Inspiration with the Canon 6D by Justin Press

Inspiration with the Canon 6D

by Justin Press

Steve and Brandon.

As a longtime Sony, Ricoh and Nikon user, I decided to shuck it all and give the Canon 6D a try. Love the lightweight, the simplistic menu system and I really connected with the camera and lenses immediately. I loved the Sonys I had (A6000, A7R, RX100) and my Ricoh GR as well as my Nikon D7100 but was not feeling those cameras anymore, I got more miles out of my iPhone and as someone who loves to shoot, that’s not my desirable way to capture everything, somethings yes, but not the good stuff.



I sold all my gear and plunked down the monies on the 6D, 85mm 1.8 and 40mm 2.8 pancake. First images I captured include the featured heavy metal kid here doing a hell of a job selling pizza for the local shop. He’s out there everyday blasting Slayer on his earphones and putting on a full show for the drivers.




The other shots are in Daytona Beach pier. Couldn’t have asked for better conditions and wonderful subject matter. Beach life is so easy going that no one pays any mind to you capturing moments. I know this camera has been in the marketplace for a long while now but wanted to share my short amount of time with it and the images its capable of. One day I’ll figure it out completely and really utilize it. Still love the Mirrorless world but wanted to go back and give the DSLR thing a shot again. Best to you and the community at large here at your site.



  1. Nice shots, …..but are they all a bit ‘fuzzy’? or better is your focus point off?

    • I have read reports of softness with the 6D. My 5D original would have been sharper than these. Maybe he is shooting jpg and the standard noise reduction is strong. I found with Canon that it is wise to turn off all noise reduction – even Hi ISO NR affects low ISO images if shooting jpg. Ideally shoot RAW.

  2. Really good photos.

    But why do you feel so particularly connected with the 6D vs your other cameras? What is so different? The bigger sensor?

    • I also use and LOVE the 6D. Great IQ (as good as my MKIV). It has a really easy menu, and for me, the built in wi-fi is tops. I can shoot and wi-fi pix to my phone and send to an editor in 30 seconds. Don’t need to carry a laptop in sketchy situations.

  3. Nice pics, Justin. Especially the two B&W. Good feelings passed through all of them.

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