – love for camera gear and photography – and that shows, very clearly. Keep up the this amazing blog, its awesome!

  49. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for this article.

    I think some people are unrealistic when they think your enthusiasm is for money.

    Of course you need to make a living from your website so if you find something you like you will tell us and we all know you expect some of us will use links from your website to buy some gear. Fair enough, you are not a non profitable organization…

    But I think purchase through your site are a consequence of your good reviews and enthusiasm. It is not the other way around.

    On the other hand you might consider doing some brief review of gears you do not like as well. The point not being to bash the gear but to express your views.
    I think it would be interesting for the readers to know what is bad in some gear for the sake of learning.

    Keep up the good work.

  50. I agree with the sentiments here. I can go to countless sites and get metrics on DxO, falloff and distortion. What I want when preparing for a purchase is someone who actually uses this stuff in the way I do. Someone who gives me confidence my purchase decision is sound. For example the Nokton 50mm f1.1. Strap it on, go take a walk in the dark. I trust your opinions and my move to Sony was largely because of your review of the first RX100. You covered the camera in a way I wanted to hear, covering points I was interested in. Keep up the good work and dont worry about people who dont understand that if it doesnt appear on here then it is effectively a less than positive review. Further, you post articles from others that just adds to the joy of the site like Ashwin Raos move back to M9, Tomer Vaknins SL article. All fantastic and I likely wouldnt have seen them otherwise. Now stop apologising for being honest and get that FE 24-70 GM rolling! 🙂

  51. I like your reviews. I trust my own judgement enough to know what to make of it. What I dislike/avoid, is reading all the “ambassadors” reviews of a certain camera on the day of anouncement. They, I feel, are hardly every critical. Be it Olympus, Fuji or Sony – it doesn’t really matter and I use them all.

    Having said that – what I usually look for when making a new camera purchase is finding out what is getting the most bashing from users. Be it slow AF, buttons too easily pressed or poor battery life. These are usually the things making me not using a camera I own (but I may still hang on to it for a while). They may not keep me from buying it, but I would rather be positively surprised than anoyed.

    Keep the reviews coming – using the camera is as much about enjoying it! 🙂

  52. I know another reason for your enthusiasm: you are American. American people are much more enthusiast and eager to share their passion than Europeans. On the old continent, critics ought to be negative otherwise it is suspicious. So, it might be just a cultural clash. Anyway, you cannot please everybody even saying the truth. So, ignore them and keep moving! Thanks for your website.

  53. Hey Steve,

    I get being enthused about stuff. Especially shiny new stuff. The problem is balance in your reviews. Oftentimes I’ll find the most honest criticism about a given piece of equipment is found on a newer camera/lens’s review. For instance, just one example: your Leica SL review pokes at how the M can potentially have RF calibration issues. But nowhere in your M240 review do you comment about how much of this is an issue on the m240 specifically. The m240 review talks about your experiences with RF adjustment on the M9. See the pattern?

    I like that you get enthusiastic about equipment and that you actually own it yourself. But what I think is more honest is trying to better paint where the lens or camera falls short and how it can be improved. I’d rather read a more balanced review that is thoughtful and takes a little longer to come out, once the afterglow phase has worn off. Also, long term reviews make sense to me too. Some cameras never get firmware updates and others transform the camera completely. New accesories and lenses can change how the camera operates too.

    Just my two cents!

  54. That’s exactly why i like your reviews Steve. Thank you very much for helping me. Your reviews and the reader’s experience letters you posted on your website helped me enormously to go from big and heavy equipment to mirrorless camera’s.

  55. As long as you’re being honest (and I think you have been) go ahead and gush about whatever excites you. I can find specs on Google. I want reactions and opinions from someone that has their hands on the equipment and knows what they’re talking about. Stuff that can’t always be quantified. Keep up the good work.

  56. Thanks Steve. It’s very obvious to most readers that what you said is the truth, and it comes across that way in your reviews. If anyone spends a decent amount of time on your site, they will see it clearly. We appreciate you and what you do, for free, because of your love of photography. Thank you!

  57. Sorry to hear that. Dunno why the hate, it’s free information after all, you have the choice to visit the blog and get free info or not. If you would have paid for this maybe you deserved the chance to offer a review of his enthusiasm.

    Good luck.

  58. With you 100% Steve! Hard to explain passion my friend. Passion and a discerning eye and feel for what works and what doesn’t. Text just won’t convey it enough.We stay positive, enjoy our experiences and always go forward. Keep it up Steve!

  59. I like your review as what it is. I like your enthusiasm because sometimes I experienced the same feeling for the same gears you enthusiast about..

  60. Steve, altruism is hard to sell. You need not defend, those who know you, know you, those who can’t don’t matter. I’m totally proud of your ethics. Keep on trucking.

  61. Hi Steve, I like your articles and the fact that you offer space to so many photographers with different background and passions. But to be honest I can’t stop seeing these adds (Sony,, Leica store, etc.) on every page. I understand you have to make a living while you maintain these wonderful dialogues with so many people. Is it possible to explain how you can keep your independence while hosting a Sony add? Would Sony stop supporting your web page if you hated their products? There was a rumour in the past about Leica not even sending a camera to review to people who were critical.

  62. I am happy that you make a living doing something that you love. I appreciate the work that you do. The information that you post is truly “real world”, helpful, and accurate. We are all enthusiastic about the things we like. Nothing is wrong with that. You call it as you see it. I am currenly shooting with a Sony A7R and A7Rii alongside my Nikon D800E. They are different tools for different jobs. I have owned Olympus OMD EM5, Fuji XT1, and Fuji X100s. I have come to the conclusion that I am a full frame shooter. I also owned a Leica M9. I am really excited about the Leica SL at this time. I read your site every day. Thank you.

  63. Hi Steve,

    I respect what you do in this site. I check your site daily precisely for YOUR perspective on this great hobby we all share. Yes, you are enthusiastic; but you have a lot of knowledge, access to equipment many of us would never be able to review and you ‘tell it like it is’. I don’t necessarily agree with everything you say, but I trust the honesty of your opinions.

    I don’t understand people who complain about the advertising on your site. Running anything over a period of time, with this amount of dedication, costs time and money. The internet is built on the fallacy that it and social media are free. I’m sure a smart guy like you could earn a very good salary doing what most of us do, working in a regular job. But you don’t and we all benefit from that.

    Ignore the trolls and haters. Keep up the great work, Steve.


  64. People will always disagree with you and when that happens they will attack you to make themselves more comfortable in their beliefs/decisions. Clearly I am more pessimistic than you 🙁

    Keep up the good work. The main reason I read your reviews is that you ARE opinionated about the product! Not in a way motivated by ulterior motives like money making or sucking up to brands. It’s you just being yourself. I feel that a combination a completely scientific testing and then respected iser opinions like yours helps me make the best decisions on what I purchase.

  65. Steve:

    I only know you from your website and the posts contained therein. You seem to be a no nonsense type of person and I like that. I respect you for the work you put out there for others, and as you point out, with very little $$ in return for the time and effort it takes. Kindly know that you have probably helped countless numbers of people to make a sensible decisions regarding their photographic goals. I look forward to whatever it is you put forth here for us to read because I think you have earned that trust!

    Nice job!

  66. I appreciate your honesty, Steve. It’s why I keep coming back to this website. And I agree about the X-Trans sensor. I’m hanging onto my trusty, quirky old X100 until they pry it from my cold dead fingers (or until they come out with a sensor 😉 ).

  67. Steve… Keep doing what you do, and keep doing it your way. Being unique will always prove rewarding for you, and even if people like me visit regularly but are not always posting comments (we are actually out there taking photos most of the time), it is always very reassuring to know that real sites like yours exist out there. Hope you are around for a very long time, and thanks for all your hard work and sincerity.

    • ANOTHER FALSE statement. I have banned three individuals in 2015. ALL for spreading HATE, ATTACKING others here or being nasty. That is not “towing the line” it is called RESPECT. So disrespect anyone here and yea, you will be BANNED. The beauty of the internet is? If you do not like what I do, you can just not come here. BUT FOR SOME REASON, trolls keep coming back boosting my traffic. 😉 That’s the mind of a troll though.

    • Yes, Mike…a bit harsh…I’ve witnessed Steve, on multiple occasions, objectively and patiently reply to (and tolerate) comments from individuals that I would personally ignore and / or block (probably why I don’t run a site 🙂 ) Not defending Steve as he’s a big boy anyway and doesn’t need it; but if you follow his site and comments, I think Steve deserves credit as a rather tolerant and patient person.

  68. Thanks for that good read, Steve. Maybe an all time camera-happy-scale would be a landmark for your readers. The order would start with, as far as I understand your enthusiasm: Leica M 240 with 50mm summilux, Sony A7rII, Olympus E-M1, Leica M9…

  69. I appreciate your unbiased reviews. I am a Nikon and Fuji shooter and have to say I prefer the build quality and customer support from Fuji much better than Nikon. When I look for equipment reviews on the internet, I look for someone who will give me their unvarnished opinion which is not tainted by any commercial considerations. I’ll keep coming back here because I know that it get it “straight”! Thanks for all you do for the photography community Steve.

  70. Thank you for posting this Steve. I see so many trolls who think you have ulterior motives it makes me tired just reading. By writing about the things that excite you and not writing about the others it seems you like many things and we don’t see the negatives – but that’s your plan and it’s a sound one. Keep up the great work!!!

    • No sense speaking of haters! I do not hate anybody. I can have or not, the same opinion. But this must be avoiding superficiality and feeling themselves as part of ” a gang”.
      Is not because “dislike” a brand, or “support” another, that you’re or not credible. Ii is because what you say and how. Parameters you use, must always work, in and out.
      That is why I don’t trust the gentleman managing here.

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