Motivation, Passion and Love.

Motivation, Passion and Love. 

Time for another post where I sit and reflect on the last couple of years of my life and take a look at where I have been, where I am at, and where I want to go. Over the past two years I have been really motivated at times, but on some days I have felt frustrated and burnt out, which is easy to do when you work day in and out with cameras and writing.

You guys all know… well, the ones who have been reading this site every day, that I say it like it is, and I am very passionate about what I do. Running this site is my passion but man, it is NOT easy to come up with something interesting EVERY single day. Believe me 🙂 I also am not afraid to write about personal things, and be myself. I feel this is important to a blog such as this as I consider all of you guys my friends even though I have never met 98% of you.

Some of you also know I have had my challenges in the last year or so in my personal life but things have turned around and I am currently doing GREAT, which means yes, I can now pay my mortgage, buy my food, and pay my car payment…all from the income from this very website. This is incredible to me that I took my passion and through hard work and dedication I created something that so many of you learn from and enjoy on a daily basis. I am proud of all of you who frequent this site as I feel the community here is TOP NOTCH. Really.

I started this website about 2 1/2 years ago, at a time when I had NO IDEA what I was going to do with my life and after 13 years of being self employed. Married for 15 years, my (now EX) wife encouraged me to go for it and do something I loved. With her support I started this web site and worked day in and out on it.

See, I LOVED Leica cameras though I did not really have the bank account to match that love. I did end up with an M8 and 50 Summilux and I was inspired by it so much that I decided to write a review of the camera. While searching online I had a hard time finding anything about Leica. All that existed was the Leica forum and that was usually filled with a bunch of grumps complaining about this or that, which is something I never understood.

After my M8 review went live, my very 1st EVER experience writing a “real world” review, I started getting emails from all over the world. More importantly, it seemed that my passion was conveyed in the review as before long I was receiving emails from hundreds of people who were buying an M8 camera…and LOVING it. Sure I had the ones who told me I was too excited and enthusiastic (when is this ever a bad thing)? but I just wrote what I felt, not trying to impress anyone with anything. I wrote from the heart. I was not trying to write for money, for search engines or for any other reason than to share my passion and excitement for  this camera that not many people online were talking about.

It was a VERY cool experience to have this average kind of lower grade website (my 1st site was done on iWeb) out but mostly everyone who was reading it was enjoying it. After a month or so I received an e-mail from the music artist Seal who said he loved what I wrote about the M8. He wanted to chat so we started talking and before long became very good friends. After a year of working on the site day in and out I went through a horrible divorce where I was left with NOTHING but huge debt. It was a BAD time and there were some very dark moments for me where I wasn’t sure if I would even make it. I remember my friend telling me he could tell I was hanging by a thread…that grey area where you are not even sure if you want to continue, and looking back I could say he was spot on. Was a scary time and for any of you reading this who went through something similar, I feel for you…I really do, but it will pass.

My site was only a year old and was not making enough money to even pay my house payment let alone my car, utilities, or food so I ended up having to sell almost all of my belongings to get caught up. My M9…GONE. My HiFi system that took me years to build up..GONE. My lenses, all GONE. I remember sitting in my nearly empty house in the dark. Just me and my faithful dog Scrubby. I said to myself  “what the hell are you going to do”? Then,a few days later a miraculous thing happened. Many of the readers of this website sent in donations to help me through this tough spot I was in. I paid my mortgage, paid my car payment and stocked up on food. I decided from that day on that I needed no one but myself and I would do whatever was in my power to keep on going with this website. IT WAS and STILL IS all I want to do, and these days it is just getting better and better. Again, I thank ALL OF YOU!

I also decided that I would live life to the fullest, always try to be happy, to never let small things bother me, to never kiss anyones ass, to always be open and honest with everyone and to always stay true to myself.  I became filled with a renewed passion and that passion came from sitting up one day and realizing that this time in my life was a defining moment. I decided to drop the sadness and that I did indeed love myself and loved what I did, so my passion was re-ignited. I worked day in and out the best I could and to this day am still full of passion, energy and motivation with big plans for the site.

BUT, I never defined success as making loads of money, and still don’t. I define success as BEING HAPPY. If you can live life and be happy with all aspects of your life, then you have achieved more success than 98% of people and I am 99.9% there.

I have very little. A small house, a small car, my camera gear, and some clothes. Simple. That is what makes me happy as I am a simple man and appreciate everything I have and own.

Since I started this website there are now at least 20-30 Leica web sites online. Believe it or not, I do not consider this site a “Leica” site even though it has been the main topic over the last couple of years. I consider this a site full of passion that involves ALL OF YOU, the coolest new gear and great photography. The community here is amazing and with your submissions, your comments, and your daily inspirations we can spread that passion across the world, and we are!

So I thank all of you who visit my site, send in daily inspirations, attend my workshops and meetups, and e-mail me every day (even though I do not always get back to everyone). I thank my friends who helped me along the way and know that I will always be here for YOU if you need anything. I am in a good place and I hope all of you continue to join me for the ride. If any of you are in a dark place right now like I was over a year ago remember that things DO get better and once you ignite the passion inside you then anything is possible. Remember, motivation comes from passion and passion comes from love!

Have a GREAT weekend! 

PS – I will have a new review next week of the SLR Magic 11mm f/1.4 for micro 4/3, tested on the E-P3. I will also have a cool “name which camera took which photo” post and more cool stuff. Also, be sure to check out the new toolbar at the bottom. There is a search bar, Facebook, twitter share and like buttons, real time chat that works great, a quick view of my youtube videos and more. Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

Also, only a few days left to save $50 for those who want to attend the Chicago Workshop!  

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  1. Hard work, passion, perseverance, faith … all these will pull us thru tough times. Your words will reassure and comfort many people, and I am one of them. I always remind myself, nothing is permanent be it positive or negative. Everything will come to pass one day. But before that day, let us all live happily like how you define “success” here. And when that day comes, let us all have the courage and generosity to let go and move on.

  2. I just asked myself early this afternoon how lucky a professional photographer like you can earn life by photography. Now you give me the answer – Passion. Thank you for sharing us your true feeling and story, and most important, great photos.

  3. Hi Steve,
    I’ve been reading your website on and off and I really like it. I just received my first X1 as a gift and I really enjoy it! It’s nice to hear that after all the adversities you are standing even stronger. Keep up the good work and many readers like us will always support you!

  4. Steve, I’ve been reading your posts since November or December of 2009, when the Olympus PEN was first coming out and you hooked me with your enthusiastic reviews. I keep coming back every day because I appreciate your positive attitude and your joie de vivre and I like to see what you have to share. Whether you’re reviewing the latest Leica M9 or the lowly Hipstamatic iPhone application, you take great joy in the nuances of each device, unlike so many reviewers who feel it’s their job to point out all the flaws and shortcomings they can find. Your honest and uplifting approach rubs off on your posters, who rarely feel a need to bash each other and demonstrate a superior knowledge of photography. It feels like a close-knit family, where we’re all here to support each other, offer words of encouragement and share our own unique perspectives. I was relieved when you were able to pull through those difficult times, and I think Seal proved how strong your friendship was when he was there for you when you needed him most. Thank God for friends like him!

    Keep up the great work. You’re appreciated more than you realize. I hope your success and happiness continue to grow tenfold.


  5. I have very little. A small house, a small car, my camera gear, and some clothes. Simple. That is what makes me happy as I am a simple man and appreciate everything I have and own.

    The secret to happiness tucked away in your post. Thanks for the inspiration, Steve.

  6. Don’t quite remember when or how I stumble upon your site, but it was around the time you created the new site. I check it out every day and I find the mix of reviews, gear talk and photography very well balanced. Also the “crazy comparisons” you do. And I’m glad you’re not only writing about Leica, but also the MFT cameras, new stuff and other cool gear 🙂

    Hope Scrubby has been well taken care of when you’ve been traveling!

    – iau

  7. I remember that bad time too and glad you’re out of that mess! I would also add that health to the list besides doing what makes you happy. Being healthy can be taken for granted, until you’r not feeling well. Being mentally and physically healthy is something to cherish. Sometimes we lose sight of the simplest things that can make us happy too. I’ve enjoyed reading this website over these past few years.

  8. Dear Steve,

    I remember when you told us that you were going through a divorce from your wife of 15 years, and that you were in a dark place, due to emotional and financial stress. I was at the time very surprised that you were baring your soul on a photography website, and I thought that this man deserves our respect and help to support him and his very special website.
    I, and I am sure many others who are part of your website family, have been in that dark place due to divorce, bereavement or financial difficulties, and that if you have a passion for something it can lift you out of that feeling of despair – and that time is also a great healer.
    I am glad to see that life is now treating you better, and that your website is going from strength to strength. I agree with a previous comment from Frosti7, who mentioned that your website manages to convey the feeling that photography has the ability to convey emotion, and in addition your passion for the subject (although too much Leica) shines through.
    Best wishes to you and your son, and not forgetting Scrubby.


  9. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for this personal and inspirational post.

    I’ve said it many times before – your site is (at least for me) the best photography related website I’ve ever come across and no wonder I’ve got it set up as my homepage.

    And I’m sure I can speak for many over here that you make all the people that helped you a bit in your struggling times proud that they did so. They can see every day on this website that they helped the right man who truly deserves one’s help and you have rewarded them with all your valuable reviews, posts and all those beautiful images you have created. Let alone the great community that lives on this site! 🙂

    I myself am struggling at the moment doing a useless & pointless job and trying to get up on my own feet and do something that I’d love and enjoy. I’m bookmarking this post as it will definitely help me get through this time.

    So BIG THANKS to you Steve and please keep this site going.


  10. i concur with everything said above and can’t really add much, but i truly believe that you have made an invaluable and lasting contribution to the medium of photography. congratulations on following your heart and your perseverance and triumph in the face of hopelessness. may it continue to serve you so well, and may you continue to bring such happiness to others, by reporting on what provides you with such joy yourself.


  11. in continuation to my post, i’d like to add that what many people love in photogaphy is its ability to transfer emotion,
    this is one of the rarest sites because it understands and manages to touch this subject much better and deeper then other websites

  12. Steve, I went through the breakdown of a long term relationship at the same time as you and went through similar feelings and thoughts. And like you I went back down to simple core values and started to do things that I wanted to do that would make me happy! And you know it works! I carry a camera with me most days (M9 or X-100) and read your site with its real information and its passion. And now I’m in a much better place and I think part of it is down to you and the positive community that has grown around this site. Sharing passions is a great moral booster – keep it up.

  13. Steve, Thanks for the honesty and sharing your life. I stumbled on this site while researching the micro 4/3 systems. I wanted a new camera that made photography fun again. My first camera was a Canon AE-1 back in the 80’s. I LOVED that camera and my parents really sacrificed a lot to get it for me for Christmas one year. Later I moved up the Canon line and into the Nikon FE’s with some nice lenses while in college. When everything went digital I totally lost interest in photography and hated the way the cameras looked, felt and how cheap they seamed. My Olympus PEN and X100 finally made photography fun again. I take at least one of them everywhere i go. I love your website and read it everyday. I think your success lies in the fact that there was a real person like “us” that had a passion like “us” for photography and shared it with us in a non “sterile” way. You show us your family, your house, your dog, the things you love. There was a real person attached to the reviews. Your enthusiasm is contagious . Thanks for your honesty and reigniting the passion for photography for many of us! Philip Jonson, Mobile, AL

  14. This honest post is very inspiring and real, makes me appriciate this site even more
    thank you for that, and your work,
    hope this place will grow further and touch any “rangefinder” related stuff such as M43 or NEX and Future LEICA mirrorless..speaking about…any info? 🙂 (sorry couldn’t resist myself)

  15. Steve,

    I admire your work and learn much from your attitude. All I can say is, you never know who you will touch, and how profoundly so. Thanks for inspiring me.

  16. Hi Steve.

    Thank you for your candid article on this subject. I’ve been visiting your site on a daily basis for the past month or so and really do enjoy putting your ideas into motion. It’s been a source of information, inspiration and community. I feel that every time I come to this site, I get to read a letter from a close and interesting friend.

  17. Sunday morning. Enjoying an expresso. Reflecting on my long career as a photographer. Not knowing where I am heading. I decide to open your web site. Your story and words come at a good moment. Sharing personal thoughts will make humanity better, that is what I think. Thank you Steve.

  18. Steve, thanks for sharing this, and for all you do for us. I appreciate the real-world aspect of your reviews. Keep up the good work!

  19. The first and maybe the only time I post a comment on a website. I often browse through your website, and always enjoy your sincerity and easy-to-understand explanations.

    This time I commented because we too rarely see peoples talking about life in a sincere and a simple way. We never met, but on what I can see and read from you, I can tell you that it’d be a pleasure to meet you if you ever come back to Paris one day.

    Keep going!

  20. Hi Steve, keep up the good work and I am sure many of us enjoyed your site very much! so, take care!


  21. Your story is inspiring and I applaud you for your honesty and most definitely your hard work. Your site and reviews are what pushed me over the top about switching from my 5dii to a leica m9. And so my journey continues as my everyday ritual of checking out your website.

  22. Inspirational thoughts! I enjoy both the words and images of your site. Not a Leica guy and at those prices I don’t ever see that happening. Closest I am coming is enjoying the heck out of making images with my X100 which is how I found your site. After reading your insights it confirmed my decision to move ahead on purchase one. I wanted to try and catch you when you visited Glazer’s or around Seattle when you were here but didn’t want to crash the Leica party. Maybe we’ll cross paths some other time. Keep the great images coming. Btw…you are absolutely correct, storms do pass. We just have to wait them out and look for the clearing clouds to reveal a bright new day. “Weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning”

  23. Steve in one way or another we’ve all been there. Great to read and for sure puts things in perspective. I’d add one more thing though. Heath. Gotta have that. Wish you continued happiness!

    PS: Dogs are the best and always there.

  24. Thanks!!! I really needed this column. My dogs Stanley, Hugo, and Ruby thank you too! We’ve had a rough go of it lately.

  25. Steve, you’ve been a great inspiration to so many!

    Nothing gets handed freely and your struggle has been both meaningful and rewarding.

    I hope you reap the greatest rewards in happiness and good health, with lots of photography to enjoy!

    And I will be sooo looking forward to your review of the Leica M10 when it’s out! In the meantime I am enjoying my M9-P and lots of Leica exotic glass. Thanks for putting me on that path!


  26. 😀 great post, Steve – I love your dedication and love for photography and for this community, please keep this site running, it’s my favourite one! Keep the inspiration and keep us inspired, and have a great and happy weekend, of course!

  27. Steve: I’ve been reading your site since the beginning, and seen both the highs and lows you’ve gone through. It’s a testament to your spirit that you’ve stayed “Mr. Enthusiasm” throughout, while always telling the truth about the cameras and your life. So few people get to live their passions these days, so on balance, you’re a lucky guy! Here’s to many more years of mostly the good things, and the continued courage to surmount the rest with grace.

  28. Steve, I have been reading your blog for a few months now, can’t remember how I found it, but now it’s bookmarked a one of the first things I read every day. The article you wrote above says all the right things about you an I love your honesty. I too have gone through a similar time to you, divorce, no money etc. , but like you I feel th experience has made me a better person. Keep up the great work and keep smiling !!!

  29. Hi Steve, I admire your honesty and visit this wonderful site daily. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for all the inspiration.

  30. Hi Steve,

    great article. Thanks for doing this website. A good meal is a meal made with love. For this and other reasons this place for me is a daily refreshment of my (photographic) senses.
    And it’s the story of a single man, who’s trying (sometimes) hard to live his dreams.
    And bringing us the goods.

    * Keep going *


  31. M deepest respect after knowing more about your hard time.
    When reading your post, an old song dropped into my mind:

    “Hard Time – Killing Floor” from Skip James

    When these bad circumstances won’t break you, they just bend you slightly and you are able to see life from a different direction……

    Visiting your really good site regularly (without being a Leica fanboy – more the opposit) what me strikes most is how your son grows up.
    In your pics we can see very clear the transition from a young boy to a young man. Keep on photographing him too!


  32. Great post, very inspirational. I stumbled across your site looking around for information on the Olympus E-PL2 with panny 20mm. I now visit the site daily and recently pre-ordered the Olympus 45 through your site. Very good reviews and I appreciate the amount of time you put into this site. You even having me thinking about these crazy Leica cameras and lens’ (never used one, but afraid to because I am sure I would love it). I have a Canon 5D and some nice primes (35L, 85L, 135L) and have read your comments about the 50L which usually gets complained about. I like your point of view which is not so much just about how sharp something is but how the lens “paints”, that resonated with me. I’m looking forward to your comments about the 50L versus some magical Leica 50 😉 – thanks!

  33. Excuse moi, je n’ai pas le temps de chercher mes mots en anglais que je parle peu et très mal, pour te dire tout le bien que je pense de toi! J’ai vu ton évolution et celui de ton site et je peux dire que je suis très très heureuse de te voir à présent si heureux dans ta nouvelle carrière de “passionné”. La technique et moi ça fait 2 mais tu as su m’y plonger avec intérêt, et je trouve que tu es le meilleur professeur que j’ai eu! Je savais, en voyant tes clichés, que tu irais au 100% de ta passion! Continue !!! jusqu’au moins 300% 🙂 Sylvie- Idea

  34. It was great to meet you here in Seattle. Keep up the good work. I have a friend who thinks you are “too easy” on cameras in your reviews, but I know I can find dozens of good “critical” reviews online. What is hard to find is the true enthusiast point of view and a positive attitude. Keep it up and PLEASE, don’t get jaded. May you be blessed with the same motivation, passion, and love 20 years from now. It’s great!

  35. “I define success as BEING HAPPY. If you can live life and be happy with all aspects of your life, then you have achieved more success than 98% of people and I am 99.9% there.”

    Thanks for your work Steve. Your site has become part of my daily routine. You rock!

  36. Steve,
    Thanks for your honesty and telling your story. You are gifted in not only your photography, but your outlook on life. Wish you all the continued success you deserve!

  37. Your site, Steve, is one of the places I go everyday, and reading today’s post really touched my heart. I have had my troubles with a terrible divorce years ago which like you wiped me out. But kept on going through the darkness, continued working, finished raised my kids on my own then a few years ago picked up my father’s old Leica 111F and started shooting again just as I had done 25 years before with an M3. Now I have more gear and shoot almost every day as part of living.
    Thanks Steve for your daily dose of passion, honesty and humanity
    Geoff in Vancouver

  38. Stumbling on to your site has cost me $40K in Leica gear, but it was one of the best ways to spend it -and I have not lost anything, as some of the lenses are now worth much more than what I originally paid. Thanks for your hard work on the site. I visit it every day. I link to Amazon or B&H through your site every time I buy anything. Because of your reviews and passion, I have been able to make some beautiful pictures of family, etc. that will be treasured for life. Thanks.

  39. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for inspiring me and intriguing me w/ Leica’s magic. You made me feel brand new again w/ photography after deserting it for many years.

    The only thing I don’t like from readn your site is it makes me feel like spending faster than it’s supposed to. ^_^

    All the best to your work and life. I’ll keep checking out your site every day as I usually do.


  40. I have had a 26 year career owning my own business. Financially, I do better than most, not as well as some. I like my stuff, sure, but the financial motivation is way down the list. I don’t think our company would be anywhere near where it is – if our decisions were purely financial.

    Decide what you believe in, decide where you want to be in five years. You’d be amazed how this simple though, planted firmly in your head, will take root and make things happen for you.

    I also believe there is a great deal of power in sharing your thoughts online, as you have already found. You just don’t know where it will all lead, but the more good you share, the more good comes to you.

    I appreciate your efforts and talents!

  41. Respect + Good Luck,
    I enjoy all the posts, my fav in photos blogs (sites)

    Hungary (Europe)
    p.s.:i check your site via RSS reader,

  42. Thanks for the inspiration, Steve! I appreciate all the posts, reviews, and daily inspirations from your readers. You’ve made me realize the one thing I must never forget and the reason I became a photographer. The passion for taking photos and sharing them with the world. Thanks for sharing your trials, success, and passion.


    Josh Teal

  43. Steve,
    As ever, I enjoy your writing and your site. I purchased another camera from B&H but forgot to mention I was shopping with them as result of your web postings. I will call them back and give credit.
    Everyday I turn on my computer and empty the tons of trash mail from my email site. Next, I go
    to your site to check out the latest postings. Keep up good work and best wishes.

  44. Wow, Steve, you are not only a great photograper, gear tester and gifted writer, but also a talented motivator! Your passion for what you do and how you do it is inspiring, not just for photography.
    Keep up the great work:)

  45. Hi Steve

    Your passion has ALWAYS shone through. It’s always amazed me how you constantly seem to come up with something new and improved to post on your site. I love visiting it because I know there’s always going to be an entry that will either bring a smile to my face or show me something I otherwise wouldn’t have considered. Yes, my style [eventually] changed DRASTICALLY after discovering your site. I chased that Leica look with my gear and software for hours on end…….oh what fun, and it gave me a new passion for photography all over again.

    I love how open you are about your life; I love how brutal and truthful you are about your gear. You respond well to open challenges and even seek to learn from your readers. You are certainly right about the older Leica sites full of grumpy old codgers miserable at everything – damn I hated those.

    So here’s to you and what you’ve given the photography community. I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten so much back from all of us as well – and will continue to do so!

    Cheers to you Steve.


  46. I like the site because you have interesting things to say, and you take great photographs. The only thing I would add is more description of the mechanics and thought process of what you do.

    Some things that may seem simple to you are not.

    Next time you are trying to figure out what to write, do us a favor: Pick out an old image at random, and tell us what you like and dislike about it. Tell us how you decided on the lighting and aperture, and what you might have done differently.

    This is just a suggestion, based purely on my preferences. You may not find it interesting. But I would.

  47. Great piece! We all love the site Steve and the passion and honesty you bring to your photos and reviews.

  48. Thanks for sharing Steve, I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for a year now along with the daily inspiration section, this is the first comment and I feel it should go to thank you, for it made me took the plunge and I have never look back since. I second your take on Success and I hope to see more from you!

  49. Hi Steve, first of all sorry about my English. I am a father of two children and live in southern Spain, Marbella. The two children and work, in addition to photography are my passion and take up almost all my time. But even so, there is a day that does not keep a gap to go through your website. For me it is a pleasure. Thank you for your good work and your words

  50. Congratulations. I’m a daily reader of your site from the very beginning. It’s my number-one-blogsite and I’m very happy that you made it.
    btw: as a Canon-Photographer I understand your passion for Leica, so I bought two R-Lenses and I’m very happy with the Leica-glasses. Now I’m saving some money for the M9…

    Greetings from Germany

  51. Keep up the great work Steve! This site is the most realistic and passionate camera website I have ever read! I do check it everyday!
    Hope things will get better and better for you and the website everyday!
    Cheers mate.

  52. I’ve been following your site and life story for the last two years. Great work, down to earth and no BS! One can be happy and live simply if one has love and passion in and for life. Thanks for all you have shared with us 🙂

  53. great stuff Steve… this is what real world Blogs should be about…. real feelings, real people

    Thank you

    Peace, Love to all that come here

  54. Steve, happy to hear you are in a better place now. I want you to know how much I appreciate your site I check it 2-3 x / day. It always keeps me inspired. There is too much BS in the world. Glad I don’t find any here

  55. Thank you, Steve, for the beautiful insights you shared with the rest of us. I visit your site every single morning for the past several months. Thank you for the inspiration.

  56. thanks for your wonderfully honest life update. you are truly an inspiration, not just with the photography side but your example of turning life around.It does get better!

    many thanks


  57. Yaatik El Afieh = God Bless you in arabic as I’m from Lebanon.
    I don’t read your page a lot but its very interesting, I remember the first time I read it, it was for when I got my X1, amazing review very clear and down to earth.
    keep up the good work.

  58. WOW steve, indeed you are inspiration to many. Please keep up the good work, I visit you daily. I too have a blog to cater for my local community and I learn alot from you

    PS/ My 50 LUX is arriving tomorrow 🙂

  59. Steve,
    In the cynical, angry world where we live, your words reflect a uniquely authentic man and are truly inspiring. Thank you for your candor, perspective (which I trust) and for sharing your exceptional talent.

  60. Hi Steve,

    I remember when I first stumbled on your old site because it was around when my interest in serious photography started. Before then I only had a point and shoot and wondered how people captured some of the images I was seeing. I felt your enthusiasm for photography and found your site different from the other sites that google put in front of me in that your site didn’t focus so much on the technical aspects of the cameras and could relate more with the “real world” experiences you had with the cameras and lenses. Your review on the D90 got me to purchase it almost 2 years ago and since then it’s been money spent on lenses and other gear. Haha! Learned a lot and shot a lot. I still can’t afford an M9 but your review on the D-lux 5 got me my lighter, walk-around camera for awhile until the X100 came out. You were definitely one of the inspirations for me to keep shooting and enjoying photography. Really glad things are good for you now and great message in this post.

  61. Very honest……..I’m sure others will find comfort and inspiration in these words. I would reiterate your definition of success 100%. Good luck for the future and I for one look forward to seeing where this site goes next.



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