Another Amazing Travel Video (from stills) using a Sony RX1 by Ofer Rozenman


Another Amazing Travel Video (from stills) using a Sony RX1

by Ofer Rozenman

I’m a fan of your blog and read almost every post you published, including my own videos. Recently I’ve finished working on a new stop-motion USA travel video which I thought you might like:

A few months ago my wife and I honeymooned the West Coast of the US. Over the period of 35 days and 3500 miles I’ve shot 16.5K stills (=400GB), which I later edited to this 2:45 min stop-motion video. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Stats: 7 US states, 27 motels, 5 rental cars, 1 car crash, 0 injuries, 7 flights, countless relocating thoughts.

Route: Vancouver – Seattle – Portland – Yosemite Park – San Francisco – Monterey – Los Angeles – Zion Park – Bryce Park – Las Vegas – Hoover Dam – Williams – Grand Canyon – Antelope Canyon – Flagstaff – Sedona – Albuquerque – Santa Fe

Equipment: Sony RX1, no tripod.

Music: “Road To Hell” by Sleigh Bells (



  1. Just went back and watched it again. I do so love the 35mm full frame perspective. It is my favorite FL and your work proves just how versatile if is.

  2. Pretty cool video! Its obvious you were not taking random shots, but rather, there was a conscious decision to do some “tricks” with camera movement, photo sequences, etc. I wonder how you were able to do that and still be able to enjoy your honeymoon 🙂

    Would love to hear more about the process. How you envision the shots, the sequences. How you edit when you come back home. What tools were used for turning the pics into video, etc.

  3. What a very fresh piece of work! You’ve really got a fine technique, so thanks for a very entertaining three minutes.

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