1. Great camera and great successot to my GF1+20mm!

    Hope that 24Mp will grant good results even at high ISOs, but seeing what Sony has reached with old NEXs models i am very confident about it.

    From the second video i hear that the ZEISS glass will be available in DECEMBER (!), so i think we have to wait a bit longer, but will have a very pleasant Christmas!

    Steve: compliments about your site, is the only one i come back when deciding to buy new stuff!

  2. Hi Steve,

    I found your website via searching web for info on SONY NEX 7. I have been looking at buying my first dslr for the last 10 years having studied photography at college and never taken the plunge since 35mm film. Like all technology I know eventually you have to dive in and now seems the time to make a decision! The Sony NEX 7 from what I have seen seems to hit all the buttons and having read you enthusiastic anticipation for the Camera I think it will be the one for me. Having had a good look around your site it is so refreshing to see your view of cameras and photography unlike a lot of the sterile big name sites. Thanks for inspiring me and I wait with eager anticipation to read your first review of hands on use of the SONY NEX 7

  3. Hi Steve!

    I do know that you are a great fan of the Sony NEX products – but up to day I still can’t follow you why.
    I keep asking myself what is the point of having a real nice, slight, small camera body and then mounting that huge lenses?! Even the “slow” up to f5.6 lenses are so huge, it’s becoming senseless having those. And in the second video showing the 50mm f1.8 – haha, what a joke if you compare that to the 50mm Summilux and that lens covers a full frame sensor.

    I have the feeling that this NEX-series comes just too early – meaning technology wise it is not possible so far to make really small, light lenses that fit to the small, light bodies.


    • Hey Michael,

      Actually, I am more of a fan of the Olympus PEN series so far but the NEX-7 is the camera so many of us have been asking for. Superb EVF, Manual control, small body, great build, swivel LCD, APS-C sensor size, amazing high ISO, more than enough resolution, and the capability to use some great glass like Leica, Zeiss, etc. With these lenses on, and using the focus peaking feature, the NEX-7 should be pretty sweet. Before the focus peaking I couldn’t stand to shoot Leica glass on the NEX but now it’s a breeze, and with an EVF, will be even better.

      Also, the camera body is very small compared to any DSLR or even Leica M. Even with the Zeiss 24 1.8 the camera will not be very big. The NEX-5 with 18-55 was still pretty small for what it was. So I am pretty excited about the NEX-7 as it appears to deliver everything many of us have been asking for for almost 2 years. Wether or not it will deliver I can’t say but I hope it does.

      Guess we will all find out end of October.

      • Not many lenses to interchange, though. Except third party ones with third party adapters. Looking at first online examples from the A77 (same sensor), I feel no itch to pull a credit card and pre-order a NEX7. So let’s see how IQ will be in real world tests. The X100 IQ sets the bar pretty high.

        • What’s wrong with 3rd Party if it’s Leica? with Sony’s nifty manual focus assist and the inevitable M-lens adapter and the even more inevitable Steve Huff review with a 35mm Lux or even a 50mm Noctilux, I have a very strong feeling that this will be the ultimate photo-geek trophy! (or at least for this Xmas season!)

          • If it’s Leica M, I prefer to use them on a true RF body. A NEX7 might be the second best solution for m-mount lenses, we will see. However, If I’m spending thousands on Leica Noctilux or Summilux lenses, I’m not going to compromise on the camera body and want the true RF experience. And as said before, the first examples of pictures taken with the A77 do not look too promising.

      • You miss the point of the x100. Amazing lens for the size, NOT interchangeable, and retro cool. In the ways this camera is outperformed by the NEX-7 are the ways that x100 users aren’t going to care.

  4. I have to admit. I’m deeply disappointed in the quality of these videos. Steve puts on a much better show. How could Sony pass over the Huff for these photo-lightweights?!

  5. This is exactly what I imagined the announced new Leica mirrorless to be like. The Sony nex7 is a hard one to beat with these specs, unless Leica goes asp-h like with the M8, or even full-frame. These will be great times for compact cameras in any case.

  6. How times have changed. I remember how everyone in 2004 thought the Nikon D70 was “cheap” because you could buy it with kit lens for $1,299. Now the NEX-7 in the same price range is considered expensive even though it’s way more camera than the D70.

  7. Cautiously optimistic. Very expensive compact combo for the 7 and zeiss. Will be interesting to see how it stacks against the x1 and x100 – looking at you Steve!

  8. I want it, been waiting for the NEX-7 ever since the NEX-5 came out. The Zeiss should be fine too, hope there’s more to come (Leica/Zuiko? What’s that?).

    Also, I want to see that alpha lens adapter on the NEX-7. I mean, if the quality of the sensor is any good I can say goodbye to my current DSLR system. Just throw the adaptor plus some proper alpha glass in my bag and I should be set, throwing in a second body is just too much though

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