La Noir Image – If you love fine B&W Imaging, take a look at this…

La Noir Image – If you love fine B&W Imaging, take a look at this…

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Friend, Photographer and Photography Blog owner Chris Gampat of the Phoblographer has started a Kickstarter to help launch a project/e-magazine that he is very passionate about. It all has to do with fine black & white photography, and the art of it, those who have mastered it and ways for us to learn how to improve our own monochrome techniques.

Shooting in Monochrome is a different thing altogether than shooting color, and I am excited to see Chris look to start an E-Magazine based on not only these fine photographers, gorgeous images and featured interviews but it seems much more than that. For me, it seems to be one of those projects that is truly about the art of PHOTOGRAPHY and these kinds of things are important these days in the world of iPhone and smart phone photography. We should never forget there is an art form to this, and I feel a magazine like this would be so cool for the art itself.

Chris is a great guy who has a true passion for photography. I have shot with him over half a dozen times over the past few years and sat down and had talks with him about photography and life in general. Chris is a guy who will be doing great things down the road as he has the drive and motivation to get there. I hope he succeeds with this kickstarter as I would love to see the final product come to life.

If you love B&W,  be sure to check out his Kickstarter HERE. 



  1. If you are into Black and White photography there is a wonderful British magazine called ….Black and White Photography. Check it out. I have it on subscription and look forward to its delivery with much excitement.

  2. Lenswork magazine has been the standard for black and white photographers for years. Interested parties might want to check out their offering.

    On another subject, am I the only person who finds the term “monochrome,” when used to describe black and white photography, to be strange and misused? The same people who use “monochrome” don’t use “polychrome” to describe another type of photography. And of course, fine black and white photography is anything but monochrome.

  3. Steve I’d love a review of shooting B&W with new Olympic firmware. I have both em1 and old 10. Maybe I should trade old 10 for pen what do you think.

  4. For what it’s worth imagine being a business owner and telling everyone about the site. It’s La Noir Image. Now think about how many people would spell it wrong if it were La Noire Image when most people know Noir as in Film Noir. And if I said Le Noire Image, imagine the same issues.

    It’s completely intentional. La Noir Image not only rolls well off the tongue but it’s also easier for people to spell and remember.

  5. I can understand that it’s intentional by the artist.

    But I just want to state that in french this sentence has 3 mistake and it should read: “L’image noire”.

    • Or at least, “la noire image” which, though it sounds a bit dated, is not grammatically incorrect.

  6. Thanks so much Steve.

    The magazine is designed to inspire. I want you to curl up with it and when you’re done I want you to pick your camera up time and time again. And if I don’t do that, then I fail.

    • My pleasure. I wish you success with this. I rarely post a kickstarter here, but this one is for something truly dedicated to the art, and for that, it should be seriously considered by all 😉

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